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Never Use Preparation H As An Eye Cream

Author: Sabrina James

For years everyone heard about how models, actors, actresses and anyone else in the public eye used Preparation H to reduce puffiness under eyes.  

Eye creams are created for eyes.  Eyes have particularly sensitive skin surrounding them and anything that irritates that skin results in puffiness.  Even sleep deprivation and stress can give one puffy eyes.  Specially formulated eye creams have been developed to deal with this.

However, there are still several women who insist that Preparation H is the ultimate puff-reducer.  The theory is that since the product is able to reduce inflammation in certain other areas of the body, it should do the same thing for the eyes.  In fact, they believe that such a product make for one tender area is perfectly fine for the tender, sensitive area around the eyes.

Since the beginning of the rumor, many decades ago, the makers of Preparation H have reformulated the cream in order to stop women using it in such a manner.  Most of them have, and in turn have embraced the newly formulated eye creams.  There are still a few diehard fans of the other, though.

The new formula has Phenylephrine HCI which is an antihistamine commonly used for allergies.  This does not work to reduce swelling, puffiness, dark circles or to minimize fine lines around the eyes, no matter what you do.

Only a fine eye cream used consistently and exactly as the directions say will give you any relief of the natural signs of aging.  Anything that is not formulated for the eyes is only going to cause problems; either immediately or later on, down the line.  

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, don’t mess them up by using the wrong item as an eye cream.  Keep them beautiful and young by utilizing the best ingredients for the sensitive skin around your eyes.  Not to mention, eye cream, if it should get into your eye is made to not cause damage to the eye itself.  I wouldn’t want to find out about the other!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/never-use-preparation-h-as-an-eye-cream-1137047.html

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Sabrina is an eye cream reviews expert who contributes to over 5 consumer review sites online. She has 12 years experience in R&D as well as sales, in the eye cream and anti aging industries.

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