Botox Verses Homemade Remedies For Wrinkles Under Eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes make you look tired and old, there is no need to seem old before our time, with these simple tips you will delay the appearances of aging and scale back the presence of wrinkles.

Here are beauty tips and guides you can follow to help to reduce the wrinkles under your eyes.

Try to incorporate proper nutrition in your daily diet. Eating lots of vegetables and vegetables that are high in antioxidants will go a far way in making improvements to the signs of the wrinkles under your eyes.

Avoid stress as much as feasible. Try to cope with life’s problems with as much calm as possible.

Try to get at least 8 hours sleep. This may help you feel and look more rested.

Drink as much water as is feasible to keep your skin hydrated, this will help with the wrinkles under your eyes and around the mouth.

If you wear makeup when applying to the skin around yours apply in a patting or massaging motion. Pulling on the skin will only cause it to look worse and create wrinkles under your eyes.
Collagen and elastin are two vital proteins in your skin that are responsible for skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Massage the face with coconut oils for a radiant glow.

To refresh tired and puffyeyes, apply a thin slice of cucumber to each eye for 10 minutes, allowing the wrinkles under your eyes to reduce and feel refreshed.

Avoid any products that contain harmful chemicals, these will only aggravate you and make your skin worse doing further damage to the wrinkles under your eyes.

Natural Vitamin E and Active Manuka Honey: These ingredients will help put new life in the wrinkles under your eyes.

With these powerful ingredients working to reduce eye wrinkles there is no doubt your eyes will be looking young and wrinkle free in no time.

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About the author: Janie has always een an out doors sporty lady, thanks to her Mothers insight to the dangers of sun damage. Janie always took great care of her skin, at the age of 57 she has often been mistaken for 40 years old she attributes this to her wrinkle free skin. She loves natural remedies and great creams. Janie has a web site with beauty tips and shares her articles.


Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the best product for under eye wrinkles?
    I rub vaseline around my eyes every night before i go to bed..will it really help the wrinkles? if not, what should i use?

    • ANSWER:
      Skin Activator® Eye Cream
      I Love it!!
      Key Benefits
      Gentle cream for sensitive eye area.
      Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.*
      Collagen-building Glucosamine Complex aids hydration and firms skin.*
      Visibly increases luminosity and clarity and improves skin smoothness.*
      Perfect for all skin types.
      100% All Natural. Doctor Approved. Guaranteed. FDA approved

    Help me! I have wrinkles under my eye and i’m only 16!?
    Just after school I noticed under my eye was itch and rough. I went to look in the mirror and I saw that under my eye, my skkin was all wrinkly. It’s just under one of my eyes for now. My eye lids are swollen abit. I thought it could be dry/chapped so I put vaseline all over my eye over night. i got up this morning and there is one big line. What is this? am I old? it it a stye? Or a dry eye? What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve suffer from the same thing. It’s probably caused by air-borne allergens. They tend to swell the eye and skin surrounding it. As you rub them, you are causing the skin to temporarily lose its elasticity. Just take a simple benedryl based medication to control the allergies and refrain from rubbing your eyes.

      If it’s NOT an allergen, then you can always try the old fashion (and proven) technique of slicing a cold cucumber and sleeping or napping with them over the eyes. It may seem a bit silly, but it really does refreshen the skin and eyes.

    Help me! I’m only 16 and I have wrinkles under my eye!?
    Just after school I noticed under my eye was itch and rough. I went to look in the mirror and I saw that under my eye, my skkin was all wrinkly. It’s just under one of my eyes for now. My eye lids are swollen abit. I thought it could be dry/chapped so I put vaseline all over my eye over night. i got up this morning and there is one big line. What is this? am I old? it it a stye? Or a dry eye? What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      firstly, fine lines is normal. vaseline dont help much. just put an eye gel/cream to soothe it. in few days it will become normal again..

      second, when the skin is dry it will become itchy. its normal coz its telling you that its extremly dehydrated. thats why you can see your fine lines more obvious. vaseline dont help much. just put an eye gel/cream to soothe it. in few days it will become normal again..

      when its not itchy, means your skin is back to normal again..

    How can I get rid of wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes?
    I am only 17 years old but I have very dark circles under my eyes as well as wrinkles. My mother has dark circles too so I am guessing it’s genetics. I have had them for a long time. I started wearing make up when I was about 13 years old. I hardly ever payed attention to washing it off until this year. I was lazy with it, thinking it wouldn’t be a problem. I suppose that is the cause of the wrinkles. Now, every night right when I get off of work I wash my make up off with warm water and St. Ives apricot scrub. I rinse it off, dry off and rub vaseline on my face. I am starting to see improvements in the wrinkles I think but not the circles of course. Any suggestions? cheap hopefully.

    • ANSWER:

    HELP! What do I use for dry rough Patches Immediately under eye?
    Over this past weekend , I have developed a dry rough patch right underneath and in the corner of my right eye. On my left as well, but only a very small amount. It had made me look like I have extreme wrinkles- especially when I smile. I know the wrinkled appearance is from the dry patch because I have never had wrinkles in the past. I look 40!. What do I use to get rid of these dry patches? Ive onl tried vaseline. PLEASE help!

    • ANSWER:
      try vitamin E capsules, open them and rub the oil on your skin daily

    Using Vaseline and Baby Oil On Your Face?
    I’ve been using vaseline on my eyes every night for a couple of years. I thought it was supposed to prevent wrinkles, but now I hear that using products like baby oil and vaseline on your face is really damaging, something to do with the particles not being absorbed and getting trapped under the skin. Does anyone know about this?

    • ANSWER:
      never heard of it…the only thing i would be concerend about would be acne. but since you havent been getting it then i wouldnt be worried. i dont see how something that moisturizes could be damaging. if you called a dermatologist and left this Q with a nurse you would be able to get a very accurate answer though!

    I have dry skin and need effective help!!?
    Ok well I am allergic to just about EVERYTHING! and my face dries so easily. I use a cetaphil moisturizer before i apply foundation and my face is fresh and moisturized until im in school then it dries and my skin gets flaky… also (i dont know if it has to do with dry skin) but i have premature wrinkles under my eyes and when i try to cover it with concealer it dries inside the lines and it looks bad!!! i dk if it is because i am tired or because im stressed but Do any of you have preferably really effective home remedies guarunteed to work for dry skin and or wrinkles!? (not vaseline it causes pimples) but it would be greatly appreciated thanks and i hope someone has a solution 🙂

    • ANSWER:

    skin problems!?
    ok i have the worst skin in the world, i don’t know what to do.

    i have acne all over my forehead, like a permanant white head on my chin, acne scars all over, under eye circles, my skin is so oily and greasy looking its disgusting. i have like lines on my forehead permanately from raising my eyebrows, and i even have wrinkles under my eyes! btw i’m only 15! everything i use makes my skin super oily and gross.

    right now i use nuetrogena cleanser + moisturizer and loreal sublime gradual sunless tanner moisturizer which makes my skin look like i have vaseline spread all over it. i use differin cream at ngiht for my acne and it doesn’t do anythign except make my skin look more oily.

    so heres what i’m looking for:

    a light oil free day moisturizer with spf that won’t look oily !
    a night moisturizer that won’t make me break out, or look oily and that doesnt have spf.
    a self tanner for the face thats not a moisturizer and not oily
    also something that works on acne?
    o.t.c or prescription.

    ANYTHING WILL HELP ! thanks!
    oh yeah and maybe something that treats under eye circles, acne scars, and what do i do about the lines on my forehead?
    nina, i do not wear makeup

    • ANSWER:

    Skin is aging quickly?
    I am 18 years old.
    I use scrubs 3-4 times a week, moisturize in the morning and night with my bobbi brown moisturizer (I have sensitive skin), I use Differin (a retin-A product), take vitamins, watch my diet, use benzaclin for acne, and wear SPF 15 in the winter and SPF 50 in the summer (I only wear SPF 15 in the winter because I live in northern Canada and we don’t get much sun when it’s -35 for four months).

    Yet my skin is still flaky, dry (Even if I slather it with vaseline) and wrinkles are developing, especially under my eyes, in the nasolabial folds and around my mouth.

    My genes for skin suck, my dad looks about 15 years older than he is and my mum has had a lot of sun damage (although she has also used juvaderm, botox and CO2 lasers so her skin is better than it would be, still, she tanned until she was about 45).

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to make my skin better? People always say, “You look so tired” or, “You should take care of your skin” But I DO!

    • ANSWER:
      Get enough sleep
      Drink water

      Thats the basics. Maybe you are stressed which is causing more wrinkles? You could get a facial which might help. Another tip is to sleep on your back at night so gravity pulls the skin down and you dont crease your skin lying sideways.

      Hope that helps.

    Why do I look fine in my bathroom mirror and terrible in the light of day?
    Ok, So I was outside today and i looked in a mirror, and i was like agghh my eyes looked really tired, and i had some fairly visible dark circles. I look fine indoors. I should say as well that I don’t wear makeup, although now i’m looking at something for under the eyes?

    do you think this skin care routine sounds ok:


    1) Wash face
    2) Apply hand mixed moisturiser to face:
    1 part ‘Eucerin Ex Protective Moisture SPF 30 Lotion’
    1 part ‘Allergenics Soothing Lotion’
    3) Apply ‘Simple Daily Radiance Eye Cream’ to eye area


    1) Cleanse/ exfoliate with ‘NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG smooth it’
    2) Apply vaseline to eye areas
    (something i know people will think is a bit odd – but i’ve been doing it for a while and it really works on small wrinkles)
    3) Then apply ‘Allergenics Steroid Free Intensive Care cream to rest of face

    Can anyone recommend anything – under eye concealer/ cream for pale sensitive skin?

    • ANSWER:

    Help! I need something for my eyes!?
    Around this time of year, I get dry itchy eyes. I guess I’m allergic to fall. The skin under my eyes, and my lids have started to chafe because I keep itching, and they look very puffy and wrinkly… I have a big dry spot on my right eye, that is flaky and wrinkly, and the left eye the lid has puffed up and caused more creasing. They seem to be sensitive to everything I own. Vaseline does NOTHING for me either.

    What is a good eye product that isn’t scented (fragrance free), that will take care of my puffiness and wrinkles, and redness, and dryness… ?? I prefer professional or department store products.

    I tried to exfoliate my eyes with sugar, but their condition worsened.

    I’ve used Dior, it’s too scented, and clinique which made me peel even more! And Wei east but the herbals made my eyes burn like crazy. I use vaseline, 3 times a day, but this is doing nothing to treat. Now I even have millia on my lids. UGHH I’m 21 my eyes should not be so messed up!

    • ANSWER:

      Use Prep-H.
      Models have been using this for a long time and it helps reduce swelling and bags.
      It might help, because it is 95% fish oil and is loaded with vitamin E.

    New moisturizer leaves my skin dry, peeling, and red..HELP!?
    So my mom and I have been trying to find a face moisturizer for me since I used Nivea and apparently its too much for my skin (a woman said nivea is for older woman and Im 17), so i switched to Vichy but saw it left my skin dry. Then I tried Aveno which burned my skin! Around the nose, all around my mouth and chin, and even under and on my eyes. I look fourty at least. and its soo disgusting.. So I discontinued my use and went back to Nivea but this time senstive and dry skin formula… but now it too burns my face… Im guessing its because the skin itself is burned. I look like a have dandruff on my face. I use Vaseline before a wear makeup and everytime I wash it…But it doesnt really help.
    I need to wear makeup when I go out because my face is terrible..I dont want the dry skin to stay, and I dont want to get wrinkles from the dry skin thats under my eyes(even though thats started to happen)

    What should I do to cure it fast? What face cream should I use?

    • ANSWER:
      You obviously have sensitive skin as I have. heavily perfumed and complicated moisturizers will not be suitable for you. You can though repair your skin.

      How much water are you drinking? 2 liters per days + is good.
      Use E45 moisturizer.
      Wash your face gently with a facecloth and soap once a day.

      I always used to use pure aloe vera but I would not necessarily recommend this.

      I think the main reason for your skin being in its current condition is your diet and stress levels

      Hope this helps

    face cleanser for sensitive skin. please tell me of your must haves when it comes to skin care?
    I have pretty good skin. I hardly get pimples or anything like that but I have noticed that when I use certain face cleansers like clean and clear exfoliating wash and morning cleansers it makes my face start to peal. I am currently using my daughters Aveeno baby wash for sensitive skin (she has slight eczema and its the only thing that seems to work) So anyway…. I am thinking that the Aveeno baby wash is probably not giving me the “cleanse” i should be getting. I also use my daughters Aveeno baby lotion or the Vaseline lotions and it seems like that has been something that has tamed my dry skin. I do wear a dept store moisturizer at night and during the day. I tried using Oil of Olay moisturizing cream but it made my face feel tight and dry.
    I also tried using the oil of Olay toner but it only made my face itchy and tight. I want to make sure I am taking good care of my skin. I am 23 and I am starting to see fine lines under my eyes, on my forehead, and some crows feet. I also have horrible dark circles under my eyes that seem to work with any concealer. I do drink plenty of water (2-3 liters a day) and I wear SPF, sunglasses, and hat when I go out. I don’t really wear much makeup either. Just some tinted moisturizer, bronzer, blush and mascara and eyeliner when I feel like I need the pzas. ‘

    If you could give me some face wash, and eye cream suggestions I would really appreciate it. I know that retinol (which is vitamin a) is great for wrinkles but I am currently 4 months pregnant and well I’d rather stay away from retinol right now.

    • ANSWER:
      i have really sensitive skin too, & it is really hard to find things that work for me
      personally, i use the clinique 3-step system
      there is no salicylic acid or anything like that in the mild gel cleanser for combination to dry skin
      i also use the number 2 clarifying lotion for combination skin but they have 4 different kinds even one for dry skin which could be affiliated with sensitive skin& the dramatically different lotion
      honestly give this a try it’s amazing, really it’s not harsh at all
      especially if you have pretty good skin you don’t need anything like clean and clear
      also cliniques pink foaming cleanser is good in replace of the gel cleanser
      it’s really creamy and easy to use i love that too
      also if my skin get’s irritated i use cortizone 10 cream for eczema on my forehead if it gets irritated from using something to strong on my skin & it gets better in less than a day usually.
      hope this helps you xx

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