What is the best anti-aging wrinkle cream?

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What is the best anti-aging cream?
Could you tell me the brand you’ve used, for how long you’ve used it, and what the results were. My aunt is going crazy looking for one, so i established to ask the experts. plz let me know Cosmetic surgeon in a jar sell by far the best anti aging creams, for the past 7…

What is the Best Anti-Aging Cream?
I am jus wondering what works! There are so many products. I don;t know what to get. I know the products from cosmetic surgeon surrounded by a jar work really well, especially the firming and tightening cream. Source(s): http://www.cosmeticsurgeoninajar.com/anta Hi, Yes I Can You may try “Revitol” Revitol offers quick results targeting wrinkles, crows feet…

What is the best anti-aging cream?
im 25 and i heard its better to start early using anti-aging creams to prevent wrinkles … so whats the best one ? thanx i thnk olay is gud.. Yes, its true. You should start investing in that in a minute. I use Estee Lauder products – they have a fabulous line. I am very…

What is the best anti-aging cream?
I’m 27, and have oily skin. I want something that will serve fight off the years. I own always been told I look younger than my actual age and I want to maintain it that way. Any suggestions before personality takes its course? I hold tried everything from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Avon, Mary Kay, Channel..,…

What is the best anti-aging cream?
Need to start using a wrinkle cream now. I’ve heard Resveratrol is ALL the fume at the moment…my aunt’s using it with some awesome success. Hell, why not lift a trial of it to see if it works for you? Source(s): http://offto.net/ResVTrial/ I like Burt’s Bee’s Ageless, but I can’t say-so that it’s the best….

What is the best anti-aging creams?
For mothers day.. What is the best anti-aging cream for someone who only uses a unsophisticated moisturizer? What is the best face wash (kinda close to olay reginerist)? What is the best under eye/puffiness/anti aging cream for your eyes? Please name some from drug store types and also giant end-mid end. Thanks! here is a…

What is the best anti-aging eye cream for a tropical country?
I am 37years old, asian with brown slippery skin. I have dark circles & wrinkles around my eye nouns that I cant seem to get rid of. How are facial vein best treated? It causes my skin to look reddish. Hello, I recommend you buy a wrinkle cream next to…

What is the best Anti-aging facade cream ?
Which is the best: Hydroxatone, Bellaplex, Lifecell, Revitol, AlphaDerma CE Or is there something better ? Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. And copious such products have skin harming, skin aging ingredients. Some users hold reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rash,…

What is the best anti-aging product surrounded by your view?
I would really like to know that because Christmas is coming up and I know that my mom would really like an anti-aging cream, she have used a lot over the counter products but can’t seem to find one that truly works. Please suggest from previous experience! Hi! I enjoy stumbled…
What is the best anti-aging wrinkle cream?
Meaningful Beauty Source(s): me dont get frail and wrinkly its mostly genetics and LifeStyle eat all right drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun i use the simple products from boots because they don’t sting or cost a fortune Oil of Olay anything rotten the Artistry Time Defiance line. Which product…

What is the best anti-aging/wrinkle cream out within at an inexpensive price?
Best is Le Mer (maybe it is La Mer), but it costs an arm and a leg. i buy the small travel sizes and little packets on ebay. a in shape diet, excercise, organic foods, and omega 3 rich foods or supplements. as well as protein. these things build…

What is the best Anti-Cellulite cream on the flea market today?
I would be using the cream on the back of my thighs in conjunction beside exercise. I have actually already see them disappearing but want to help aid the speed with a product. I would prefer the cheapest one that works. I own been told Christian Dior is perfect but…

What is the best anti-cellulite cream that have worked for you?
a lot of those products merely plump the skin up to match the skin that is dimpled so the legitimate and only way is liposuction and exercise. n my opionin they solely work the first or the 2nd time you use it.. then it doesnt do any effect.. the key…

What is the best anti-cellulite cream?
Hi, I want a very good anti-cellulite firming cream that help sliming too. I have seen lots of brands such as Dior, Lancome, Shiseido, Estee Lauder… But I do not know which one works best. going the gym Getting rid of cellulite is not as flowing as buying a single product or exercising and BAM…

What is the best anti-frizz cream for prevailing conditions to sticky hackle?
I have terrible frizz! I haven’t tried that frequent products because i can’t really afford to, but I need something! And if it can be bought at Target or somewhere like that, it would be even better 🙂 Thanks! “> i would speak John Frieda or coconut milk serum….

What is the best anti-frizz cream or even serum out here?
Only drugstore brands though please. Also is there any anti-frizz cream that helps hold style or enhance curls? gratitude! Haha, there is no such thing as a well brought-up drugstore product, they are all bad for your coat. If you must go with that use Aussie, if they even engender…

What is the best anti-itch cream for bug bites?
A touch of medical class Tea Tree oil will stop the itching and get rid of the bump, usually overnight. i have always used aveno products for anything from bug bites to rash. they always seemed to work Forget creams, just apply an ice cube for a few minutes and it relieves…

What is the best anti-itch cream for mosquito bites?
i know this sounds gross,but I’ve be using it on my kids for a while now. Preparation H !! stops your butt from itching so why not mosquito bites! by the way, it also works for heaps under your eyes. who would have thought! Camalmine Lotion. In the pink bottle. Works miracles….

What is the best anti-itch cream for mosquito/spider bites?
I’m on the verge of ripping apart my skin. Soov is apt or rite-aid anti-itch cream works good. i usually make a small incision beside a razor and that takes attention to detail of it. be carefull around your neck area. I find rubbing salt and vodka into the bite help remove…

What is the best anti-itching cream for babies skin?
“> Hydrcortizone 1% cream or Aveeno oatmeal bath or lotion. Good luck, best wishes. Also you can check out these links for other creams. http://www.burtsbees.com/webapp/wcs/stora http://www.calidou.com/?gclid=CPfQ55_NpIa http://www.ask.com/web?q=anti+itching+cra Aveno

What is the best antiwrinkle affordable cream a man can use to brand name u look younger?
A cream for the face cuz their is thousands out there at the drug stores and I believe none work. So what is the best anti wrinkling gross ur face look younger cream out there for a guy at age 44? Stri Vectin available…

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream and what is the worst?
tell me two things.: 1.Best anti-wrinkle cream 2.worst anti-wrinkle cream most creams dont do a lot. the best is them ones by boots, anti-wrinke its call. the night cream works wonders. http://www.boots.com/en/Time-Delay-Wrinka this range. better than any other nearby is out there. the worst I’d say is loreal.

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream around (UK) please?
i dont actually have any all the same, but obvs i need to start preventing them appearing. Dont want to spend a fortune, but just wondered if anyone could recommend an over the counter one. Thanks These articles may interest you… How to Make an Anti Wrinkle Cream http://www.ehow.com/how_2160019_anti-wria How to Use…

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream for a woman surrounded by her 20s?
I think Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Anti-Wrinkle Cream is angelic for all ages… It reduces fine lines and wrinkles; improve skin texture; and leaves skin soft and smooth. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E96a I don’t know more or less the best anti-wrinkle cream, but I will say that the most important…

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream for eyes!?
Wrinkles around and to side of eyes. Checkout this website. It has been amazing for me! They hold an anti-wrinkle cream that has helped tremendously beside a large wrinkle on my chin. and Eye cream that has help with my eyes. I strongly encourage the wrinkle cream.OMG! Source(s): www.senegence.com/kimsstayoncosmetics

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream for eyes?
I’m 21 and already have visible wrinkles on my eyelids and around my eye nouns. My skin type is dry/sensitive. I’m looking for some affordable anti-wrinkle creams and I would like to hear about what others hold used. Thanks! 1] best – daily sunscreen and sunglasses!! 2] start using Olay, Neutrogena L’oreal eye…

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what the best anti wrinkle cream among these..?
    if you already have a lot of deep wrinkles because of aging and oily skin what is the best anti wrinkle cream? Vichy or Avon’s Anew or Olay?

    • ANSWER:
      Olay has the best anti wrinkle on this list is very affordable it deliver results as high end brands that cost 0 or more use the smoothing wrinkle cream is good sometimes you get coupons on news paper every sunday that’s a plus.another good one would be Roc skin care this a drugstore brand this is great for wrinkles too .

    What is the best wrinkle cream/serum out there?
    Meaningful Beauty? Crem de la maire? Etc. Ok crem de la maire is probably the best so which is the best and also somewhat afffordable. (crem de la maire runs in the thousands for just a tiny tube!) I hear meaningful beauty is a scam. What about Oil of Olay or Avon? Give me your thoughts/opinions!

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend “Organic Youth” used by my girlfriend. Very good results and they offer also a 15 day risk free trial,so you can test and convince yourself.This erase wrinkles, improves elasticity, reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes,etc. See the source site box for more informations.
      Hope this helps !

    What is best Avon moisturer cream for very dry skin,wrinkles?
    I have very dry skin and have tried many products but takes a lot to put on to feel moisured.I use it up fast.and need to firm my skin because of being over 55. what is best for me to buy?

    • ANSWER:
      So as you have unsuccessfully tried so many you might also be ready to go natural and get the perfect, safe moisturizer for considerably less. I’ ve had truly remarkable success in permanently curing my severe dry flaking skin using olive oil. It feeds skin many beneficial essential nutrients and if thoroughly massaged into skin you will get almost instant results. Skin will tighten, look and feel smoother and develop a glow. Daily thorough massaging helps to exercise face muscles and keeps them conditioned. It’s the weakening of muscles that leads to sagging and in turn results in lines and wrinkles. I’ve seen users totally transformed – they develop a much healthier, younger looking skin. You do not need to remove oil, simply splash face with water and dab dry with tissues.

      SOURCE(S): 20+ years research into safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments.

    What avon cream is best for very dry skin and wrinkles?
    My skin is very dry and have used several moisturing creams but have to use large amount to feel like it is on my skin.Also my skin needs tighting and i am over age 54.What do you recommend? Are there moisture firming creams?

    • ANSWER:
      Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. Firming creams do not help and many moisturizers simply are a waste of money. Also many ridiculously expensive designer skin products have so many skin harming, skin aging ingredients. Some users reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rashes, bumps and even acne.(You can verify with a Google search). And some have been pulled from the market in France because of cancer causing concerns. This simple safe treatment uses low cost essential oils which benefit skin in countless ways. Olive or coconut oils are excellent for dry skin. They feed skin beneficial nutrients and if you thoroughly massage into skin you will see the results even in one day. Skin will tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. You have to tighten skin where you massage (I give exact ways to do this in my many other answers) and in doing so it beneficially exercises and conditions many of face muscles and thus counteracts muscle weakening which leads to sagging and wrinkles and lines. At same time skin is being firmed, smoothed and conditioned by massage. This is the best treatment to revitalize and even rejuvenate entire face. It can quickly and safely not just fade wrinkles a little but greatly minimize them. I give exact instructions on how to treat in other answers (or email me for more info.) I have testimonials from happy users.

      SOURCE(S): 20+ years research into safe natural treatments/cures of skin, scalp and hair problems and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

    What’s the best anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes/face?
    I would like help from consumers as to what you think are the best anti-wrinkle creams:

    I’d like to know the best for the eyes (particularly crow’s feet), both immediate results and long term results (whether it’s two separate creams needed or one that works).

    I’d like to know best anti-wrinkle face cream, both immediate results and long term results (whether it’s two separate creams needed or one that works).

    If there is one cream works for eyes and face, that’s even better.

    If you are a rep for a company (ie. Avon), please DO NOT try to sell me your goods. I am friends with an Avon rep, I am aware of the greatness of their products; I DO NOT want goods hocked to me. I want actually users of products who have independently, through trial and error, discovered what they feel to be the best products for fighting and reversing wrinkles.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • ANSWER:
      I work at Shoppers Drug Mart and my mom is constantly trying different anti-wrinkle creams…I will tell you which ones she has tried and which ones she found that she liked the most:

      -la roche posay (cant remember which one, but it was obviously for wrinkles)
      -dermaglow advanced wrinkle therapy
      -loreal revitalift (day)
      -any Olay product that is for wrinkles

      She found that she liked the la roche posay one as well as the loreal revitalift the best

      although she said that the dermaglow did work alright, but she liked the texture and all around just the others to be better

      You just have to remember, these products aren’t giving you plastic surgery…so it won’t be a dramatic difference.

    wrinkles Moisturizer what is the best one?
    I’m almost in my 50’s does anyone have the best way to do away with wrinkles with out hurting the pocket book preferring wrinkle cream that works from maybe avon, mary k someone knows out there .

    • ANSWER:
      Mary Kay’s Miracle set works very well I found the most results from the night solution it does appear to be very expensive however you only need a tiny drop and it spread very well so it can last you six months if used properly. The other thought is to invite 2 or 3 friends to your home and earn free product. Last point is Mary Kay is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

    which anti ageing cream is best for minimum wrinkles?
    i have normal sensitive skin and i’m looking for a good night and day lotion.i want tightening,glow,minimize my pores and repairing in night.i have used bio therm,avon,lo real, lotion but not found effective. is needed in 32 years with very minimum wrinkles on face?

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone tried Avon’s line of wrinkles creams/serums? If so, which is the best?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend Arbonne International’s Anti-Agining line of moisturizers and serums! They don’t contain artificial fragrances, toxic ingredients or mineral oils like other brands do! I highly recommend spending your money on products that give you results and are beneficial to your health and skin! I’m happy to send you samples, Before/after photos, and/or offer you 35% off our products! you can email me at mandy_118@hotmail.com ~Blessings!

    what cream is best for me?
    Hi im 17 and im really trying to take care of my face. i know make up has mess me up now im trying to take care of me and my face i dont have wrinkles, how ever i have a few black heads you cant see them but i know they are there, and i few dark circles not too dark
    i just want my face to look younger and better so any one can you please help me ? whats good for black heads and a few dark Circles and i want my face to be cleaner more clear ;D ANY SUGGESTIONS Let me know please any good creams from
    let me know what and the name
    rember im only 17 i dont need ageing cream i just need it to have clear face and get ride of a few black heads and dark circles also to have a newer looking face fresh clean =] thanks Maggie , let me know asap !

    • ANSWER:
      It would help to know if your skin is VERY dry, Dry, Medium dry, Medium, Oily, or BP Spill type skin.

      First and foremost, you will need to use something with SPF 15-25 on the days you go outside (to prevent energy damage to skin cells)

      I would suggest botox to keep yourself from using certain muscles when you smile, to help avoid wrinkles from facial expressions.

      a cleanser with glycolic acid once a week or 2, to wash off dead cells.

      Use a Mask, I highly suggest going with http://www.shiseido.com/index.htm (but they are costly) perhaps you can buy single use treatments off of eBay, those might be found cheap if your lucky or find a rich boyfriend.

      If you have dark circles under eyes then I suggest you use FACE (Not night) night cream, ALL night creams are just concentrated moisturizers, AVON night cream will give same exact results as any costly brand (Only works with moisturizers) anti wrinkle cream, AVON cant compete.
      The Idea is to moisturize the skin and make it look like its alive again thus removing some of the DARK.

      Use Gell soap on face, try to avoid bars but its still better to clean germs off of face with with bars then doing nothing at all

    Forehead deep set lines… what cream is the best?
    Help! 🙂 Just noticed deep set forehead lines/wrinkles when I decided to let my bangs grow out. I am wondering what everyone uses and what has worked best to smooth the lines out. I am not worried about brands as long as it works… drug stores, department stores, companies like Mary Kay and Avon, etc… Help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If you do an Answers Search you will find many have tried countless brands that claim to remove lines and they say they do not work.
      This treatment really works wonders(See testimonial below ##)
      Forehead lines( horizontal ones): Use olive oil and massage on lines with front of first three fingers held together and, starting from one side of forehead, do a series of short forward and back strokes – about 5 or 6 – blending one into the next all the way to the other side. For best, quickest results do quite vigorously for a minute or more several times a day.
      Crows Feet: Can be quickly greatly minimized by rubbing up and down on them quite vigorously with first three fingers held close together. Even deep lines will be greatly diminished. For faster results do 2 or 3 times or a day..

      ## from.” big papy” on Answers
      “Thank you Mukunda so much – I am greatly touched for your concern about my skin. i want you to know that i did continue the massage with tightening the skin around my mouth area and the lines are all most gone thank you soo much, you have changed my life. Also my crows feet are all most gone too! I finally look my age! thank you soo much i don’t know what else to say, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

    Best anti aging cream?
    I’m looking for a good anti aging night cream. I don’t really have that many fine lines but I want to use something early to prevent more lines and wrinkles. I have oily skin that is prone to acne so if there is something that can help with that too that would be great. I have been looking and the two treatments that have caught my eye are Olay Regenerist and Avon Anew Reversalist. I was just wondering which one is better for me (and overall).

    • ANSWER:
      Kare Bear, I recommend what I use; Preve extreme anti aging by Isabella Pelle. It’s made specifically for fine lines/wrinkles. It has the highest concentration of “peptides” active ingredients to fight them. Also has the highest concentration of the best known moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. This has kept my skin baby smooth.
      Last month they came out with a more concentrated version of Preve called Cura. It’s everything Preve except they concentrated it to extreme. I got it 2 weeks ago; it’s excellent. What you need to do is decide which one is best for you. I recommend both.
      In regards to Olay, I use to use it years ago, in part because I grew up with my grandmother taking care of me. She always had a bottle of it on her night table, so naturally as I got older I bought my own. Olay is good, but I just feel that Preve works for me much better, and it has for the past 3 yrs. Never used Avon Anew so cannot recommend it.

    Anyone tried Avon’s Anew Clinical’s Best Duo??!?
    the under eye and upper eye cream stuff? thats supposed to like make your wrinkles under the eye and around the eye go away? have you used it? whats it done for you? thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      BIG DIFF
      I AM 55

    Question about Avon’s eye creams?
    Which is the best for wrinkles under the eyes?

    • ANSWER:

    What is/are the best skin products for a woman that is 48 years old?
    See, I asked my mom the other day what she would like for her b-day in a couple weeks. She said something about this Genesphere product, BUT I really do not trust it at all. Plus, its not exactly affordable for my taste.

    I have gotten her Olay and Avon creams before, but she doesn’t rave about them.

    What line of products or what would you suggest as a gift idea that actually would work?

    She has moderate aging signs, like spots from when she gave birth to me a long time ago, lol, and she has a couple of deep wrinkles, and fine expression lines. Her skin I would say is normal, and YES I do think she could use a bit of firmness again, she always complains about the loss of elasticity.

    Any suggestions and facts, experiences would be greatly appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      MY mom uses wei east product chestnut collection it can bit expensive but my mom has great skin it helps to firm saggy skin making more supple more youthful also hsn.com sell the whole set for less but you can buy directly to them weieast.com just see where you can find it more cheaper.

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