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Wrinkle Repair Cream – Learn What The Cutting Edge Ingredients Are Which Really Make A Difference

Would a really effective wrinkle repair cream be better than plastic surgery? That question was addressed by Charlotte Rampling in her most recent film called Rio Sex Comedy .

In this film Charlotte Rampling plays the role of a rather unusual plastic surgeon who tries to persuade other women that this operation is a rather risky and useless expense! The interesting thing I learned in a recent interview given by the actress is that she had no difficulty in playing this part as this is what she really believes.

She stated that there is far too much pressure on women to try to cover up the signs of aging, as if they were trying to hide their guilty past. It is as if we are trying to trick nature into making us into something else or someone else!

So, why not try a much more natural approach which will be effective in preserving our youthful looks without risking anything at all. An effective and safe wrinkle repair cream should be the answer, combined with a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a risky operation.

But even here, there are dangers as women will still seek the magic answer and will still take risks with ingredients that are harmful for our health. The cosmaceutical companies are willing allies in this massive cover up.

Just think that according to a study done by The Chemical Safe Skincare Research, the average woman is absorbing up to five pounds of chemicals from her personal care products every year! These are harmful chemicals and lodge in human tissue very often and are not excreted.

Is there a safe wrinkle repair cream on the market? Fortunately there are some companies who are prepared to invest in research into safer and more skin friendly ingredients. They have decided to ban all the harmful chemicals from their products so that there is no risk at all of having problems with allergies, skin rashes and endocrine disruptions. A surprising number of these ingredients are actually mimicking estrogen activity and that could be a cause of cancer.

We want ingredients that are all natural and therefore completely bio available so that our skin can absorb them safely and they can get to work on rejuvenating the dermis by a process of skin cell renewal. Some of the ingredients which are at the cutting edge of skincare to-day are nano lipobelle HEQ10, Xtend-TK and phytessence wakame.

These are totally innovative and if you really want to know what they can do in a really effective and safe wrinkle repair cream, why not click through to my website where you will see how they will really make a difference to your skincare. Time to move into the new millennium!

About the author: Save your time and money by knowing what you are buying. If you are tired of the same old worthless products that fail to live up to their promises, isn’t it time you took action? Discover some really effective ingredients used in cutting edge wrinkle repair cream.

William Colbert is passionate about natural, safe skincare and has extensively researched the best skin friendly ingredients on the market to-day. For more information, visit my site at:-


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