Organic Face Creams With Cynergy TK And Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10

A high quality organic face cream seems to be what is on the minds of many people nowadays. They are hoping to find that antioxidant face cream organic ingredients will give them the healthy results that they have been looking for. Good luck finding one though.

Finding a high quality organic face cream can be much like looking for a needle in a haystack. The department stores rarely carry anything of the kind of quality that you are looking for in an all natural cream. Mostly what you will find in these stores will do you more harm than good.

In order to be effective your antioxidant face cream with organic ingredients should all be healthy for you to use. This is not often the case as far as the products that you will typically find on department store or pharmacy shelves. The majority of them are loaded with harmful chemical agents.

The major companies seem to believe that all that they have to do is put one or two natural ingredients into their organic face cream, and then they can fill out the rest of the product using whatever they want. Many of the chemicals that are regularly used can cause you great physical harm over time.

An antioxidant face cream with organic content should actually be something that you can use. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance, but it is not absorbable through the skin, so it is simply a wasted ingredient in any form of topical cream. The sources that they derive the collagen from make it incompatible with our own collagen.

An organic face cream should be composed of mainly vegetable or plant based ingredients. These oils are the closest in physical properties to the skin’s own natural oil making them more easily absorbable by your skin than any of the petroleum based moisturizers so commonly used today.

The best antioxidant face cream organic ingredients are without a doubt contained in Cynergy TK with Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. This is a mixture of nano emulsified CoenzymeQ10 and Natural vitamin E that is specially blended in order to maximize penetration. Cynergy TK uses just a single antioxidant molecule to wipe out millions of free radicals.

Cynergy TK is one of the features of an organic face cream line that was created by a company hailing out of New Zealand. They have created this formula for their anti aging skin care program, and have been receiving rave reviews for their products ability to stimulate the re-growth of collagen and elastin.

Their antioxidant face cream organic features only the finest natural ingredients such as active New Zealand Manuka honey, Phytessence Wakame Japanese brown sea kelp extract, Babassu palm oil, Maracuja passion fruit extract, and many more natural oils and waxes.

Their organic face cream is being touted as the absolute best anti aging cream available on today’s market. Their products can only be ordered directly through them, so you will not see these fine creams and lotions in stores. Try their products today if you want products that are as effective as they are safe.

About the author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in natural skin care products using only clinically proven ingredients like Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10 and Cynergy TK. At her website she recommends the best organic face creams available today. For more information visit her website


Frequently Asked Questions

    the best anitiaging cream for frown lines around the mouth or a good concealer?
    wrinkle down the nose to the corner of the mouth what is a good concealer or cream what would you suggest

    • ANSWER:
      That crease is what’s known as a nasolabial fold and they deepen with age. Everyone, though, has this line most of their life. It’s just not that noticable when you are younger. Creams and lotions don’t make them fade but you can try to make them “pop out” more and look less deep by lightly applying a concealer that is a shade lighter than your current skin color along the crease and blend well outward. A good concealer is Double Wear by Estee Lauder. It stays put and doesn’t crease. The only sure fire way to soften the lines is to get a cosmetic filler injected along the lines to plump up the area. There are brands such as Restylane, Juvederm, Cosmoderm, Cosmoplast and last for months. I would not recommend these, however, if you are very young. The lines are caused by facial expressions (smiling, laughing) and age. They happen to everyone eventually at some point in their life time to some degree or another. A lot of skin aging can be slowed or prevented by not getting a lot of sun exposure, using a moisturizer and using sunscreen. The facial fillers are located at a dermatologists or plastic surgeon’s office. Go on line and research them to see if that is what you are looking for.

    What is the best wrinkle cream for crows feet around eyes and deep lines around my mouth?
    Help! I am only 36 and have a saggy face with huge pores, deep lines around my mouth and crows feet!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      upnorth, This is what I use; for the eyes: Extreme Eye Rescue by Isabella Pelle. It’s great for wrinkles around the eyes. I also use their Preve for wrinkles around the face. I hope this helps you as it did for me.

    Help! Aged only 20 & already have fine lines around the mouth & eyes!?
    should I be using anti-aging cream?! I have oily skin but ever since I started working in an office environment, I have unbelievably dry skin as well!

    Can someone recommend me some good cream for lines around eyes and mouth as well as for dark circles?

    Thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      You have to go to they have a product called “sleep like a doll” it is a celebrity secret and works AMAZING! It is an emu and wheatgerm eye cream that you will see great results from. I am a professional makeup artist in the Chicago area and have some high end clientel and I use this on them and they love it. You could also use it around your mouth for the lines. Celebrities swear by emu oil. And yes you can use oil on oily skin, its actually very good for it especially since of the claims of emu oil is it also can help acne. But if you are looking for a total face cream (sounds like you need it from the horrible ventilation system office’s have) you should check out there anti-age cream. All their products and makeup is organic and natural with no chemical by products. These are the only products I use on my clientel and myself.

    How to get rid of these lines around the mouth?
    When I smile, mostly on the right of my mouth, there’s 3-4 lines looking like ))) on the right of the mouth. Is it because I have lots of fat on my cheeks? I’ve been working out and lost alot of fat but the face remain the same. Will it go away if I keep exercising? Or is there some cream for anti aging or something? I’m only 18. I did some celebrity look alike and most of them were old people with the lines around the mouth.

    • ANSWER:

    What cream will work for the wrinkles around your mouth(smile Lines)?
    I am 22 years old and my smile lines never go away! I hate it. what are some creams out there that will eliminate the smile lines that are not expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      Smile lines are beautiful.. it’s the frown ones you want to get rid of … at 22 trust me .. I am sure there is nothing that will eliminate them because they are part of you.. your so young …

      But you can try one of those new fill in cremes they make … I personally use this and it is THE BEST you will get I am 29 and tried em all!

      Do not get the other line of the same.. it’s silver and it stinks!

      Get the eye cream it rocks.. the whole system makes your skin look great.. same people that make proactive…

    IM TOO young i have lines around my mouth and under my eyes!!??
    im 15.. i have been wearing makeup for 2 years .. i have dark circles so i fiddle with themm alot.. i have just really noticed i have lines around my mouthh and unde my eyes ! im scaredd how there going to look later on what should i do.. i dont want to use wrinkle creams from now soo what do i do ! isit too late?

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT PANIC!!! This could be a range of things. First beginning to wear make-up at 13 probably didn’t help. Dark circles could be because of lack of sleep, too much caffeine and/or too little iron. So try to work on those and as far as the lines. makeup is going to intensify those lines. Natural is beautiful especially at your age. Try to stay out of the sun and i recommend a toner (Biore astringent) after you wash your face and Nivea firming lotion. (The lotion is meant for your body but i use it all over and then put on a fragrance lotion on my body after.)

    I’ve got laugh lines around my mouth at just 20!?
    I obsess about my complexion, so I know I didn’t have these lines just a week ago. I went to Miami recently, and when I came back I noticed laugh lines. I didn’t use lotion or moisturizer or sunblock, but I wasn’t in the sun for long periods of time either. We drove a lot though. I didn’t roam around the beach for too long. When the trip was over I was covered in pimples and had laugh lines on my face. Should I moisturize that area and get anti-aging creams?

    • ANSWER:
      just have been moving your mouth for 20 years..your going to have lines..everyone does even should use anti aging creams every other day and ALWAYS wear sunblock under your makeup and keep it moisturized as well..dry skin can cause lines

    best cream for reducing wrinkles from furrowing my brows all the time? and for lines around my mouth?

    • ANSWER:
      Low-end supermarket/drugstore brand: Olay Definity, Olay Total Effects 7 Signs Serum

      Direct Selling: The Anew Line from Avon

      High end: Check those from La Prairie.
      La Prairie makes sure that it has an at least 85% effectivity approval from its testers, (which include hundreds of women), before their products are allowed to hit the shelves.

      My mom uses these and it works wonders for her.

      If all else fails, consider having fillers. It depends on you how far you are willing to go in order to fight the ageing effects of time.

    Is is safe to use an eye cream for laugh lines?
    I just received Nutrimin C’s Re9 corrective eye cream in the mail today and I was wondering if it was alright to use on other parts of the face (besides around the eyes)? i.e-lines around mouth

    The only reason I’m asking is because it contains Kojic acid, which is a lightening agent, and I’m wondering if this will cause skin discoloration when used anywhere else besides around the eyes.

    Please only answers if you’re positive in what you are saying. I don’t need any assumptions.

    • ANSWER:
      I am positive that you should follow the instructions included with the product and use the product as it is intended. If the instructions say that it can also be used on other parts of the face, then you can. I say this assuming you haven’t read the instructions.

    Im desperate to eliminating these lines around my mouth and nose…?
    Mabye you should know i just lost 70 pounds and I had huge cheeks and im still loosing but my cheeks slash eyes look so droopy…I really want to eliminate the lines around my mouth..Im to young for botox and i moisturize with a anti wrinkle cream and I drink loads of water and exercise and sleep decently….They just bother me =(… Heres what im talking only 17..Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure this website will help you, it helps tighten up loose skin by exceeding your face 🙂 best of luck!

    I’m 25. Are any of these creams good for me to avoid ‘ smile lines and under eye wrinkle?(Please note the deta
    I’m 25 and have a normal skin type.
    My skin used to be oily when I was a teenager but now I can categorize my skin in dry than oily type.

    I have noticed I’m getting little wrinckles under my eyes and I want to avoid them too. I have a very sensitive skin and I think I’m getting both smile line around my mouth and some little winckles under my eyes. I have’nt yet used any moisturing or under eye cream, but I want to use them from now…

    I want to know what are the good products for my case and in my age(25-26) ….for ‘ under eye’ and ‘moituring (specially for smile lines)’ and when and how should I apply them.

    1. Is ‘ Lierac’ under eye cream a good one? ( I want it to be effective for my age, not too strong though.)
    2. I have these CLINIQUE creams … Are they good for me? and if so, how and when should I apply them to my skin? and what are they good for? What is your idea about using them for’moisturizing’ or ‘under eye’ or etc (?) in my case?

    a)LANCOME. Absolute Replenishing cream.(ABSOLUE)
    b)CLINIQUE total turnaround visible skin renewer.
    c)CLINIQUE deep comfort body butter(Intensively replenishing. Wraps dryness-prone spots and the body all over in soothing,penetrating moisture.

    • ANSWER:
      The first rule to always remember is to never, ever ,ever forget to wear sunblock. It will help you to avoid aging more than anything else!!!
      Most creams are good but ones that contain seaweed are excellent for the skin. Suave Firming lotion has seaweed in it and you won’t have to break your piggy bank open.

    What’s happening around my mouth? 10pts?
    Okay, for a year or so i’ve been noticing abnormal swelling,darkening,and lining around my mouth. When i look in my bathroom mirror it doesn’t look as noticeable, but when i take pictures on my camera it shows puffiness, swelling, darkening, and parentheses.Oh! Also i went traveling, the hotel’s mirror had the same affect as the cameras. Can anyone please help, This “thing” has taken away my confidence. I don’t even take pictures anymore because it distracts from my other features. Can anyone possibly tell me how to get rid of this DiStUrBaNcE!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! >_< i'm fairly young and this is conflicting with my adolescent social skills lol 4 months ago Is there any cream i can put around it too make it stop? It's like paranthesis except a bit worse with darkening. Anything i can buy from a drugstore. I went to the doctor, all he said was probably allignment of my jaw, but that didn't help. Anything to fill in the lines?! i'm freaking out, school's coming soon :l

    • ANSWER:

    Any good wrinkle creams out there for small fine lines?
    Wrinkles are starting to creep up around my eyes and mouth and I want to head it off before it gets out of control! Help!

    • ANSWER:
      In order to get the maximum results with a good wrinkle or anti aging cream, they need to contain the latest developments in active ingredients that work. The best wrinkle creams contain matrixyl, natural peptides, antioxidants, and now even Acai! There are free trials all over the internet for products that contain these ingredients, but if you like it, it will cost you a month! That is personally to much for me.

      I actually found a better solution. I make my own anti wrinkle/skin care products and add all the latest ingredients. I save a ton of money. Plus they work better than anything I ever used before. The second source tells you where to buy the ingredients and gives you recipes to get started.

      Good luck!

    What cream can i use for the wrinkles and sagging around my?
    mouth area. I am very conerned about the lines and sagging skin around my mouth. Im 29 years old and I dont know what to use for this. cAn I use eye wrinkle cream for this? Any suggestions would be great thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Try Apivita Instant Lifting Face Mask with Red Wine, the result is instant, info and review:

    Please help me with a facial mark around my mouth and shaving spots under my chin and neck!?
    Hi! I’ve been struggling with a problem concerning an area around my mouth and the bottom of my chin for some time now.I’ll begin with the area around my mouth.There’s a dark thin line that starts from the bottom of my nose and follows down around my mouth,under my bottom lip and up to the other side of the bottom of my nose.I’ve had this mark when i was fifteen and it went away,but it has returned now that i’m eighteen.I’m a current facial product user and i think the products i use may be the reason why the mark has appeared.I remember when i was fifteen, i used the facial product “ST.Ives”. I used the product for quit some time and it was working perfectly.Then one day i applied the cream to my face,including around my mouth where the “mark” currently is,and the cream started to burn my skin a little.Then after i washed the cream off my face since it started to burn,it left the mark that i have now,once again.I’m not sure how long it took for the mark to go away, nor am i sure if it DID go away,i just didnt notice anything so i assumed it was gone until now.(That i’m eighteen)
    I’m currently using “Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser”,which is also working fine,until a couple of months ago when i applied the cream, the burn feel and the mark returned.I really don’t think my face is sensitive to facial products,because my face feels fine when i put on the cream.Maybe my mouth area only burns when i put on too much cream there????I have no clue.I’m sorry if i wasn’t descriptive enough for you to understand what i am talking about when it comes to my face.I’ve posted links with pictures of what i am trying to describe, below.The first two picture links are about the area around my mouth and the last two picture links are my second concern. My second concern is about the shaving marks that are under my chin and spreaded around the top of my neck.I shave with a great amount of caution now,though i used to shave carelessly before,since that is why those marks are there.I desperately want to know how to get rid of those shaving marks so i can have CLEAR skin under my chin and neck like i used to,before i initially started to shave.Please give me advice on what i have to do to make these marks go away.I beg you to please help me with this problem.I just want my face to look good again and be able go out into the world with confidence.Please take the time to view the links that have the pictures in them.Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email.God bless and thank you sincerely.
    As you can see,the dark shade around my mouth is what im trying to convey In case it’s hard to see,i’ve drawn a white line on the dark shade that im talking about.

    Here’s one more closer look.It may seem like it’s unnoticable,but you can see it clearly in person.Please try to notice it.

    Now for the shaving marks,here is what i am referring too.

    Another look.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best department store wrinkle cream?
    I am starting to get small lines around my mouth, so it’s time for a good wrinkle cream.

    • ANSWER:
      Forget the dept. store stuff. You are paying a lot of $$ for advertising and packaging.

      Try the Re9 system by Arbonne International. I also had those annoying lines around my mouth, and it’s all but disappeared after a month.

      I use the whole Re9 system, but I dab the eye correction creme along those lines and it works great.

      I started selling the stuff because I wanted a 35% consultant discount to help pay for the line. Now, I have great looking skin and I make a little extra on the side when I sell to my friends. It’s been a win, win for me!
      You can email me at if you have questions. Also there are amazing before and after pics you can check out. Have a great day!

    what causes acne around mouth?
    I get acne around my mouth and chin, and like literally on the line between my lip and ‘normal skin’. If youre a girl I know this is hormonal, but what about for guys? I’ve been on antibiotics and they worked but my acne seems to be edging its way back. I use benzoyl peroxide cream too but that doesnt seem to do much.

    • ANSWER:

    Premature aging – creams to prevent?
    My skin is prone to damage. I’m 22 and I already see fine lines appearing around my mouth and eyes. My mother said that it happened to her around my age too. I was wondering what the best anti-aging face cream would be to use as a preventative against aging? I already drink pleanty of water and take vitamin supplements and now I’m looking for a really good cream/moisturizer. Any suggestions of creams that really do work as a preventative?

    • ANSWER:
      when i was your age i got fine lines under my eyes, and found it’s heredity, but it seems like your doing the right things. just try a moisturizer like garnier nutrioniste renew cream, it’s hydrating and very good for your skin.

    what can i do to reduce wrinkle?
    Im a teenage girl and i already had wrinkles around my mouth and forehead , they getting deeper and deeper. I’ve had my wrinkles around my mouth and forehead ever since i was 16. Even i put make up on,the lines around my mouth can never cover it up. I tried lancome anti-wrinkle cream and been using it for 2 months and it didnt work. I dont know what to do to reduce the wrinkles around my mouth and forehead.

    • ANSWER:
      putting cover ups and foundation on your wrinkles will only clog them and make them worse, so i recommend wearing as little makeup as possible! this is a really great website that has facial exercises and some daily things you can do to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant! i also included some at home masks that are very good for keeping wrinkles away!

      facial exercises:


    What is an anti-wrinkle cream that works well and is reasonably priced?
    I’m 25 and I’ve got some lines around my eyes and around my mouth. What is the best firming/anti wrinkle cream for this?

    • ANSWER:
      Any moisturizer is good. It is more important to eat right (lots of colorful fruits and veggies), use sunscreen, don’t smoke and drink lots of water. Smoking and sun tanning are the worst things you can do to your skin.

    Miracle workers for VERY premature ageing?
    im 13 and my skin is alredy ageing i swear, i have fine lines around my mouth (smile lines) and these rele deep ones leading from my eyes going down to my cheeks, i started 2 get them when i started high school. anti-wrinkle creams are too rich. i did buy one the other day though, kind of working. but i do really need a miricle, something gentle to use on my face. please help =D

    • ANSWER:
      Teenagers often exaggerate – a good breakfast first thing in the morning, drink lots of water and get a life, that means, make new friends, go out more, find a hobby you enjoy, you will then find this silly nonsense disappear.

    Would it be bad if I used Olay Pro x?
    I want to us The Olay Professional Pro X Deep Wrinkle Treatment followed by Age Defying Daily Renewal Cream. I’m 16 and I have really bad deep lines around my mouth and under my eyes above my cheeks. Would this be a bad idea to use because the Pro X is designed for adults, but I have similar issues except not wrinkles, but very deep lines. The lines were not on my face a year ago. Makeup itself won’t cover it.

    • ANSWER:
      Bara, honestly, If you use that it will give you a break out. I think you are maybe just seeing the structure of your face? Honey I think you are just seeing these things to be quite honest. I do not think they are really there. I have said this before please look up body dysmorphic disorder. It is related to the anxiety disorders. And I have one suggestion that you will not like but that will give you a much needed break – For one month do not look closely at your face or look at your face in the mirror for more than 10 seconds., Just make sure you have the toothpaste off, nose clean toiletries done and then out of there. You will have so much more peace I promise. Hey I will make a deal with you – I won’t step on the scale and despair and undermine my diet by comfort eating at the horrible amount of poundage IF you take a break from overexamining every pore of your face. Kay?

    Wrinkle cream or regular moisturizer?
    ‘m only 20 but I am already getting laugh lines around my mouth. And I think my forehead might be next. They are more noticeable now during the winter since it is dry, but should I buy a lotion specifically for wrinkles or just a normal moisturizer? What are the harmful side effects of using wrinkle creams too early?

    • ANSWER:
      there are no side effects; or any effects for that matter. wrinkle creams do nothing more than hand lotion or less actually. in order to treat your skin,or any part of yourself, it must come from the inside. like watering a plant. you don’t water the leaves, you water the roots.

    Senior Ladies, is this a problem for you also?
    I have bought different brands of repleneshing face creams, and I have yet to
    find one that really moisturizes my skin and eliminates any dry areas of my skin.
    I have been using a cream by Loriel and it isn’t rich enough, and is more of a
    lotion. I need something that will moisturize the lines around my nose and mouth
    and stop the flakiness of dry skin. I’d like suggestions please.

    • ANSWER:
      I now use Merlot facial cream, it is not greasy and has mostly natural ingredients including grape seed oil, smells delicious too. I buy it at Walgreens store. The Merlot under eye moisturizer is so healthy that it healed up a crack on the side of my lip that I got from eating too many sweet clementine oranges in Morocco. I had some Neosporin but it takes 3 days to heal up good, the eye cream healed them overnight.

    What can I do for DRY SKIN on my FACE?
    I have tried Olay resinol, Lancome products, Vaseline intensive care lotion, Aquafor, udder balm and even cold cream. My skin is so dry. Especially around my lips. My lipstick funs into the little lines all around my mouth. I am on a lot of medicine and cannot change that…it makes me dry anyway. ..dry mouth and skin.

    • ANSWER:
      Carry lotion with you. And once you feel it drying put some on.
      I have the same problem because I have eczema . But I get cream for it.
      You can also moisturize right when you get out the shower or go to your doctor to see what they can give you for something like that. (:

    What is a good face care lotion/cream?
    I have fine lines around my eyes and am starting to see them around my mouth… I don’t mind paying a lot for it, if it actually works. I’m not looking to make the lines disappear, i know that’s probably not possible, I am 38. But to get a softer looking skin is my goal. I’ve looked at oil of olay products, and a few others on the market, but I want to get a good one.

    I would prefer answers from people who have actually seen results in the product they are using. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I asked many women who’s skin I admired, including my mother in law, who had the most beautiful soft skin,
      well into her seventies. It actually was oil of olay, the moisturizer, I’m sixty now, and I easily pass for ten years younger, I don’t even have fine lines, until you get within ten inches. Not too shabby. The fact that its not too expensive is a plus because then you don’t worry about using too much or not being able to find it.
      I also use their cleanser. I use a bit at night and in the morning its not greasy, doesn’t stain, and sinks right in.
      I also use it when I go out and I’m not wearing foundation.
      Its so good the only thing wrong with it is that it lacks snob appeal.

    Am I too young to start using wrinkle cream?
    im 17 and im already getting lines around my mouth =( this makes me very sad im too young for wrinkles!!

    • ANSWER:
      I asked my mum this exact thing but she said not to because wrinkle creams are designed for older skin so it’s not for younger people’s skin types. We have much more sensitive and delicate skin to old people.

    What would you change or delete about this skin care regimen?
    I am 52 years old and look pretty good for my age so I am told. Mostly fine lines and wrinkles in forehead and around eyes, laugh lines around mouth, skin has lost some elasticity. Currently i use Alpha Hydroxy facial cream-8%, Roc Retinol night cream for deep wrinkles, and Q-10 moisturizer. Use the AHA and moisturizer in morning and evening and Retinol product only at night. Are there better products that I should be using? For instance Vitamin C serum? If so, what brand is recommended?

    • ANSWER:

    What would be a good, inexpensive anti-wrinkle cream?
    So I am beginning to get lines around my mouth, eyes and on my forehead. I’d like to invest in good anti-wrinkle cream or lotion, but I don’t want to pay more than about an ounce for the stuff.

    Right now I use Vaseline as my “night cream” and in the day I use Better Botanicals sandalwood lotion. I have some Dove eye cream I occasionally put around my eyes but I am not fond of it — I think just putting the regular lotion around my eyes is as good. But, I think the lotion needs an extra kick of something. Any recommendations?
    By the way, forgot to add, I prefer products without sunscreen because I am allergic to most kinds (makes my skin red and itchy.) I just stay indoors most of the time and wear a big hat when I go outside.

    • ANSWER:
      Nivea visage anti aging cream seems to be pretty good – and it’s only around £5 a pot 🙂

    i need some advice on makeup, skin cream, and cleansers?
    well, here’s the deal. i’m turning 25 years old soon, and i’ve realized latley that my skin just isnt what it used to be. i’ve noticed i’ve started getting dark circles and bags under my eyes, faint smile lines around my mouth, small signs of crows feet, and a little redness around my jaw on my cheeks. i was wondering what were the best makeups, skin creams, and cleaners to use for people with skin that is starting to show signs of aging? i am very fair skinned, and sometimes sensetitive to some skin cleansers and skin cream. i do wear makeup on a daily basis, usually just a little eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and powder.

    since i’m turning 25 soon, i want to start taking good care of my skin. i don’t want to spend a fortune, but i’m willing to spend a little extra so i can take good care of my skin.

    if anybody has any advice on some good cosmetics, or has any “home remedies” please share with me!


    • ANSWER:
      Hi! I’m turning 25 too, and I started paying attention to my skin more when I started to wear make-up (21, when I was earning $ to buy it, LOL). Anyway, for 25 y/olds in general, your skin should still be in it’s “tip-top” shape. I’m not saying that you’re doing something wrong, but it’s really high time to shape your skin up.

      The best home remedy is drinking lots of water. It replenishes the skin and eliminates toxins in the body the natural way. Also, it’s best to quit smoking if you do (it doesn’t really do the body good anyway). Always moisturize. Doesn’t matter if you use cheap-y products. The key is to moisturize everyday. I’ve noticed that my skin got healthier after the first month that I moisturize. It also retards that aging of the skin definitely.

      For myself, I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Moisture Surge for the eyes. I’m not partial to high-end products, it’s just that I loved the effect that Clinique skin care products have on my skin when I first got a tester bottle of their moisturizer and eye cream. But like I said, even if you only buy Avon or Nivea or any other cheaper product, the key is to do it everyday. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Crisco (the vegetable shortening) and how it made their faces smoother significantly. I haven’t tried Crisco on my face, but I have in my feet and it did make a significant change in the way the soles of my feet feel. So, it’s also something you want to look at. Cosmetics wise, I use a lot of MAC, but for skin care, I’m for Clinique all the way 🙂

    Whats the best age defying cream?
    Im only 19 but I’ve been a heavy smoker for 2 years and someone in a cosmetics shops told me I actually have a few lines around my mouth, and when I asked my two best friends later, they said I do have a few but they’re not really noticeable. Also, my boyfriend freaked me out when he said ‘you smoke too much, your skin will be in bits by the time your’re 25.’
    So I’ve decided to finally give up smoking, but I also want to try and repair my skin. Any idea what kind of creams will help with this?

    • ANSWER:
      You should go with Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cream with Beta Hydroxy Complex, 2 Ounce (Pack of 2)

      Case of two 2-ounce jars of facial treatment cream (4 total ounces)
      Enriched with Vitamin E
      Age-defying; salicyclic acid encourages exfoliation and skin renewal
      Cleanses by gently lifting away dirt, oil and make-up
      Packaged in an easy-to-use glass jar

    Whats the best thing for acne?
    I’m 16 and im a red head. My skins sensitive and I get acne on my jaw line and around my mouth. Whats the best thing I can do? ive tried a lot of pimple creams and face washed. Don’t say go to the doctors because that’s not an option for me. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      reduce your stress levels and use toothpaste on them overnight to dry them up

    Is there a non-surgical method to marionette lines on the sides of the mouth?
    I’m 54 and I have minor wrinkles on my face except for what is called “marionette lines” on either side of my mouth. When I smile they disappear into the smile folds, but other than going around with a permanent smile, is there a way to cosmetically hide them? I recall some cream or gel that could be used to hide them temporarily or smooth them over, but this was years ago, and I paid no attention to it then. I now use Revlon Age Defying Precise Wrinkle Eraser under my eyes, and it hides every line completely. I’m not expecting that with the marionette lines, but I would like to at least minimize their appearance. Has anyone found something that works, a cream, a concealer, a gel?

    • ANSWER:
      you could try Anew Deep Crease concentrate by Avon. It really does work wonders. i am an avon rep and my roomate uses it for her frown wrinkles on her forhead and they are almost completley gone. if you dont have an avon rep you can go to to order some or other anew products.

    Questions on face products…& Is Proactive Worth The Money?
    ok here’s my thing I don’t really have acne problems i get zits rarely but my pores look big and they kind of creep me out when im looking close in the mirror also im 25 and I’m noticing faint ( ) laugh lines around my mouth.I’m not currently using any face products or wrinkle creams I just use my dove body wash lol.So my question is What to buy for my pores and my on coming wrinkles? Would proactive work on my pores & is it worth the money every month? & What to buy for these laugh lines?

    • ANSWER:
      Neutrogena has some really good products for pores. I use this pore minimizer cleanser, works really good and it tingles, so you feel it working. I also use Pond’s moisturizer lotion, its a round bottle with a blue top, it’s nice and thick so u can use it when you go to bed or put it on before your make up. My grandma has used it FOREVER and she has beautiful skin for an older woman.

      Hope This helps

    Can anyone tell me a good wrinkle cream alternative to L’orel Wrinkle Decrease Lotion?
    I am in my 20s and have been using L’oreal’s Wrinkle Decrease Lotion for a while just for laugh lines and it also brightens my skin. But I cannot find it anywhere now and fear they have discontinued it. Does anyone know a good wrinkle cream for the above things like fine lines (mainly laugh lines around the mouth) and that maybe brightens the skin and is usable under makeup?

    I have tried the l’oreal cream that is the big container but it is too heavy so I need something that is more thin like a lotion or serum. I would appreciate the help because I don’t know what works and have been into drugstores and scratched my head because I don’t know what actually works and don’t want to waste my money.

    I’m mad because the l’oreal lotion worked so if anyone could tell me what is good for a young person who just needs to diminsh the appearance of fine lines while fighting aging I would be very appreciative. Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Olay Regenesis
      go to:

      Find your perfect product!! Hope i helped

    what should i buy?? i am so confused.?
    ok i am so lost i want to buy something to wear at night (night cream). ok let me start right now i wear nothing and during day my beauty regimen is clinique dramtic lotion ad then loreol foundation (true match) then blush. that’s it i am 23 years old. and i am getting deep lines around my mouth(deep deep). i want something really good that works on keeping your skin nice for aging fine mouth lines. since i have a gift card for macy’s if u can please recommend something sold at macys but its ok if its not, thank u guyssssssss

    • ANSWER:

    What is the cause of this rash around my mouth?
    I’ve noticed that recently I have little bumps on the sides of my chin, like under the corners of my mouth. They aren’t on my lips – in fact, theres almost a line of clear skin right underneath my lips. The bumps are not red or itchy normally, but when I get out of the shower they act up for a few minutes. Normally they’re just little bumps.

    I am using a gentle cleanser and pond’s face lotion, and the rest of my face is fine. I had been using palmer’s scar fade cream for a bit on my chin, and i’m wondering if that’s what caused it.

    any help at all would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      it could be an allergic reaction to something. I get kinda the same thing when i eat tomatoes. That or it could be eczema. My friend had something like that happend to her, she scratched at it like crazy and said that when she went into hot places it felt like ants where biting her.

    Lip balm/cream for specific needs…?
    im looking for a lip balm/cream/ some sort of treatment that will 1)reduce fine lines/wrinkles around mouth 2) plump 3) has spf 15 4) protects from chapping,splitting,drying
    price doesn’t matter
    please suggest the best!

    • ANSWER:
      What you really need is bee luscious cosmetics LIPTOX and LipTox Sheers.

      This lip gloss will promote healthy lips and they will look and be more hydrated. It the most amazing product, make sure you get the bee luscious label to guarantee quality.

    Can I take Ortho tri cyclen and Tretinoin cream at the same time?
    My gynecologist prescribed ortho tri cyclen lo (The Pill) for my breast tenderness, heavy and irregular periods, and for extra help with acne.
    I have noticed that I’m getting fine lines around my mouth (like smile lines. I’m 15 by the way).
    I haven’t started taking the pill yet.
    I’ll start this coming Sunday.
    I have some left over tretinoin cream (topical Retin A cream) that my dermatologist prescribed for my acne. Its a fresh tube, because my mom still refills the prescription so she can use it for wrinkles.

    Would it be ok to take two at the same time?
    The Pill for acne and Retin A for wrinkles?

    And if I was to go in for plastic surgery in a month, would the tretinoin cause complications?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      You should be totally fine taking both of these, and no it should not cause any complications with your surgery. The only thing you should not mix with tretinoin is Benzoyl peroxide. Hope I could help!

    I’m 17 and I’ve got wrinkles plz help?
    My doctor prescribed Duac once daily gel for me when I was 16, I’m 17 now and I’ve noticed that I’ve got fine lines around my mouth when I smile. Why is this happening? The cream can bleach fabrics and my pillow has changed colour after I slept on it while using the cream overnight. This can’t be good for my skin right? Duac is really good and its cleared up my skin but my doctor says I’ll have to use it until I’m about 20. I don’t want to though. Is Olive oil good for acne? Should I use olive oil on my skin overnight instead? What can I do to prevent more wrinkles? HELP ME PLEASE!!! xx

    • ANSWER:

    What is a good anti-wrinkle cream?
    I have lines under my eyes and around my mouth (laugh lines, I think they’re called) and they’re rather unattractive since the rest of my face looks so young. They just make me look tired. I shouldn’t look so tired at 24 years old…

    I want to look good, energetic and youthful for my wedding six months from now. What’s a good (but affordable) product that works?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Sarah,
      How are you? Avon has a wonderful skincare line called ANEW.

    home made anti-wrinkle cream?
    for fine lines around the mouth. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Be gentle with your skin and it will go a long way in keeping it smooth and supple. Gently massage the face with glycerin-honey mixture. Dip a cotton pad in unbeaten egg white, and smooth it across wrinkles. Leave it on for an hour and remove it with a cotton dipped in ice-cold water. Check out for more useful info.

    I smoked for 10 months and just quit a month ago, did I stop any irreparable damage to my skin?
    I’m 22 years old and female, I’m drinking 8 glasses of water a day, using vitamin C ointment, under eye cream, taking vitamins (including fish oil), eating fruits and veggies, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, using sunblock, and am getting a chemical peel. I have some fine lines around my mouth and under my eyes, but they are probably genetic because I’ve been told that smoker’s lines don’t appear right away. When I was younger I was around some secondhand smoke occasionally. I also smoked on and off when I was 20 for a few months but not for any extended period of time… *wheew* sorry I just wanted to give the fullest extent of information I could so that my answer would be informed.. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:

      It is never easy to stop smoking and kick the nicotine habit, but I am glad to hear vanity was your motivation. Too bad more people don’t look at it like you did, not wanting to look old before you time.

      Everyone needs to be motivated to stop smoking, and in women, vanity works best. I know what smoking does to skin, and I can pick out a chain smoker every time, even if they don’t smoke anymore, the damage is obvious to their skin, face full of wrinkles is typical, so I often will point out smokers to my kids to instill in them the added damage of smoking, not just cancer, heart disease and empysema, so good for you for stopping.

      Fortunately, being young is in your favor and you will not have any long term problems since you did not smoke that long, so don’t worry about it, just make sure you don’t start again, no matter what, for each time you do, it becomes ten times harder to stop again.

    Face lotion that: helps with wrinkles, gives skin healthy glow, minimizes pores and helps with dark circles!?
    I know, I know…I’m asking for a lot in one little tube. But I’m on the hunt for the crown jewel of face lotion – something that addresses all of my thirty-something concerns. I need a product that helps with the lines around my mouth, my huge pores, and the dark circles under my eyes…all while making my skin look healthier/glowier. Oh yeah I also get pimples on my chin/t-zone! So something that helps with that too! LOL

    When I google “best face cream” I just find a bunch of people selling their “miracle cure”, but I’d love some real reviews from women who’ve slathered their skin with tons of different products and finally found the ONE that WORKS!

    Currently I use Loreal pore minimizing face wash, close my pores with ponds toner (very gentle – not too harsh), and then lotion up with Ponds nutrients. It works…okay.

    Has anyone out there used a product that works and that they swear by? I don’t care if I have to spend a lot of money, I just want something (or combination of somethings) that works.

    Thanks ladies!!!

    • ANSWER:
      anything from the Artistry Time Defiance line. Check it out at and let me know what you think! If you’d like samples let me know and I’ll send some out to you! I love these products! I’m only 23 so I don’t use the full line on a regular basis but i’ve tried all of the products at least once and have loved them!

    Is this a good skincare regimen for a 15 yr. old?
    This is what I do every morning:
    1.Gently wipe off any leftover eyeliner with Philosophy cleanser.
    2.Rinse off my face with Philosophy cleaner, cold water.
    3. Moisturize with Clinique.

    At night:
    1. Rinse off face with Avon clay cleanser.
    2. Remover mascara/eyeliner with Philosophy cleanser.
    3. Moisturize with Philosophy Hope in a Jar.
    4. Dab on Avon Anew wrinkle/line corrector around eye area.
    5. Dab on Avon Intense Age Defying cream around eye area, forehead, and mouth.

    I know that the anti aging creams aren’t necessary, as I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but I just want to be prepared.

    If there is anything I should add please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      That’s a pretty detailed regimen for a 15 year old, which I’m not opposed to at all. It’s good to see a young person taking care of her skin, for sure. However, honestly you don’t need the anti-aging stuff. I understand where you’re coming from, because at 29 I’ve been more than willing to jump on the anti-aging band wagon for a good 10 years now, but I learned to pace myself for some specific reasons.

      Basically, at this point, you’re wasting your money on anti-aging products because they aren’t going to prevent the signs of aging for you. Your skin is young, and the technology used in anti-aging products is specifically designed to address issues in -aging- skin… at this point you don’t have problems with your skin’s elasticity, ability to build collagen, or cell turn-over. Right now you just need to maintain what your healthy young skin and save the super active stuff for when some of your skins natural abilities wear down. Just putting forth the effort to take care of your skin is going to go a long way towards preventing the signs of aging. Don’t go loading up on the strong stuff until your skin age calls for it.

    Botox and anti-wrinkle cream for a 20-year-old?
    I went on vacation and forgot to moisturize, whoops! Anyway, the last night of my stay I noticed pretty deep lines around the corners of my mouth. I’m 20, and I’m afraid they won’t go away on their own. Will anti-aging cream help, and is it okay for me to use? What about botox?

    • ANSWER:
      oh please do NOT use botox it makes people look SO WEIRD like their plastic or idk just look up botox on google images and im sure youll find that somepeople look really strange
      and since your 20 they will prob go away on your own so maybe go to a dermatologist and wait a while but then if you must you could try anti-aging cream so
      good luck 🙂

    Does anti wrinkle cream really work?
    I heard somewhere that you should start using anti wrinkle cream in your mid 20’s. I have started using an anti wrinkle moisturizer daily, one for the day and one for night. I’m 25. I have always looked pretty young for my age but I’ve started to notice “laugh lines” on the sides of my eyes and around my mouth when I smile.
    Does it really work?
    What is it that makes it work?
    Does it matter what kind I use?

    • ANSWER:
      Some vitamins in the cream make any kind of imperfections blend in and match the face. be patient and over time, it will work.

      hope i helped (:
      xox kerri

    Aging skin at 20???
    I’ve always had fat checks and smile too much. Am starting to have little lines around the eye area, and the skin around my mouth and eye seem to be sagging or droopy lately. I have Melasma and been using strong soaps and hydroquinone creams to get rid of it (they never worked). Was it the creams? i think they also made my skin too soft or thining. i stopped using it will my skin go back to the way it was i mean i just turned 20..i should not have saggy skins or lines. Please help.

    And as for me developing Melasma i got it from acne medications such as neutrogena and proactive that made my skin more sensitive to sun and stupidly did not use sunblock. So i advise you guys not to be stupid as me if your using these creams.

    • ANSWER:
      Because of the lack of sunblock your skin has absorbed the UVB (I think) rays of the sun. Basically these rays age your skin, causing wrinkles, sagging ect. The best solution is to put sunblock on and moisturize. Continue applying the creams if possible.
      But don’t feel bad, as a lifeguard I’ve got lines as well. It happens. Doesn’t mean your getting old, just means you enjoy your sunlight. 🙂

      Oh! I forgot to add! There are blemish oils made from Tee Tree oil. They are very, very helpful! If you look through “Tom’s” stuff that is another option. Both should be available at Whole Foods, and Trader Joes.

    is sleeping on your stomach,face in pillow bad for your face?
    i love sleeping with my face in my pillow,but when i wake i notice that i have puffiness under my eyes that lasts for hours,and that i have i guess frown looking lines,not laugh line which are around the mouth but more down from my nose to the top of my upperlip.i think its cuz i sleep with my pillow in my face,but is the bad,like cant those frown line become permanment.or there creams for this?
    no im not IN THE PILLOW,im on my cheek,duh u can die if you do

    • ANSWER:
      yes, can cause 2 skin damage – acne and premature wrinkling.

      acne – skin can’t breath and gets in contact with pillowcase which contains trapped hair/skin oils and dead skin cells..
      premature wrinkling – because of the unnecessary pulling of skin.

    Best skin cream for wrinkles and texture?
    I am a 41 year old woman. I have always been told that I look young for my age,however, I do have fine lines around my eyes, forehead and mouth. I would like to try to get into a daily skin care routine to help stop or minimize wrinkles, tighten skin and reduce that puffiness and/or darkness under my eyes. Currently I just wash my face with soap and water and use a moisturizer on it in the morning. I don’t have a problem with acne or anything. I have been searching the web for the best anti wrinkle creams and so much comes up that it is hard to decide. I don’t want to have to spend a whole lot on this. I have been looking at Olay but not sure if that works, RoC, and others. I just need some help from people with actual experience in anti aging/wrinkle creams to help me narrow down my choices. I have combination skin and am not allergic to anything. Any advice on this would be helpful as there is so much to choose from and they all say the same thing.

    • ANSWER:
      I have been using Retin-A (Tretinoin) since it was introduced for the treatment of acne. Today I use Neutrogrna products with retinol (a milder form of Retin-A) in them and I hardly look my age – 62. You do have to “use as directed” to prevent superficial burning or redness of the skin. Pretty much, any product with retinol in them should work.

      I don’t have a picture to show you only what others have told me.
      All the Best.

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