Moles On The Soles Of Your Feet? Keep An Eye On Them

If youve discovered moles on the soles of your feet, you may be wondering if youve cause for concern.

That depends on a few things. First of all, while not the most common place for a mole to show up, moles can and do appear on the soles of feet. In fact, moles can show up on just about any part of your dermis (skin), even between your toes and fingers, on your scalp under your hair, your armpits, and in private parts of your anatomy.

Moles usually appear as small, brown spots, often raised a bit from yours skin. But they can be flesh-colored, reddish-brown, dark or medium brown, even blue. Most are oval or round in shape and can be as small as a pinhead or as large as your entire limb (very rare), although most moles are smaller than inch.

You probably have between 10-40 moles on your body. They usually show up by age 20, but if youve had a mole since you were very young and are now approaching or beyond the age of 50, dont be surprised if some of you moles disappear — most moles have a lifespan of about 50 years.

If youre female, you may have noticed moles may change a bit with your hormonal fluctuations; many women, for example, sometimes report an increase in the number of moles and a darkening in their established moles during pregnancy. Adolescent males also may see some changes in their moles.

You also can acquire new moles in midlife, so be vigilant and check your skin regularly because a change in the look, feel and size/shape of a mole can be one of the first sings of skin cancer.

In addition, you should also keep a close eye on large (the size of a closed fist, or larger) moles youve had since birth, as these could increase your chances of acquiring malignant melanoma.

If you notice a change in any mole on any part of your body, including the soles of your feet, you should have a medical professional look it over, as the change could be an indication that you may have cause for concern.

Melanoma, the most serious kind of skin cancer, often start as an abnormal mole. Is the mole painful? Does it itch or burn? Has it changed color, shape or its elevation above your skin? If so, you should definitely have it checked out.

If the changed mole is on the sole of your foot, you may wish to visit a podiatrist. You may want to see a podiatrist even if a mole on the sole of your foot hasnt changed because a mole on that location can become agitated from the friction caused by just your daily living (walking). Changes in a mole, even those caused by an outside force (such as friction), take place at the cellular level. Cancer can occur when your cells change (mutate).

Your podiatrist will help determine if the mole on your sole should be removed. A simple Punch Biopsy in the office can determine if this mole is benign or malignant. This usually takes 10-15 minutes but it can save your life.

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About the Author:
Dr. Alireza Khosroabady is a Fellowship trained foot & ankle surgeon. He did his Surgical training in NY and his fellowship at the Rubin institute for Advanced Orthopedics/International Center for Limb Lengthening at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore with world renowned Orthopedic Surgeons. He is practicing in LA, CA . More information @ you can also request his free book.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Skin peeling off foot. No itch. Any suggestions?
    Well, both of my feet are peeling and it hasn’t stopped for at least 2 weeks. My feet don’t itch and I don’t know what it is. I’ve tried deep moisturizing lotions and putting socks on to no avail. The peeling skin starts to surface once again. Is it fungal or what could it be? One more thing, my little toe at the very end on one of my feet has like a hard crust on it and its yellowish colored >> maybe it’s tied or not. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure about the little toe problem, but if it’s your entire foot peeling, I’m not sure. Otherwise just a little bit of peeling (especially around the big toe and inside of your foot) is normal, nothing to seriously worry about. However, I may suggest seeing a dermatologist.

    The skin on my feet is peeling…no itching?
    The skin on my foot, my toes and the back of my heel is peeling. I don’t have any itching. It only gets red where the skin is off. I wear socks 3 days a week and tennis shoes. I thought that it would help if I wore sandals the other days. I do wear dress shoes to church one day a week. I don’t know what to do. I have put lotion on and it helps temperarily. Is there any permenant fix? Will it quit as winter comes on? Thanks in advance for all help!!

    • ANSWER:
      Try putting vaseline on your feets before bed and then sleep with white socks it will help to mositerizer them.

    I moved to kenya last yr and skin startd peeling off feet n hands. No pain, just dries up n peels,whats this?
    The peeling starts off as black discoloration the size of a dime on the normally chocolate colored feet and fingers (especially index finger). These dont itch, but soon, the discolored skin dries up and starts to come right off, painlessly. I apply foot lotion every day but have not noticed any changes. I have also noticed that this gets worse when the dry season (now, in septemmber) arrives.

    • ANSWER:
      Get some kind of Oil like baby oil or Olive oil and u will see the difference.
      When taking a shower rinse with hot then cold water.
      Soak in olive oil bathes.
      If pain, get some aloe vera.

    Peeling foot skin…?
    Okay.. I don’t know if this is serious or not.. The bottoms of my feet near my toes and on my toes my skin is peeling. It doesn’t hurt, itch, or burn. I can peel it off with no pain either. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to heal it or if I should just let it be..
    Thanks guys! Hopefully it’ll clear up soon.

    • ANSWER:
      Probably just callous (sp?) Anyways totally normal, I have the same problem. I use this device called a ped egg which is like a soft and gentle cheese grater thing for a foot that takes all the callous away. Also wearing socks around the house and moisturizer would help too. Hope I helped! Btw you can get a ped egg at like a cvs/bed bath and beyond

    Bottom of feet peeling? No itching or pain?
    My mom had an outbreak of peeling skin..She’s never had it happen before, She says there’s No itching, or pain but both feet are very peeled. They are peeling pretty bad and she doesn’t know what to do..She doesn’t have diabetes or any known medical problems. What can cause this sudden peeling on both her feet?

    • ANSWER:

    Extreme unidentified itch on the bottom of both feet?
    I’ve recently developed a strange, pestering itch on the exact center of the arches of both of my feet, as well as peeling skin, yet there is no sign as to why the itch is occurring (no discoloration or bumps). At first I though it may be athlete’s foot, but the symptoms don’t seem to match. What could this possibly be?

    • ANSWER:
      Itching of the feet may be due to contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, pompholox (dyshidrotic eczema), tinea (“ringworm”) tinea pedis, (altestes foot), scabies and pororisis.

    The skin between my toes and on the bottoms of my feet are peeling… Why?
    It doesn’t hurt or itch or burn, unless I peel the skin too deeply, and there’s no discoloration so I don’t think I’ve got Athlete’s foot. They started peeling around a week ago, and the skin just keeps coming off–it reminds me of the way a sunburn peels. It’s summer and hot, so I wear socks/boots maybe once or twice a month, otherwise I wear those little bendy flats or sandals/flip flops, so it’s not from my feet sweating and stay wet or whatever. I haven’t been at the pool or a public shower since last year, so it wouldn’t be from that. I put lotion on everyday, so I don’t think that it’s because my feet are too dry…

    Any ideas?
    Just to clarify: it’s the skin between all my toes, not just the big ones. My sandals I normally wear are really strappy, like gladiator sandals, so my feet are mostly exposed. My flats are thin enough that I can feel a breeze through them, and I never notice my feet sweating, though I pay attention to it now.

    • ANSWER:

    Constant peeling hands and feet?
    Every day of my life since I can remember my hands and my toes have been peeling.
    No blisters, no marks, just a thin layer of skin peels off.
    The patches of “dead skin” are everywhere on the palm of the hand.

    When I take a shower, they itch like CRAZY especially my feet.
    I take cold/warm showers so I know it’s not the water burning the surface of the skin.

    What is this?

    • ANSWER:

      These are my thoughts of what might be happening – I have not been educated to be an M.D. – just a lifelong learner.

      What I have learned is that my stresses have oftentimes caused me to do things or to eat things or to inhale things that have more toxins in them, or that have weakened my immune system, like drinking and eating caffeine chocolate or high carb foods and sweets.

      It sounds like the malady may be a result of an allergic reaction to something that is toxic to the liver/kidneys. IF it is you might then notice that when one gets hot – then a rash or itching will sometimes occur since the toxins are sweating out of one’s system onto an area of the skin that may be weaker and more easily irritated-inflamed.

      ALSO whenever one’s immune system has become weakened the other problem can easily become a bacteria-fungus i.e. ringworm and/or yeast infection thrush, but it is hard to tell what the root causes may be without seeing and learning the details about what one has been eating breathing and applying to the skin. SEE <> <> Monistat 7 will likely kill any fungus in a few days and better micro-nutrition will keep it killed and will also strengthen one’s liver lymph and kidney systems to be able to better handle both an allergic reaction AND/OR bacteria-fungus outbreaks with less suffering in the future.

      IF you think it may be an allergic reaction – although it may be a difficult process – try to identify the triggers from cosmetics meds nuts milk grains other-foods chlorine-water-in-showers smoke perfume moldy-smells laundry-cleaners etcetera by discontinuing them until the symptoms stop and then beginning them again to see how the body reacts. If one is like me one may start to see allergies to many things because the root problem for me was a severely weakened liver from too many nutritional supplements that were toxic and I never knew it until it was almost too late.

      After several months of pruritus Urticaria with blisters and skin fevers primarily at the back of my knees and thighs sometimes when I got warmer, that had begun during the colder months of November inside a gas heated low humidity home, I have identified enough of my own triggers to allow my legs to heal with only a super-minimal amount of coconut cream cut with de-chlorinated water rubbed over my skin and a minimal number of full body showers.

      After several applications my lymph glands have become severely allergic to petrolatum products that are similar to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and common sense has now taught me that any petroleum products should always become toxic to anyone’s kidney and liver with repeated applications. I had flare-ups immediately after I had applied organic olive oil so I eventually changed to minimal amounts of coconut oil after I had used a minimal amount of a petrolatum steroid for a few days to allow my legs to heal up. I also have flareups when I eat over 150 calories of nuts and/or milk fats and/or oils, but these usually flare up about three hours after eating them, but the olive oil always took about five to thirty minutes to begin itching.

      Skin diseases can always return again and again and again and can get much much worse over time if they are not resolved. Soo I would strongly encourage you to seek out a ‘good’ doctor or a ‘good’ nurse and s/he will make a knowledgeable medical diagnosis and thoroughly explain the causes preventions and solutions much better than anyone on Yahoo_Answers could do without being able to see you personally.

      Also, to know how difficult or easy it should be for a doctor to make a ‘good’ diagnosis – I encourage you to also become a ‘good’ medical diagnostician from your doctor’s advice and your own research through Yahoo_Answers and via browser searches.


      * an allergic reaction to ‘toxins’ in one’s food or skin applications or meds or air (i.e. molds or smoke or vapors) etc.
      <> <>

      * fungal bacterial = thrush yeast_infection jock_itch ringworm impetigo etc.
      <> <>

      * viral = Measles Smallpox Shingles Hand,_foot_and_mouth_disease etc.
      <>,_foot_and_mouth_disease <>

      * parasitical = scabies_mite lice chiggers mosquitos ants etc.
      <> <>

      * inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut = pellagra scurvy beriberi rickets etc.
      <> <>

      * also other treatments for various skin eruptions
      <> <>

      * either sun or hormonal or stress related or a combination of the above that make it difficult to find a definite single cause since there are multiple causes at the same time
      <> <>

      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>

      I truly hope what you learn will help you to decide on the correct choices that will remedy your painful experience of pruritus-itching and rashes in the future.

      My best to you and yours,

      AI – a self taught nutritionIsT ><+>[(-:]

      PS – IF you are interested, I feel I have become a quasi-expert on rashes and pruritus itching after many years of off and on flare ups due to my own nutritionally related asthma and gallbladder disease that ‘continued’ to become heart disease and T2 diabetes and then non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with either PBC or PSC. So you are not alone. Many many people suffer from pruritus and I have learned very late in my own disease(s) that when it is nutritionally related most doctors do not tell their patients that inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut and liver ‘might’ be the root cause and the best solution, and is also the most likely cause to the pruritus and liver diseases that are currently overwhelming our American culture. So to do my part to make a difference in the world I now take a little time each week to help others understand why better micro-nutrition absorption in the gut is so important, and I have posted much of my own story via the link at: <> <>. I hope you will have learned something today from my own mistakes and would not duplicate them – please pass on what you will learn from your own malady to your family friends neighbors and acquaintances. My best to you and yours. AI – nutritionIsT ><3>[(-:]

    How to stop chronic itching on bottom of feet?
    My friend has this constant itching on the bottom of her feet that feels like it is itching beneath the skin. It happens every single day, especially at night, for the many years now. From appearance, it seems like there is nothing wrong her feet. She has no blisters, no peeling skin, or discoloration. She tried all kinds of rememdies and over the counter medications for anti-itching but the itch always comes the next day. I don’t think it’s from anything that she ate because it happens everyday. I also don’t think its the type of shoes she wears because she is a stay at home mom who rarely goes out. Does anyone know if there is a name for this symptom or what else could be causing it?

    • ANSWER:
      firstly- tell her to go to her dr!!!

      it sounds to me that she probably has a fungul infection. Try somthing like lamisil cream once a day for 2 weeks or canestan cream 3 times a day for 2 weeks.
      use an antifungal powder in her shoes.
      all these items are avalible from your chemist/drug store

      most itchiness of feet is caused by fungal infections, which can show little other symptoms.

      as another answerer said- it also could also be psychological, but perhaps not. itchiness is a common symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder…

    Why does the skin on the bottom of my feet peel every few months?
    No itching or discomfort, they just peel for a few days and then go back to normal.

    • ANSWER:
      dry skin? or maybe change in weather.
      i have that kinda problem too, my feet do not peel, but they get really dry. What i do is every day after taking a shower i apply almond oil or any foot cream on that area, it gets better within a few days, but if i discontinue, it repeats. so i just do it every day whether or not i have dry skin. also i make sure i don’t walk barefoot a lot, either flip flops or socks. this should work for u too.

    Peeling, itchy hands and feet?
    Recently the skin on the top of my feet and the palms and fingers on my hands has become extremely itchy and started to peel. I used some dry skin moisturiser and the skin on my feet cleared up and are good as new, but it didnt work on my hands. I went to the doctors and she gave me steroid cream (for use on echzma) which just made it worse.

    Now ive stopped useing it but the condition of my hands just keeps getting worse and is now peeling so much its bleeding. I’ve looked back at products i could have used but theres nothing i have used that i havent used before.

    The skin seems to get thicker and itch then peel off so much it bleeds. Theres no red rash, its still normal skin colour. Any ideas or help would be greatly appriciated as i am getting worried as my skin is getting so thin now.
    Theres no blisters either, just the peeling skin.
    Theres also nothing i have used recently that i havent used before that would cause it to be an allergic reaction.

    • ANSWER:
      Most people underestimate the complexity of skin conditions. The skin happens to be an organ, just as the heart or kidneys are organs. In fact, the skin is the largest organ of the body!

      The condition you describe is actually a symptom. And as is often the case, many diseases share many of the same symptoms. And while some family doctors might have an idea of the problem, you are probably better off seeing a specialist in diseases of the skin known as a dermatologist.

      The problem you describe could be caused by a simple allergy (a contact dermatitis), eczema, an infection, or something entirely different. Take pictures of your hands and feet when they are at their worst. Bring these with you when you see the dermatologist. I am willing to bet he or she will be able to help you.

    I am a male and have my left nipple itching with skin peeling off why?
    It has been few weeks that I started noticing a lil of itchyness on my left nipple, then it got worst, I starting to apply more lotion so the itchyness would go away but then skin started cracking and eventually getting dry til I was able to peel it off, only on the upper part of my nipple gets like that, the bottom part is just normal, I applied lotion and antifungal lotion (it was for feet tho) and try no to scratch it but is not getting any better, still the same, what could be the reason of this? is it something serious? Can’t really afford a dermatologist visit so any advice would be very helpfull.

    • ANSWER:

    Why are my feet peeling?
    For the past couple months my feet have been peeling. I keep exfoliating and moisturizing but they won’t stop. There are no other symptoms, doesn’t itch, doesn’t hurt or anything. It’s just the skin on the bottom of my feet which has always stayed really smooth and soft. I take hot baths, but I have always done that, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I have issues with staying hydrated and get chapped lips easily so maybe that has something to do with it?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor! Im not really good with this type of stuff,, ;(

    Skin Peeling ONLY On Toes?
    I’m 14 and the skin on my toes is peeling off. Its not on the soles of my feet or on my fingertips, JUST THE TOES. There’s no itching, cracking, swelling etc. but my feet do smell a bit.

    I’ve tried moisturising them every day and night, but it doesnt seem to help. My mum told me to put Sudocreme on them before bed, but that doesnt help it either.

    If its any help; I had Athletes Foot a few months ago, but it cleared up quickly because it wasnt serious.

    Please help, it looks and feels disgusting =(

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possibly just because your feet are sweating, so the dead skin begins peeling off. Get it checked anyway just as a precaution, but I think the main solution would be to try and air your toes and much as possible.

    PEELING SKIN?! but no sunburn…?
    I’ve had no sunburn whatsoever, but my skin is peeling badly. It started on my feet, but it was very little. Then it moved up on my right leg. It’s basically peeling around my calves, the front AND back. It seemed to slowly move up my leg now it’s near my knees. Just today, my LEFT leg started doing the same thing! 🙁 It’s basically like white, thin layers and i’m trying not to peel them, but i’ve been putting lotion and stuff on it, which gets rid of the peeling skin, but then i look again shortly after and its BACK. I was googling stuff and thought maybe it was a skin disease (curable hopefully!!) but most of them involved itching or pain with it. I’m not in any pain or itchy. I’m just so confused and want it to go away. Since it’s Saturday I can’t make it to the Dermatolgist for a few days, which is why i’m asking here in case anyone else had a similar thing happen to them.

    Thanks so much for any help in advanced!!

    Nichole: It’s not even noticable unless you’re looking extermely carefully..

    • ANSWER:

    shedding skin on feet :(?
    i have heck of alot of shedding skin on my feet. they look like a snake trying to shed its skin. it doesnthurt, it isnt red, doesnt itch. i play 2 hours of soccer everyday and i know its not my cleats or socks because i just got new both of those.if i i peel the flap of skins coming od i can get like an inch of shin off my foot. itd discusting i know. so what the heck is it? ive used tinactin, and no affect. HELP PLEASE
    my feet and i will be very greatful 😀

    • ANSWER:
      They are probably just very dry. Try putting on lotion and then socks over them to keep them moist at night. That’s what did the trick for me 🙂

    I think I have eczema,but all I know it’s a skin issue and only on the bottom of my feet and my fingers?
    and it starts as dry like blisters (or an irritation that is really itchy) then if i itch those areas it peels the skin away. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just gross. after the skin is peeled away it doesn’t grow back. after a while, the open sores begin to be painful. (one spot has been that way for over 2 months and that’s about when this all developed (and really appeared out of no where.) I did go to a dermatologist about this and he took some samples of my skin and said it was eczema but that was before my skin peeled off of my fingers in areas. What could this be? (i am going to a doctor very soon)

    • ANSWER:
      It IS eczema. Eczema goes through stages. I have been fighting it for the past 2 years. A dermatologist is going to give you steroid creams which thin the skin. It will give some relief and get some control. But you will see it come back. Mine started out on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. Now I have spots on legs and back as well.
      Try to find out what your triggers are. Mine are warm humidity, cows milk, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, eggs. Also mold, and dust. And the big one… STRESS.
      Try eliminating one common trigger at a time. Use a quality moisturizer that is chemical free and fragrance free. Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, mostly veggies. Take a quality supplement. I use something called Frequensea. It has essential oils in it to help the skin and all the nutrients my body needs to maintain a good energy and health level. It also relieves itching when spread on itchy spots and it is natural organic and or clean.
      Fill in also with Vit E and Lots of probiotics. There are several quality essential oils that can be useful as well.
      Be careful with those and avoid the ones that say for external use only, as they are not true theaputic oils and could cause more harm. I have had that happen.
      I use Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium, Rosemary, Oregano, Guardian Blend, Defense Blend, and Spice of Life Blend.
      And Lots of probiotics. Your skin shows what your digestive systme is doing. Probiotics and food enzymes will help heal the digestive and intestinal tract.
      Hope this helps.

    How can I prevent athletes foot?
    Ok, so I have VERY sweaty feet and I cant change my socks or shoes during the day because I’m at school. It really annoys me though. I could be in a cool room, my “none sense” socks on, with my converse or nike’s and my feet are sweaty as crap.

    I think that I’m already getting athletes foot, because multiple times a day, my sweaty foot, rubs against my sweaty sock and then it burns! There are no blisters on my feet, my feet arent red, my foot skin isnt peeling, its just that my feet itch a bit and it burns when my foot rubs against my sock.

    Is there anyway to prevent it? Or at least make my feet sweat less?

    • ANSWER:
      The trick is to get air circulation to your feet and in between your toes – as much and as often as possible. Make sure your socks are cotton so they’ll absorb moisture. Wear sandals. Take off your shoes and socks, if possible, between classes, maybe walking barefoot in the grass. Dry your feet VERY well after showering, etc. The fungus thrives in warm moist places.

      Keep an eye out for the first sign of athletes foot because it it goes untreated it can cause onychomychosis (fungal nail infections) or spread to your groin when you get dressed, causing jock itch.

      Athletes foot has been around – and cured – with natural and home remedies for centuries before products were available to buy in stores.

      You can soak your feet for 10 minutes, once or twice a day, in a solution of one part vinegar to three or four parts water.

      There are many anti-fungals besides “store-bought” creams that work well for athletes foot and jock itch – and are easily available, many of them common kitchen products.

      Here’s a link to a page that tells you what they are and how to use them – and they work for athletes foot, ringworm and jock itch:


    I have a chronic itch on one toe. How to heal it?
    This itch is always on the small toe of my right foot; it hasn’t spread to anywhere else even though this has been going on for months. I’ve tried foot powder (including anti-fungal), Benadryl spray, hydrocortizone, and I even followed one suggestion to soak my foot in white vinegar. Nothing seems to cure it. The area looks normal: no redness or peeling skin.

    • ANSWER:

    Cracking, peeling skin on fingers and palms?
    Im 21 years old, female, I Just moved from California where I lived for 3 years back to Michigan in the middle of winter, I moved back in November of 2009. About 3 weeks ago the skin on my right palm starting peeling, its now moved to all but my pointer finger on my right hand, the peeling/cracking starts at my fingernail and stops at the first crease of my fingers, more less where your fingerprints are 🙂 its also spread to my left hand but not as bad, its all but my pointer finger on my left hand, same deal with the right but its not on my palm. I haven’t tried any new lotions, new foods, or anything new that would make my skin react this way. I have tired numerous things and its not getting better. I have tried corn huskers lotion, cortizone 10, and anti itch lotion. Today I went to the local pharmacy and asked he looked at my hands and he told me that it looked like ringworm, I looked up ringworm and my hands look nothing like the pictures i saw, but he sent me home with Miconazole Nitrate Cream (Antifungal cream for athletes foot). If you have any suggestions please let me know, also we do have hard water here, but the water has never irritated my skin before, I lived in Michigan for 17 years born n raised same house, then moved to California for about 3 years and then moved back. I don’t know my hands really hurt tho, please if anyone knows anything help me out 🙂 thanks, Also I have never had this problem with my hand peeling and cracking this way, this is the first time and its pretty severe. I have no insurance and im not doing anything new outside of my normal activitys.

    • ANSWER:
      This happens to my father-in-law’s hands, more so in the winter months. Try covering your hands in Aquaphor, and wear gloves when you go to bed (like gardening gloves). That will help lock in some moisture and hopefully help heal up your hands! =)

    What the hell is wrong with my feet?!?!?
    So I have no idea what is wrong with my feet…. It was as if I got a mosqeeto bite on it one night awhile back I thought.. and it was itchy well then it just kept getting worse and itching so bad I can’t stop and can’t even sleep through the itching? Now I keep getting the bumps on both feet and only on the bottoms? I thought ok maybe I have athletes foot. I have no idea how I wouldn’t have gotten althelets foot unless maybe my husband had it. But I read that althele’s foot makes your skin peel and my skin isn’t peeling at all. They just get hot and itch like crazy and lil red bumps… any idea what the hell is wrong with my feet??? I’m about ready to cut them off!
    Is there anything over the counter for foot fungus? I haven’t been barefoot except for in my own home and nothings changed also my husband said theres nothing wrong with his feet or my sons either.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like some kind of fungus infection. You can get it anywhere – walking around in bare feet in a shoe store, at the pool, at the beach, in a hotel room. Try some of the over-the-counter foot fungus remedies. If that doesn’t help go to your doctor and he/she may refer you to a podiatrist.

    What’s wrong with my hands? My palms are peeling skin? ?
    This morning I woke up and noticed my hands (usually being very soft) were very ruff. I turned onthe light and found from the bottom of my pal to he tops of my fingers all the son was peeling. Not like sunburn peel but like atheletes foot. This is only on the side of my palm, not the side with my nuckles. I have no pain, it doesn’t itch and I didn’t resently start using any new lotion, soap, ect. But last nght my sister complained of he same thing and she still has it, I got it over night, it wasn’t there before so we have the same thing. What is it and how do we get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      They’re dry, lotion will get rid of it.

    Skin is peeling on my toes, could it possibly be athletes foot?
    This sounds a bit gross I know, but I was in a rush one morning and just slipped on my shoes and ran my errands that needed to be done for the day, without socks. I normally never do this but I was too much in a rush I suppose. Anyways, so when I take off my shoes I noticed that the skin was peeling on my big toe on the bottom. I peeled it off with no pain or problem. Then gradually throughout this week the rest of my toes started to peel.

    I have no itching or burning on my toes. Just peeling. Are there any home remedies to cure this?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is. If you use an antibactrea soap from now on when you shower it will help take it away and if you keep useing that kind of soap you wont get it again

    The top of my toes are red and peeling in places, HELP?
    The top of the last 2 toes (my pinky toe and the one before it) are peeling on the top. There is a red circle of dead skin, it does not itch, it is just ugly. I have pale skin…The side of my feet have been peeling since the beginning of summer. The skin that is peeling there is very thick. Also the balls of my feet are peeling, they always have ever since I can remember. And the very tips of my toes have very very tiny circles of dead skin. Nothing is happening IN BETWEEN my toes. Just mostly on the bottom and side and tops of 2 toes. I have no idea what this is. I do not wear socks often. I have been putting hydrocortisone on the areas and it goes away, comes back, goes away, comes back. I am 17 years old.

    • ANSWER:

    Ive been itching severly and idk what it is…?
    For the past 4 months, I’ve been itching horrible. It first started with my feet, it proceeded to climb up my legs and its now reached my shoulders. My doctor has given me cremes, pills and everything else. It cleared up for a few days and then it comes back, I have trouble sleeping at night because I spend a lot of time itching. There is also a couple red bumps at the base of my penis head and on the top part of my penis shaft. The bumps look like they want to form a boil but then scab up.. I peel the scab off and it forms another one and it itches. Under my scrotum there also forms a couple of bumps that itch horribly. I can’t take this anymore… On my skin there is no rash, it just itches.. but when I itch skin peels off and forms scabs. I’m extremely embarassed to wear shorts because of my legs. This has never happened before and I’m 16 male. Please help.

    • ANSWER:

    So I have a rash near the groinal/teste area. PLEASE HELP!!?
    (16 year old male) So a week or so ago I had some lump near anus but they went away with some desitin cream. Now I developed an itch on the left teste. I scratched it and it got worse. The rash spread to the left of the teste. It looks like your feet when your skin peels. But it was obviously red like a rash and was itchy. It wasn’t a massive itch but annoying. So it sort of spread to the other side but not completely. Sometimes I scratched the teste and I felt like scaly and chapped but I’m guessing it was because I scratched it. At one point it sort of felt like tiny needles poking at teste but that was for like an hour.And then it happens to the right teste but to a lesser extent. Called my doc, got some cortisone and it worked great. The itch is gone but the teste are still red, more the left than the right but no itch and the skin peeling stopped and it getting better. There no pain but I’m just worried. No itch, no needle feeling, just reddnes. Oh and I’m 16 and I have NEVER had sex before. So what now? What could it be? Cancer? PLEASE HELP.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like “jock itch”.
      Go to Walmart and get some Tinactin and spray your junk according to the directions on the can.
      And keep your boys dry and let the air get to ’em after showering.

      And speaking of being 16 and eventually having sex, if you keep your goodies cool you’ll get more wigglers which you’ll want AFTER you get married.

    Do I have Athlete’s Foot or another type of Infection?
    I’m not sure what I have. The skin between my toes (especially between my last toes) is peeling, when I touch it it feels damp and if I scratch it some skin peels off and it itches. I can feel the old skin and the new skin growth under it. I’ve done research on Athlete’s Foot and for some reason I’m not convinced that it is what I have. My foot is not dry and there is no other place were it is itchy. I think that it is the result of damp feet and the skin is just peeling, but how can I know if it is more serious?

    • ANSWER:

    Foot problem?
    The other day, I washed my feet FIVE times and I noticed that they smelled like mold… Around and between my toes, the skin is peeling. Now there are other places on the bottom of my feet that are peeling. My feet don’t itch and it’s not warts… But regardless of whether I wash my feet or not, they stink worse than they normally would and they look dirty [as though I’d been walking around barefoot all day] and they continue to peel. A few parts actually look like cuts in my foot while other parts are more rounded off.

    Like I said, my feet don’t itch, they aren’t red, there are no warts or bumps of any kind. Does anybody know what’s wrong and how I can fix it?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a fungal infection of some sort. Probably atheletes feet. You will need to see your MD. Remember to dry your feet thoroughly after you get out the shower. Moist environments bread germs. I would also suggest that if you wear any shoes barefoot, disinfect them.

    2 years later, still have athletes foot!
    My physician had prescribed a prescription strength anti-fungal with clotrimazole, and I used it twice per day for many weeks. There were 3 refills, and I used them too. This was 2 years ago, and no major improvement. It doesn’t itch, it is just that the skin is peeling under the foot close to the toes on one foot, and on the heel on another foot. I went back to my new physician now, and he prescribed the same lotion. So, I’m doing it twice a day again. I’m also soaking the feet, and using a pumice stone to try to scrub off the peeled skin. I wash my feet very well with soap between the toes, and dry them between the toes with a seperate towel. I put the lotion on my feet before putting my socks on in the morning. Then, at night I put the lotion on again after washing and drying my feet, and put white cotton socks on over it (to keep the lotion on while I sleep).

    I know this is alot. But, I just don’t see why it’s not going away. The lotion he gave me is by prescription, so I assume it’s stronger than the lotion you can buy over the counter . Do the shoes have to be somehow disinfected too?

    p.s- I have a perfectly intact immune system (no hiv or other immune issues), no diabetes, and no heart problems. Circulation to the feet is fine.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, this may sound gross and weird, but to cure my athlete’s foot the lotions never worked, I peed on my feet in the shower. Something about the pH in urine kills the tinnea pedis. I would suggest cleaning your shower/bath tub and getting new shoes

    Need help with skin condition please?
    Ooookay… so about 3 months ago I noticed small red bumps on the bottoms of my feet when I was in the shower. Also, my hands felt gritty when I rubbed them while they were wet. There was a sensation like there was something covering my hands. A couple hours later I noticed I had small raised blisters on the palms of my hands and on the sides of my fingers. I also notice I had small red bumps on my arms, chest, back, and legs; just about everywhere. I assumed it was an allergic reaction and decided to wait it out. After 2 days it didn’t get any better so I went to urgent care. The doctor that examined me thought it was strep since it was a fine, sandpaper-like rash. He did a quick strep test and a throat culture, both of which came back negative, but he put me on an antibiotic and prednisone. The red bumps went away in about a week, but the skin on the bottoms of my feet was thick, bumpy, and it itched. After a couple more weeks my feet hadn’t gotten any better and my hands were scaling, so I went back to urgent care. The doctor that looked at my feet agreed that it was athlete’s foot and gave me clotrimazole cream. I used the cream for a month or so on my hands and feet and it didn’t see to help. At this point, my feet were starting to peel really bad. Also, I would get itchy all over my body at times, especially when I was under stress or if I was warm. About a month after all this had started, I developed the worst case of dandruff I’ve ever had, and my face and ears were peeling. I went in to see a dermatologist who did nothing more than look at my feet and my face. He seemed to think it was more likely some type of psoriasis or eczema than a fungal infection. My concern was my family. I have a 8 month old baby at home and I didn’t want to pass a fungal infection on to her, but this doctor made it sound like fungal infections were no big deal. He said wherever there are people, there is fungus and 50% of people who are exposed to it get it and have it for life, and the other 50% are immune to it. He prescribed me triamcinolone acetonide cream to use on my face (once a day for 2 weeks) and on my feet (twice a day for a month). The dandruff and face/ear peeling did go away and after a month my feet look a lot better, but they still itch and I still get that itching sensation all over. It seemed like it was getting better for a while, then about a week ago I had a flair-up and I now have a couple small circular rashes on my wrists and my forearm. The rashes are not perfectly circular, nor are they ring-shaped, so I don’t think it’s ringworm. The dermatologist also had me use AmLactin, as he suspected my itching may be due to dry skin from the cold weather, even though he said my skin doesn’t look dry. I have been using that and it doesn’t seem to help. I am done with the dermatologist and still don’t really know what’s wrong with me. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Get a different opinion from a different doc. You could have a nutritional deficiency– try doing a healthy diet… Also, make sure you use beauty products for healthy skin and use hypoallergenic laundry detergent…

    Hi can I use athlete’s-foot screm on the skin effection?
    Hi in my left hand, in the bottom of my pinkie & index finger, I think is a skin rash that has tiny blisters & peeled skin that is giving me itching,burns, & ticklish. I have no idea in God name I got his but it doesn’t look that bad but still is very annoying & gross to have one. I search in Google that it might be a fungus,rash, or biotic affection. I went to the Pharmacy & those darn young employee’s can’t help of which proper cream do I need to buy but right now, should I use my athlete’s-foot lotion on my skin? I do not have insurance to see a doctor or pay to see a doctor. Please let me know of which type of cream or lotion I need. Thank you. ;(
    P.S. I did not pop the blisters. For some reason they got pop that it leave watery skin. I did wash my hands & wipe them with a clean napkin but it still shows watery skin.
    P.S. I could NOT find “Antibacterial Cream” in the Pharmacy store.
    To F M,

    Dude that’s my girlfriend & I’m a guy! Ok I’m going to change my avatar!

    • ANSWER:

    What might cause super-intense itching INSIDE my feet and hands, with no rash at all?
    It’s been going on for months, and usually occurs at night. Cortisone cream provides some relief, but not much. It doesn’t seem to be a skin condition, though, as there is no peeling, flaking, bumps, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds to me like either a nerve or circulation issue. Please see your doctor.

    Foot tattoo isnt peeling?
    i got my foot tattoo 15 days ago and it hasn’t peeled yet. When i run my finger over it, i can feel the rough skin, but everything on there still feels so tight. When i got it done, i was on penicillin and weither that affected it or not, it has healed well right from the start. No redness, only a couple days of itching which has ended now. Is there at any point i should worry that the rough skin hasnt peeled back??

    • ANSWER:
      No, tattoos heal differently on different people and also on different parts of the body. you have no reason to worry. some tattoos take weeks to heal, or longer, but some can almost fully heal w/out peeling in as little as a week. dont stress, itll be okay.

    The Sole of my Foot sloughs and peels big thick pieces of skin…What can heal this???
    For two years now..the bottom of my Right foot sloughs and peels big thick pieces of skin..making the skin tender and sore beneath..When foot gets moist or turns milky white in color as if it sucked up the water like a sponge. Then about 45 minutes later it turns rock hard…and i find it burns as if on fire and itches intensely at times..the areas where skin sloughed deep feel like when you have a hangnail ripped off…but X10!!! I have to limp at times b/c it hurts to walk on it.

    Four podiatrists and Three dermatologists have thrown their hands up…with no clue what this is. A punch biopsy..test of a 4mm deep piece of skin revealed nothing. I’ve tried antibiotics antifungals, streriod creams, tea tree oil..with no success..

    Help!!!! I need some ideas…my job as a nurse requires me to be on my feet 8hours..all the more reason to correct this.. Thanks in advance for any suggestions..

    • ANSWER:
      it might be a mix of athlete’s foot and plantar warts?

    Blister spots on infants feet?
    My 17 mo old daughter has spots on the soles of her feet that look like popped blisters although she never had blisters. There was only 1 spot on 1 foot, now there’s one on the other and the bottom of her toes are starting to peel flaky skin. She doesn’t suffer from any other ailments (has energy, happy, eats wonderfully, no fever etc). But something weird, a little while ago, my 4 yr old son was itching his fingers and he said that he cut them. When I looked at them- all of his finger tips were peeling skin bad! My sons fingers have since helaed w/ a little hyrdo chortisol cream. Any ideas as to what this is?

    • ANSWER:
      Could be ”hand, foot and mouth’.
      Check the insides of their mouths for small blisters too.
      Sometimes children get this, and it clears up by itself.

      Might not be…just an idea due to the areas of your children affected.


    Do I have athlete’s foot?
    I have the peeling skin on my feet… but that’s it.
    No redness, or itching, what is it?
    And how do you THINK I got it, my house is very clean, therefore I normally go barefoot in it except in winter – i wear socks. So I don’t know how I could have got… whatever I have.
    It’s not yellow at all

    • ANSWER:

    What is wrong with my toe?
    I’ve had some pain in the little toe of my left foot for a few weeks, I had thought this was down to sitting cross-legged so sitting on my little toe and squishing it. But today I was looking and there’s something weird between my little toe – it looks like a circle of dead skin with a hole in the middle.

    I’ve tried getting rid of the skin but it’s not really dead, but the hole is quite deep and continues under this bit of skin so things could get in and cause problems – there’s no redness and no sign of infection or anything either. I’m thinking it may be athlete’s foot but that normally causes itching and peeling skin, not this, so not sure it is athlete’s foot.

    I’ve put athlete’s foot cream on it and covered it up with a plaster, but it’s now hurting more and sort of burning. What is this??
    Yes, it looks a little like a burst blister only there was no blister there…the skin is also thick around the hole rather than thin as it tends to be with blisters. No puncture either.

    • ANSWER:
      From the description of the “hole”, it sounds like an infection of a puncture wound, scratch or blister of some sort. Just because it is not inflamed, does not rule infection – fungal, bacterial or viral!
      Your best bet would be to consult a doctor about it if the pain continues. Best of luck!

    Why did soaking my feet in tea make the tops of them swell?
    I have had a problem with my feet sweating and the skin on the bottoms of them cracking and peeling for a while now. It’s not athlete’s foot and it doesn’t itch. So, I decided to try the natural remedy of soaking my feet in tea. I did this just a few moments ago. At first it just tingled a little bit…nothing major or painful. Just a little tingle.

    Then, the tingle stopped. After I’d had them in the tea for about 5 minutes, I noticed that the tops of my feet (right above my toes) was really puffy and swollen. It doesn’t hurt or anything, and I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t looked at my feet and thought ‘Oh my god, my feet are not that fat!’ (ha)
    My toes aren’t swollen and no other part of my feet are, just the tops.

    Is there any reason this would have happened?
    I used Lipton tea, three bags to about six cups of water.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you had an allergic reaction to the tea soak. Also sounds like you may have calluses; a moisturizing cream might help that.

    Does this sound like symptoms of athletes foot?
    I took my shoes and socks off today after the gym and i noticed the top skin on the top of my toenails was slightly peeling. And i had a blister under one of my feet, but theres no itching. Can this be athletes foot or would it have to itch to be athletes foot?

    • ANSWER:
      What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

      The symptoms of athlete’s foot typically include various degrees of itching and burning. The skin may frequently peel, and in particularly severe cases, there may be some cracking, pain, and bleeding as well. Some people have no symptoms at all and do not know they have an infection. Hope I helped!

      What does athlete’s foot look like?

      Athlete’s foot may look like red, peeling, dry skin areas on one or both soles of the feet. Sometimes the dry flakes may spread onto the sides and tops of the feet. Most commonly the rash is localized to just the soles of the feet. The space between the fourth and fifth toes also may have some moisture, peeling, and dry flakes.

      There are three common types of athlete’s foot.

      1. soles of the feet, also called “moccasin” type

      2. between the toes, also called “interdigital” type

      3. inflammatory type or blistering
      Unusual cases may look like small or large blisters of the feet (called bullous tinea pedis), thick patches of dry, red skin, or calluses with redness. Sometimes, it may look like just mild dry skin without any redness or inflammation.

      Athlete’s foot may present as a rash on one or both feet and even involve the hand. This is a very common presentation of athlete’s foot. Hand fungal infections are called tinea manuum. The exact cause of why the infection commonly only affects one hand is not known.

      Athlete’s foot may also be seen along with ringworm of the groin (especially in men) or hand(s). It is helpful to examine the feet whenever there is a fungal groin rash called tinea cruris. It is important to treat all areas of fungal infection at one time to avoid re-infection.

    itchy skin rash. help?
    it started off just itching, but now it has expanded, this rash is on the side of my face expanding to part of my right ear, the area is red and it can get quite itchy, the skin peels off in full pieces. A pharmasist recommended me antifungal cream like used on athelthes foot. I have used this for couple weeks and no sing of recovery..i cant see a dermatologist for about a can someone tell me what type of rash this is and how i can controll it? thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel bad for you, I use to have this problem.

      first, go and get some like Bendroyl (for the allergic) they have day but you might want to take the one for night.

      second, go get some aveeno products, perfer no frangance and also get some oatmeal bags from them or from the store brand.

      get some warm bath (not hot, just semi warm and little hot) and put oatmeal in there.

      do that daily and use their cream, it is really good.

      also pray. I will pray for you to Buddha.

      don’t eat seafood, some ppl think that might cause allergic (we are not sure but just to be safe)

      email me if you need more help (altho I think I told you everything I know)

      don’t scrtuch. okay, just pat lightly.

    Skin problem?
    I have been having this since I was about 8 or 9 years old. No medicine work. Doctors say it’s dry skin. I have itchy spells where I just can’t stop itching. The only thing seems to help is cold water, ice. My skin is very, very sensitive. So, when I scratch, it leaves marks and bruises. Another thing is that I can barely pinch myself and bruise up, or get a stick and write my name on my arm and my arm will swell up showing what i wrote. My skin is not dry bacause every night all day I have to hace lotion on my feet and hand. Also, I never go to bed without somekind of moisture on my legs and feet. I just can’t stand the feeling of dryness. This affect my every day life. I feel like I can just peel my skin off and apply new skin.

    • ANSWER:
      You might have a condition called dermatographia. I’ve was hoping to find a link with pictures, but this is the best I could do.

    Question concerning chemical burn to bottom of foot – happened 8 months ago, still having burning/itching…..
    Approximately 8 months ago, my husband used a sulfuric acid based drain opened on our bathroom sink, which ate through the plumbing and spilled onto the floor. He had flour and baking soda to soak up the spill, but I walked into bathroom and accidentally got some of the liquid on the bottom of my right foot. No pain but burning sensation and felt hot…skin invariably peeled off from heel to base of toes. Still has not totally healed. Now, when my foot is damp from sweat after working all day, or after I get out from soaking in the tub, the skin on the bottom of my right foot peels away…just by walking on the rug or carpet, and the skil just rolls off. Leaves a red, raw area which BURNS and then later itches like crazy. I’ve used topical steroid creams and ointments, and have yet to find something that will totally heal the area. Have been on antibiotics twice, but no effect. Have tried antifungal, still no help. Anyone have any ideas? My MD is even stumped.
    I’ve never heard of Sween Cream, but I have tried the Aloe. I wear the white sock every night since it happened. I’ve used Silvadene ointment, too. I’m a nurse, and have tried all medical options that I know of…it’s like after working 8 hours all day I come home and take my shoes and socks off, and the bottom of my right foot is white where the skin was burned. As I walk across the carpet, the skin will slough off and I have to be careful or it can make little tears into the skin. Know how you get a cuticle tear on your finger and how red and irritated it can be? Imagine various areas like this on the bottom of your foot. At times, it’s so bad that I have several areas that actively bleed and have to wrap my foot with gauze overnight, with antibiotic ointment. Only relief I get is when I’m off work and shoeless over the weekend. Then it’s like it gets really hard. Then back to work Monday and Monday night when the shoes come off it’s soft and peeling again. Weird, I know…

    • ANSWER:
      I would try to contact a Burn center where they specialize in those injuries. They can advise you how to take care of your foot the proper way. The problem with a chemical burn is that it needs to be treated a different way than a regular burn in some aspects and it is op to you to find out how. I think that you need to give your skin the chance to heal properly with the right care! Good Luck!

    Can someone help me please?
    Ok out of no where, both of my feet are starting to peel. It seems like its just dead skin coming off or whatever but its freaking me out because it gets worse and worse each day. My foot doesn’t itch or irritate me but my feet are peeling everywhere on the bottom of my feet and by my toes and its freaking me out. Is there any way to treat this or make it go away. I’m OCD about this kind of stuff and I don’t want to go back to school and have my feet look gross because they’re peeling.

    Help please! Thanks!
    I have been using lotion and its not helping. My mom told me not to use too much lotion because it could make it worse so I don’t know what else to do.

    • ANSWER:
      use petroleum jelly (vaseline) its much better than lotion….lotion have many differenet fragrances which can cause even more damage to ur skin….. i got the problem juss like u and my doctor suggested me petroleun jelly…….i hope it will help u toooooo

    Is it athlete’s foot or something to worry about?
    My mum saw the bottom of my feet the other day and keeps going on about my right foot. I have hard, white-ish, dry skin on the bottom of my big toe and across the ball of my right foot but it has never given me any bother. No bleeding, itching, flakiness, peeling or even any pain.

    My mum thinks it’s athlete’s foot or some sort of fungal infection and keeps nagging me to see a doctor about it. But I just thought it was dry skin. My left foot does not have this though, the skin on the sole of my left foot is soft and normal so I’m now wondering if she has a point.

    Can you get athlete’s foot like this, with no other symptoms?

    (Normally I would just go to the doctor anyway just to be on the safe side but I’m reluctant to go now because I’m moving to another country this week and have enough to fit in without having to see the doc!)

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like just dry skin or a callous, but seeing as it’s only on one foot, it could be atheletes foot. If it starts itching, or if your other foot starts to look like that, then you should see a doctor. Until then, I wouldn’t worry about it. However, it may be better to just go to the doc and get the all clear definitive answer before moving to another country, so that you can be sure you will get the same standard of care that you are used to.

    What is going on with my feet?
    The big and little toes on both my feet are seriously messed up. It started about 6 months ago when I started wearing steel-toed boots and I noticed the skin becoming raw and hurting and felt like a scabby texture. I was told that it was probably athletes foot so I bought some cream and have been using it 2 times a day for about 4 months. It has actually gotten worse. There is no more pain, there has never been any itching or burning, but the skin still feels scabby, even though it’s not, and it peels off. It hasn’t spread to any other part of my feet, my nails are fine, I clean my shower regularly, and my boyfriend doesn’t have any problems with his feet, so it’s not contagious. It’s almost flip flop time and my feet are hideous!! What do I do??

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a podiatrist. It’s impossible to diagnose over the internet. I was born with hammer toes which showed up when I was 25 and began wearing super tight cycling shoes. I have no idea what is going on with your feet–and neither does anyone else who can’t examine them and trained to do so. Go to a professional.

    HELP…….Itchy Footsie!!!!?
    so I have a really itchy foot. and it’s sooooooo itchy! and i think i might have athletes foot. How do I make it go away!!!!!

    super itchy!
    dry scaly skin peeling
    no yellow nails!!!![thank god!]
    the itching is on the sole of the foot. and on the side of my pinky toe.
    what can I do?????

    • ANSWER:
      Believe it or not, if you pee on your foot the itchiness will go away its one of the cures for athlete’s foot!

    not bedbugs, I’m certain. But what is it?
    hm, so I remember ages ago I was bitten by a mosquito lots on my feet, since then I’ve had these red blotchy bites. They don’t itch at all. Some of the skin is peeling and scabbing. I also have these bites on my fingers.
    I am positive it is not bedbugs because my dad is a clean freak and vacuums my bed once a week, changes and washes my sheets once a week and we always check the mattress to find no bugs hiding in crevices what so ever.
    I am baffled.
    also, 3 years ago I had scabies, I know it is not that because I only have bites on my feet + I remember the experience of scabies, this is nothing like that. It doesn’t itch plus they’re not the same bite.
    Allergic reaction do you think?


    • ANSWER:
      contact dermatitis.

    Chronic 10 year skin problem?
    When I was about 13 or 14 I developed a strange skin irritation. I think I first noticed it on the top of my foot, and today at the age of 24 it is covering my entire body in patches leaving only my upper chest, hands and face bare.

    It is patches of itchy skin as small as a pinpoint or as large as 4 inches across, sometimes roundish in shape but not always, and flaking around the edges. Sometimes a layer of dead skin develops in the middle of the smaller patches and peels off. It can flare up and be bright red and itchy and raised up, or it can have almost no itch at all and be a tan color. I once used nair hair remover on my legs and as soon as I put it on it hurt really bad. I quickly washed it off, but the patches became very inflamed and began to bleed. I was stupid enough to put lotion on it and it was agonizing pain. It stayed sticky and inflamed for 2 days after.
    In case you’re wondering why I’m not asking a doctor, I’ve been to 2 clinics. One has said it’s psoriasis and one said it’s ringworm. They both had me use the same over the counter anti fungal cream and it never worked.

    • ANSWER:
      It really does sounds like psoriasis. Do you find it is worse in extreme humid or cold weather? Do the “dry” patches accumulate at the knee caps, back of the elbows and under the hair? And are the dry patches white? Is it worse with stress? Do you have any other family members with similar skin issues?

      There are many, many products that have come to light in the last several years for this. I would strongly recommend finding a dermatologist in your area that specializes in psoriasis (in other words, someone who knows what he/she is doing). My father, brother and I all have it in varying degrees and we each take different medications for it. And none of us have taken anti-fungal medications! A medical professional really is your best bet.

      The biggest concern with psoriasis is if left untreated, it can develop into other problems such as psoratic arthritis. Even minor cases can cause swelling of the joints.

      If you want to read up more on it, try these links:–hw58505.html

    Allergies? Itchiness!?
    The other day I developed a case where my palms got itchy, therefore I scratched it
    The next day I noticed that the skin was peeling a bit where I had scratched it, thinking that it was just dry I put Aveeno lotion on it (I always use Aveeno, so it couldn’t have been what caused the problem)
    My palm (right hand) became severely itchy and I kept scratching it
    The skin on my palm started to turn splotchy red and really itchy but sensitive to hot substances
    My left foot on the side was also feeling itchy and I kept scratching it too
    Soon the itchiness began to spread onto the bottom of my foot
    Thinking it was just a mosquito bite, I didn’t mind it
    It isnt really splotchy or red, it just itches a LOT under the bottom of my left foot
    My ears started getting really itchy and so I kept scratching them
    They turned really red and hot so I decided that I would stop itching it, but then my right ear swelled up really badly
    Also, my left palm started getting splotchy and itchy too
    My scalp also was feeling itchy. Thinking this was normal, I just itched it slightly
    While itching it I felt a slight bump on my head and noticed that I had a few more on my head in other places
    I just washed my hair that morning and I was wondering how I could have an itchy scalp when my hair was clean as could be!
    The swelling on my right ear has gone now, after 2 days, though the itchy palms, scalp, and feet still remain
    I have no idea what could’ve caused!
    I thought it was allergies, hence I started to take Benadryl to ease the itch
    It kind of worked, but it still itches from time to time
    After 2 days of taking benadryl and 3 days of itchiness I developed a little blotchy red spot behind my knee
    I thought it was a mosquito bite at first, but then I noticed that it was all spread out and in a perfect circle, and flat, unlike a mosquito bite.
    Do you guys have any idea what’s wrong with me?
    I’m thinking it’s allergies, but I have taken an allergy test before and the doctor told me I wasn’t allergic to anything :S

    • ANSWER:
      hmm. well i take allegra for allergies. i have very severe allergies and this worked. you can get it off the shelff. even thou he said you were not allergic to anything. you can become alergic to anything at anytime. have you used any new products at all. lotion, shampoo. soap, detergent. anything you have changed right before that get rid of it. you may have gotten posion ivyy or oak possibly. get an aveeno oatmeal bath. i’m not sure where they get it at. my mom usually gets it but its probably in with the medications somewhere. if it doesn;t clear up in a few days go see your doctor. hope i helped.! (:

    I have some strange bumps on my fingers and I want to know what they are?
    Several years ago, I would get these same bumps on the top and side of my left foot. Haven’t had them again until now. It starts as one very small bump under the skin that gets closer to the surface and then eventually turns into a round circle of dead skin. When you peel it off, there is a tiny round red/brown circle inside that falls out. The ones on my fingers hurt if you apply pressure. I think the ones on my foot itched if I remember right. They are very small and hard and almost seem to have a clear center. The ones on my foot would sort of spread over the top of my foot in a path. Right now, I only have two on one finger of my right hand and one on the thumb of my left hand. Anybody have any ideas? I’ve searched for pictures of skin bumps online and don’t see anything that looks like this. When I saw doctors about the ones on my foot years ago, no one knew what they were.
    The bumps are not red, they are more skin toned with a clear/dark red center. They aren’t inflammed looking. And there are only a few. When I had them on my foot, I got maybe 15-20 total, sort of spread out. They are really small (like the size of the head of a pin) and hard.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it could be a rash, put vaseline on it.

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