Vaseline Glass : The Collector’s Glassware That Glows in the Dark

Vaseline Glass:Did you know glass can glow in the dark? don’t believe it? Normal glass, like the kind used in windows or cookware, can’t. However, a special type of glass does glow in the dark: vaseline glass. it is surely a collectors Item. If you collect glassware or just want a unique glass item for your home, then vaseline glass is a must have.

At first vaseline glass appears similar to Depression glass or the green glass used in old Coca-Cola bottles. It gets the name from its yellow, waxy appearance—much like petroleum jelly. The big difference between vaseline glass and Depression glass, though, is that vaseline glass glows a pale green in sunlight and bright green when exposed to a black light.

The Special Ingredient which makes it glow Is Uranium

Vaseline glass has such spectacular qualities because it’s made from uranium salts, which explains the other name for the glass: uranium glass. Don’t get scared with the Nuclear Age term used in your own collections, instead be proud of it! These salts are naturally occurring and contain small traces of the radioactive element uranium. The yellow hue of the sand attracted the eye of glass makers, who have used it to fashion glassware since at least the 1800s, and possibly since Roman times.

Because of the presence of uranium, vaseline glass glows when ultraviolet light hits it. Sunlight contains an ultraviolet spectrum (that’s why you wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect against UV rays), and vaseline glass glows a pale green in daylight. It’s when you expose the glassware to a black light that you see the real appeal of the glass. Turn off the lights, crank up the UV, and your vaseline glass will glow a vivid green. A good way to teach your small kids a very very small lesson in sciene.

Don’t Worry! Vaseline Glass Is Completely Safe

You may be uneasy just knowing that vaseline glass contains uranium. After all, radiation can lead to many health problems. Vaseline glass, though, is completely safe. Government and scientific studies have shown that it has no harmful effects on health. The only way it could hurt you is if you grind the glass up and inhale the dust.

Most vaseline glass only contains about 2 percent uranium—not enough to do anything remotely dangerous. A Geiger counter barely registers vaseline glass above background noise (harmless radiation that is present everywhere in the universe). Some antique vaseline glass, made before the 1950s, can contain up to 25% uranium, but it still has not been shown to pose health risks.

The Perfect Glass Collector’s Item

If you’re looking for a gift for a glass collector, a piece of vaseline glassware is a gift sure to delight. The US government restricted access to the uranium sands it was made from for many years during the Cold War, but now manufacturers can once again make this beautiful yet eerie glass. It’s a perfect time to pick up a piece of glassware that truly is like no other, Get it today and Be a Proud Owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Vaseline petroleum jelly anti-aging?
    Does vaseline prevent aging?

    • ANSWER:
      No, certainly does not. It just makes your face oily and can cause some aging. It won’t due. Vaseline can clog your pores I heard. I only use it for my lips and to remove eye makeup. I would prefer to use extra virgin olive oil. I use it all the time then moisturizer. To get rid of the oil, just cleanse with any cleanser then moisturize.

    Acne, aging and tanning questions!?
    Alright, so my first question is about acne. I am a 17 year old girl and unfortunately I suffer from acne. It’s not horrible, but it is enough to make me really self-concious about my skin. I’ll get a few, (maybe 1-3) whiteheads every month and they are very difficult to get rid of an cover up. They might last for just over a week sometimes. Usually I don’t get acne on my cheeks but a lot of times it is around and over my mouth or on my chin and between my eyebrows. My skin tends to dry out really easily using acne products even though I moisturize every morning and night. I even get chapped lips really easily and I drink a TON of water. (any great things to use for chapped lips, vaseline tends to work best but then I sometimes break out around my mouth) I used to use salicylic acid products and now I am using glycolic acid. Sometimes I will just just little bumps, but a lot of times they are really under the skin and stubborn. The acne is really hurting my self-esteem! What kind of products should I use?

    My next question is about anti-aging products and what age to start. My sister is 19 and she is worried that she is already getting wrinkles, mainly on her forehead and uses this regenerist cream. What age is normal to start using anti-aging products. She is very young but when I do look closely I can see lines.

    Next question is about tanning. Does anyone know of any good products to use during the winter months? I get very pale and I don’t want to use tanning beds or any of that stuff.

    I know I asked a lot of questions! But I’d appreciate input on any of the subjects! Thanks guys!

    • ANSWER:
      go see ur doctor bout acne problems
      i think you are too young to use anti aging products id say 25 but i guess it depends on your skin
      go to a tanning salon

    What are the best drugstore eye creams?
    Right now I currently use Vaseline, which has moisturizing benefits, but that’s basically it. And I’m not the most gentle on my eyes(though I am striving towards it). I’m not in need of a strong anti-aging cream, but a little wouldn’t hurt. Just tell me your favorite kind and why. Also, tell me if I should use it in the A.M or P.M. Thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      Olay gel eyecream is great moisturizing great puffiness.

      also Biore eye cream smell nice not strong is super hydrating.

      also neutrogena eye cream are super hydrating.

    Can I dilute/mix my waterproof sunblock with water or body lotion and not change the effectiveness of it?
    I am using Banana Boat Baby Magic Sunblock SPF 50. It is a brand new bottle and for the most part I really like. However, I find it a bit dense/thick and hard to rub in (it seems to take forever).

    I want to use this on my face too and was wondering if I diluted it with some water or just regular face/body lotion (like a Dove face lotion or Vaseline body lotion), will it alter the effectiveness of the sunblock?

    My skin concerns are not burning/damaging my skin and anti-aging. My face lotions and foundations and face powders all have SPF. I don’t want to break out using the Baby Magic sunblock on my face because it is so heavy. I have combination skin, so I still break out but have dry patches too.

    Also, what is the typical shelf life of sunblock? This bottle doesn’t have an expiration date.

    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      you’re better off buying a separate sunblock for your face.
      there are cheap ones in the drug store.
      my friends used to mix moisturizer with sunblock not water but i never tried doing it just to be on the safe side.

    Is this article and the object of its outrage sexist?

    This is an article that discusses the horrors of a new skin-whitening cream being marketed to MEN. Oh, yes, MEN. These creams have been marketed to women for decades, and there was some outrage. But now that it is being marketed to MEN, it “has sparked an international controversy.”

    To me, this is no different than any other beauty product being marketed to women: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, fade cream, skin-lightening cream. But market a product like this to MEN and it becomes a tragedy!

    This whole article (and the situation in general) really irks me. I can understand the premise behind the contraversy, that dark skin is just as beautiful as light skin. I have no problem with that in and of itself. What pisses me off is the fact that since this product is now being marketed to MEN, it has become a major issue.


    • ANSWER:
      I don’t really think its sexist, I think it’s more a social issue, in the US people with darker skin are supposed to be perceived as more attractive, hence tanning salons which men unfortunately(as much unfortunatly as women) also frequent. In india the opposite is true. I think it’s just outrage after this has been brought into light due to their new ad campaign.

    What is your daily beauty routine? ?
    Hello everyone! I was just wondering how other girl my age beautify themselves. I am 17 and here is my beauty routine…

    1. St. Ives facial cleanser and makeup remover
    2. anti-aging face cream (never to early to start!)
    3. vitamin C eye gel (rejuvenates eyes and reduces puffiness)
    4. Shimmery body lotion
    4. Makeup – foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, a small amount of pink blush, and shimmery chapstick or plain vaseline.
    5. St.Ives facial cleanser and makeup remover before bed
    6. Night face cream

    Also, before I shower I apply olive oil all over my body, even in my hair. And once or twice a week I make my own facial mask – cooked oatmeal and honey. Oh, and lots of water and daily vitamins. What are your beauty tips and secrets???

    • ANSWER:

      1) Wash face with Garnier face wash.
      2) Garnier liquid toner.
      3) Anti acne cream
      4) Anti heavy undereye bags cream
      4) Vaseline on lips

      1) Garinier Routine Repeat.
      2) Olive oil in hair for 4 mins
      3) Wash hair with Joico and Bedhead
      4) Fruit mush on face for 15 mins
      5) Wash face.
      6) Night facial cream

      Vitimins water and ofcourse fruits and vegetables

    Okay, So I am 20 years old and I love skin care. I use anti aging everything.. from make up to eye cream to body lotion.. and firming stuff too. I exfloliate.. pretty much do everything I need to do. but i’ve heard that i should be using basic moisturizer, eye cream, face wash and stuff for my age.. so i want to hear everyones tips.. from what products are the best, what i should use, what tips you have to share, skin secrets, etc. I normally use Olay everything but I’ve heard things from baby oil is the best to vaseline on your face and body keeps you looking young forever.. so idk what to believe anymore. I have pretty normal skin, gets dryer in the winter, more oily in the winter.. so its average. i want to look young for as long as i can and have soft skin all over. PLEASE i’m all ears for all the tips i can get. serious answers only 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      I would say don’t do WAY too much, unless you Absolutely need it, because you will be stripping your pores of necessary oils. 🙂 Your still young after all, so i don’t think you need anti – aging creams.

      But, since you asked, I use Aveeno facial moisturizer/cleansers. They work really good if you have acne, for me at least. it keeps your face smooth, clean, and soft!! its great. 🙂 then I use nivea chapstick, it works great as well. ^^ Hope this helped.

    Dark Hard line under my eyes ? =/ help?

    Im 21 and i did EPI Lasik three weeks ago…
    I noticed few days ago that there is a hard dark line under each eye =/
    and when i put foundation on it it looks flakey and it feels hard and flakey
    i tried to put vaseline on it but i dont think it worked =/
    and im really worried i dont want it to be there because it just doesnt look good
    i have dark circles allready and this would make it looks really bad! 🙁
    please if you know what is it tell me and how to treat it and is it okai to use anti aging serum that i use on it

    • ANSWER:

    Infection After Spaying?
    I recently had my two cats spayed. They are the same age (about 6 and a half months) and were healthy and not in heat when they were spayed. It has been two days since they were fixed and one of them seems to have a bulge around the operation site. It also has a bright red dot of tissue that is about two centimeters in diameter right in the middle of the incision. There has been no discharge of any kind, but the bulge is very noticeable. She also gets chills, but I believe this could be due to her stomach being shaved and making her cold.The site is also very red and she isn’t depressed or shows any signs of pain. The other cat has no bulge, no chills, and the incision site is very clean and looks to be doing fine. I was wondering if my cat has an infection and if so, what i can do about it? Can I put some triple anti-b on it with some band aids? I know Vaseline is cat safe, but would it be appropriate?

    • ANSWER:
      Agree, best to call the vet. I was advised not to put any ointments/creams on it. They just end up licking it off and depositing more germs in the area. The bulge may just be normal swelling but better safe than sorry. If you notice other symptoms such as lethargic kitty or cat not eating, I wouldn’t wait until Monday but rather call an emergency vet. Another thing you can do is take kitty’s temperature. Should be between 100.5 and 102 or thereabouts. If it’s much higher you can be pretty sure an infection is gearing up in there. Good luck!

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