You May Ask, are There Really Instant Wrinkle Removers?

Author: Gordon Hall


Are there really instant wrinkle removers? No, sorry to say. Healing wrinkles takes time. It took time to make them and it will take time to erase them. But, you can “cheat” a little.


I know, you’ve seen the internet ads, but you must realize that those ads are computer animations. There is no way that a product can perform that quickly.


Most of those products that “claim” to be instant wrinkle removers contain an ingredient called “Argireline”. Research evaluating the product was done in Barcelona, Spain, several years ago. The researchers reported a 16-27% “reduction” of wrinkle depth after 30 days of treatment, not instantly.


The compound is a synthetic amino acid complex that is supposed to prevent muscle contractions and facial expressions. The company that created the product was not concerned about healing wrinkles. They were looking for a commercially viable alternative to Botox injections.


Even Botox is just a temporary fix. If you are really interested in healing wrinkles, you can do it, but not with those heavily advertised instant wrinkle removers. They contain nothing that could be beneficial in the long run.


They have never been fully evaluated for safety and there is no way to tell what kind of problems could be caused by long-term use could cause. But, research suggests that it would eventually cause your skin to sag. That’s not what you want.


What you do want to look for is an ingredient called Functional Keratin, it is a naturally occurring amino acid peptide sourced from sheep’s wool. It does nothing to paralyze the facial muscles. The idea that habitual facial expressions cause wrinkling is just a theory that cannot be proven.


Researchers have proven that older skin cells contain more free radicals and that free radicals damage collagen. They have also shown that levels of proteins and antioxidants, necessary to make new cells and repair free radical damage, are lower.


Functional keratin provides the necessary proteins and antioxidants for healing wrinkles, but it also “cheats” a little. For many years, dermatologists have recommended using pigments to feel in deep lines and refract the light, so that the skin looks smoother.


Many of the so-called instant wrinkle removers contain these pigments. Functional keratin is a clear solution, but the consistency is something like liquid skin, the new alternative to band-aids.


The solution fills in deep lines, without using pigments that could clash with your natural tone, so your face does look smoother with the first application. So, you look better and you know that the solution is healing wrinkles, at the same time.


The compound was thoroughly researched in numerous studies. It increases skin cell proliferation by as much as 160% in as little as three days, firmness by as much as 22% overnight and by 44% after 30 days of use.


The best companies include other active compounds that work in “synergy” with functional keratin to fade lines, both fine and deep. If you want instant wrinkle removers that also help improve your appearance, as time goes by, you need to look for the best company, around.


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