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Wrinkle Treatment – Finding the Best Alternative to Lose Wrinkles

Author: Raj Kumar

Undergoing wrinkle treatment is the best way to lose your wrinkle problem. If you want safe and effective results you could go for some surgical procedures only after having some consultation with your physician. There are also over-the-counter products that are available in the market.

· Surgical wrinkle treatment Surgical wrinkle treatment should be done by no other person but your doctor. No other person could do the procedures for you. You may want to have consultation before undergoing any of the following:

· Collagen injection. This is used to plump up an area of the skin and remove wrinkles. This method restores youthful look to the treated area.

· Botox injection. This is an injection involving a form of botulism being injected to the forehead area and near the eyes. This is being done to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles in the area.

· Laser-Skin Resurfacing. This treatment is designed to remove layers of skin and improves the look of the skin by revealing the healthier, tighter skin beneath the surface.

· Plastic Surgery. This treatment is a traditional method of fighting wrinkles. It literally pulls the skin tighter to get rid of the wrinkles. The most common form of plastic surgery is removing excess skin under the eyes.

All-Natural Facial Wrinkle Treatment

One of the best ways to treat wrinkles is to do it the natural way. This natural way of treating wrinkles can be found in the garden or even in your own kitchen. Going the natural way to treat wrinkles and other skin problems are proven to be safe and effective like the drug-based medications that are prescribed by experts. The following are some example of natural products that can be used in treating wrinkles:

· Oatmeal. This food when mixed with water or milk becomes a gentle exfoliating facial mask. It does not cause irritation and it seals the moisture of the skin, thus giving it a smooth and supple look.

· Avocado. The natural oil of this fruit penetrates the skin and gets down deep where the skin needs it most. Mash some of this fruit and spread it all over the face then rinse it after 10 minutes. The result is a smooth and soft skin and reduced wrinkle lines.

· Cucumber. The extracts of this vegetable are cooling and gentle to the skin, especially the one surrounding the eyes. People use this to reduce puffiness and inflammation under the eye as well as for lightening of dark circles.

While medical procedures are proven to be effective at reducing wrinkles, many people feel that it is best to result to natural means. People are more practical now because they seek not only the advice of the experts in treating their skin problems but they go for the conventional way.

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