Fill In Deep Facial Wrinkles, Creases And Furrows, And Sunken Cheeks

As we age, our faces begin to show the effects of gravity, sun exposure and years of facial muscle movement, such as smiling, chewing and squinting. The underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down, often leaving laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s feet or facial creases over the areas where this muscle movement occurs.

Soft-tissue fillers, most commonly injectable collagen or fat, can help fill in these lines and creases, temporarily restoring a smoother, more youthful-looking appearance. When injected beneath the skin, these fillers plump up creased and sunken areas of the face. They can also add fullness to the lips and cheeks. Injectable fillers may be used alone or in conjunction with a resurfacing procedure, such as a laser treatment, or a re-contouring procedure, such as a facelift.

If you’re considering a facial-rejuvenation treatment with collagen or fat, this brochure will give you a basic understanding of the procedure – when injectables can help, how the procedure is performed, and what results you can expect. It may not answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances. Please ask your doctor if there is anything about the procedure you don’t understand.

Injected collagen and fat are primarily used to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture. They can help fill out deep facial wrinkles, creases and furrows, “sunken” cheeks, skin depressions and some types of scars. They can also be used to add a fuller, more sensuous look to the lips.

Injectables are usually not sufficient for severe surface wrinkles on the face, such as multiple vertical “lipstick lines” that sometimes form around the mouth. Instead, your plastic surgeon may suggest a resurfacing technique, such as chemical peel, dermabrasion or laser treatments. Rather than filling in facial lines, resurfacing methods strip away the outer layers of the skin to produce a smoother appearance.

Deep folds in the face or brow caused by overactive muscles or by loose skin may be more effectively treated with cosmetic surgery, such as a facelift or browlift. Injectables are sometimes used in conjunction with facial surgery procedures; however, injectables alone cannot change facial contour the way surgery can.

Keep in mind that a plastic surgeon is a specialist that can offer you the full gamut of the most advanced treatments ranging from cosmetic surgery, refinishing techniques, laser therapy, injectables and the use of other fillers. You and your surgeon may determine that a single procedure or a combination of procedures is the best choice for you.

ASPS brochures are available on chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser treatments, facelift and browlift. If you and your doctor think that one of these other procedures might be more appropriate for you, ask your plastic surgeon to provide you with a copy.

About the Author:
Dave Stringham, the President of writes about plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California and cosmetic surgery procedures like beverly hills facial fillers, microdermabrasion, liposuction, tummy tuck, and rhinoplasty.


Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the best product for deep wrinkles and sagging skin?
    what is the best product to use for deep wrinkles

    • ANSWER:

    What is the Best Product to get rid of smiles lines or wrinkles on the sides of your mouth?Does TCA Peel Ok?
    I don’t want to get injections of Restylane,my lines are not deep,I would like to take care it with some products that really work,I have tried many things and I am still looking for the best !! I heard that StriVectin-SD cream doesn’t work and makes you get acne,Does anyone had tried this new product called StriVectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum ,from Klein Becker? Does it Work ? .I would like to do a Chemical Peel TCA 12% to start, on this lines on the side of the mouth,It will work ? Have anyone had done that ? I am very depressed and I am losing my confidence > Please Help me !
    Thank you Alex – 34y.o

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried Anew Force Extra. It’s from AVON. It comes in a Day and Night Cream. It firms, lifts and tightens skin. Taking away unsightly wrinkles. As well as, helping to protect against future sun damage. I’ve seen some people use it they say, “It works wonders.” AVON has a sale going on right now, where you can get the DAY and NIGHT cream for . I will enclose the site where I go to get my stuff. This lady does ship direct, as well. So she’ll ship all over the United States. For one flat rate. Check it out.

    What is the best deep cleansing facial product you can buy a Long’s/CVS pharmacy?
    I am currently using Neutragena Visibly Even and I don’t really see any results. How did it work for you?

    How is Neutragena Visibly Toner to conteract wrinkling? Does it really work?

    • ANSWER:
      ifergot the name of mine. and it works really good. its a blue squirt bottle from the neutrogena section. and the WAVE is really helpful it cleans out all the dirt and makes ur face soft.

    What is the best intense deep wrinkle treatment for face?
    If you have heard, or you have tried a product that is high end and under that works on very deep wrinkles and fine lines that works quickly and is very effective and worth the money that you love. Please mention them. PLEASE RESPOND SOON!!

    • ANSWER:
      Consumer Reports, the most reliable and totally trusted product testing organization, recently tested 16 skin firming, anti wrinkle, anti aging products and no matter the price – the most expensive one being – all failed to even noticeably have any effect. A low cost over the counter moisturizing cream that was also included in the tests was found to be JUST AS EFFECTIVE as those products. It clearly proves that those products are SCAMS and a waste of money. See Consumer for more info.
      Check this site Skin Deep Database. Many thousands of moisturizers, skincare, cosmetic and skin treating, wrinkle and anti aging products were tested and an alarming number of them were identified as being severely skin harming. So they AGE AND PREMATURELY skin. The Database identifies other products that are much safer and non skin harming.

      I found the most effective anti aging, wrinkle reducing/removing treatment was specialized quite vigorous massaging with oils. Pure olive, coconut and almond feed and nourish skin many nutrients that counteract aging. They are noncomedogenic so do not clog or enlarge pores, do not cause breakouts and do not make skin oily.
      A main cause of skin aging, wrinkles and lines is weakening of facial muscles with age. Massage exercises/conditions face muscles and reverses the weakening. To avoid skin pulling, first tighten by opening mouth 3/4″and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Do forward and back quite firm massage (not circular) using tips and front fingers and sometimes palms. For quickest results do 15/20 min. daily massaging. In as little as 4 or 5 days skin will look firmer, tighter, smoother, revitalized and rejuvenated. See this glowing testimonial from a user on Answers.
      Wed, January 19, 2011
      From : 1413
      “Thank you Mukunda! I’ve been massaging my whole face with olive oil for about one week now. My neck, face and my skin are much tighter and my skin feels so soft and moist ALL DAY! And my upper lip wrinkles(smoker’s lips) are 70% gone. Forehead lines.What forehead lines?? They’re 50% gone!
      See my answers giving detailed info for specific wrinkle diminishing. Find by entering in search box “What are you looking for?” Search Y! Answers “Mukunda M wrinkles, under eye frown mouth lines, crows-feet, tighten, rejuvenate, etc”.

      SOURCE(S): Many years Researcher/Skin Consultant – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation.

    What’s best UK product to firm-up thin under-eye skin?
    It’s not for bags – there are no bags or dark circles. It’s for thin crepey under-eye skin with fine lines rather than deep wrinkles. Needs to be available in the UK. I’ve tried so many different creams; including those that supposedly smooth/tighten the skin, but nothing has worked yet. I hope you’ve tried something that works and can recommend it to me. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      use Loreal revitalift eye cream is really good.

    What is the best night cream for aging skin that has dark spots and wrinkles?
    the best cream product that will fade dark spots on one’s face and also help with deep creases is?

    • ANSWER:
      Licorine or papaya kojic soap/cream/lotion
      It work wonders
      Check this one

    Which eye wrinkle cream is the best?
    I have wrinkles underneath my eyes and I need to know which product is the best at softening/removing the lines and won’t irritate, dry out, or break out my skin. Also if you know a very good product that isn’t too expensive please recommend it. Thanks!

    RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream
    L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift Eye
    Olay Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
    Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads
    Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle – Eye
    Multi-Layer Cell Strengthening Daily Treatment Eye Serum
    Alpha Hydrox Eye and Upper Lip Cream
    Neautrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum
    L’Oreal Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler
    L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler Eye Illuminator
    Skin Essentials ProVectin Plus Advanced Eye Cream For Deep Wrinkles & Dark Circles

    • ANSWER:

    What is/are the best skin products for a woman that is 48 years old?
    See, I asked my mom the other day what she would like for her b-day in a couple weeks. She said something about this Genesphere product, BUT I really do not trust it at all. Plus, its not exactly affordable for my taste.

    I have gotten her Olay and Avon creams before, but she doesn’t rave about them.

    What line of products or what would you suggest as a gift idea that actually would work?

    She has moderate aging signs, like spots from when she gave birth to me a long time ago, lol, and she has a couple of deep wrinkles, and fine expression lines. Her skin I would say is normal, and YES I do think she could use a bit of firmness again, she always complains about the loss of elasticity.

    Any suggestions and facts, experiences would be greatly appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      MY mom uses wei east product chestnut collection it can bit expensive but my mom has great skin it helps to firm saggy skin making more supple more youthful also sell the whole set for less but you can buy directly to them just see where you can find it more cheaper.

    Best Foundation and Moisturizer for 50+ Skin?
    I have dry to normal fair skin with only normal to light signs of aging. No deep wrinkles or lines, but normal crow’s feet and that sort. Have always had that “flawless” look, but in recent years my skin has dulled and am looking to get some of that look back. Any recommendations for a good foundation and moisturizer or any suggestions for other products. I don’t mind paying for the mid to higher end products if they really work.

    • ANSWER:
      i am 46, with dry, sensitive fair skin. i’ve been using bare minerals by bare escentuals for 6 years now, and i love it. it actually matches my fair skintone, looks & feels completely natural, doesn’t settle into fine lines, and doesn’t dry out or irritate my skin. my skin actually looks younger now, than before bare minerals, it is not as dry, and it just looks flawless. i use “clear radiance” first for a youthful glow, then foundation, then warm radiance for a subtle sunkissed look, and mineral veil for a flawless finish. this make-up doesn’t melt off – even in heat & humidity. try it out for yourself at any ulta, sephora, macy’s, or nordstrom store, to see, how you like it, before making a decision. the starter kits are 60.00 ( i prefer the “original” one at ulta), a kit lasts 2-3 months. be sure, to watch the how-to dvd, otherwise you’ll use too much. the full size foundation (25.00) lasts me about one year, that’s how little is needed./// i also swear by the philosophy skin care line (sold at sephora,, and qvc). the “make-up optional” kit is one of my favorites (, along with “eye believe”, and “dark shadows” for the eye & lip area. i love the booster serum, and booster caps, which i use right after the weekly “microdelivery peel”. i am a pretty thrifty person (my kids actually call me “cheap”), but i don’t mind spending money on products, that actually work.

    Best under eye wrinkle cream for 23 year old?
    I have many wrinkles underneath my eye and crows feet forming and I’m only 23. I’ve tried many products including Burt’s bee’s naturally ageless serum, philosophy’s “hope in a tube” and Neutrogena’s ageless intensive’s deep wrinkle eye cream and none of them have had the slightest effects on my wrinkles and the latter two have been completely irritating to my skin.

    Do you have any suggestions for creams or serums that are actually affective and won’t irritate me. I’m thinking I’ll try Neutrogena’s Healthy skin eye cream or Olay’s Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle cream.

    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Jenny, I’m 25 and this is what I’ve been using for 3 yrs now: for the eye area: Extreme Eye Rescue, and for the rest of the face, Cura Serum. Both are from Isabella Pelle. In addition to these products I use a mild facial cleanser like Olay foaming. Stay away from acne cleansers/bar soaps since those tend to be brutal on the skin. Hope this helps.

    What is the BEST sunless tanning lotion out there?
    I’ve got a little color from the summer, but I live in Buffalo New York, so its not easy to tan in April! I donot go tanning, and will not consitter it for bringing skin cancer, liver spots, and deep wrinkles upon myself would be an utterly stupid thing to do. And with what I’ve read and been told about spray tanning scares the pants off of me! I’ve been invited to the senior prom of a neighbor who didn’t have a date and it is next Friday. My dress is beautiful. Its black, but simple yet elegant and I don’t want to be white, and don’t want to be orange! I was wondering which tanning lotion is the best you’ve ever used. If you could list the pro’s and con’s you’ve found on the product, that would be wonderful. Also, include if it has an odor, and if it is a nice scent, or the opposite? Thanks a load!

    • ANSWER:
      ombrelle is definetly the best one
      but its in canada though

    I’m 23 years old and am looking for an anti-aging cream appropriate for my age?
    I believe in starting these products early to get the best results. However I don’t need the 0 deep wrinkle eraser creams, just something mild (that also actually WORKS) that will help to prevent anything in the future. Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      Sunblock. If you apply sunblock everyday you will be grateful in the future.

    Best under eye cream for 22 yr old?
    I am 22 years old and due to many factors.. including my deep set eyes and tan skin I have dark circles under my eyes. I am looking for some inexpensive product that could possibly help me out. I know I wont really be able to get rid of the dark circles but i atleast wanna do something about the wrinkles. Any suggestions on what products I should buy?

    Also right now I am using i think its covergirl trueblend powder foundation. i think maybe I should step up. Any suggestions for a really good powder foundation?


    • ANSWER:
      Heyy Girl, I am Deramtologist and I get patients always asking how to get rid of this Problem. and i can always help There are alot of answers to this question and i will give you the Best one!

      Garnier has a New Range of Great Products that help with Puffy eyes and Dark circles its called Garnier Eye Roll-On here is the link to it:

      It is a really good product and will really help you out with this problem for a cheap resanable price I will save you time to resech the price and i will tell you how much it costs it is .50

      I really hope this helps you out (i am really sure it will)

      xxx Natalia

    Removing stubborn deep forehead blackheads?
    I have about 5 very small blackheads and 4 larger and deeper blackheads that have been left untreated for about 5 months. They are also covering my nose. I have been trying different products to remove them, but none of them are effective!

    The only thing that works is my homemake pore strips for my nose. But I’m still left with large pores. I tried the strips on my forehead, but nothing happened. I have tried adding sugar to my Clearisil Sensitive Formula face wash to remove dead skin and hopefully scrub out the blackheads, but NOPE! nada! I have been using St. Ives Green Tea scrub, its oil free, 1% salicilic acid, all natural green tea and non-comedogenic and also hypoallergenic. I have sensitive skin, and this scrub works well because of the green tea and has reduces my inflamation that other scrubs caused.
    I apply olive oil daily and nightly, because I have dry skin. than apply Neatrogena oil-free sensitive skin moisurizer, and then apply Banana Boat UVA & UVB Lotion SPF 30 it has Vitamin E as the fourth ingrediant and Aloe Vera as the fifth. And I put on just a little bit of Prestige Skin Loving Minerals powder for foundation only on nose and under eyes.

    I really really would love to take the best care of my skin as possible. I am only 14 and have forehead wrinkles due to my Mother’s side of un-elastic skin and my habit of making wild facial expressions that comes with my personality, and I’m under alot of stress, and I ate alot of greasy and oily food the last month…

    So if you have used a product or method of removing stubborn deep blackheads, please do me a big favor and tell me!! Thanks ya guys, and have a wonderful day!!

    • ANSWER:
      I would try not putting olive oil on your skin that much. That is meant to be a once in awhile treatment. Olive oil clogs your pores, creating more black heads.

    What line/brand has the BEST spf moisturizer- Neutrogena, Cetaphil, CeraVe, or other? (Read details for more)?
    I need an spf moisturizer when I’m out in the sun. I’m only eighteen, but when you start caring early, a little goes a long way.
    The trouble that I have when it comes to skin care and lotion ect. is that not only do I have sensitive skin, but the wrong moisturizer can either dry out my skin, making it tight or my skin doesn’t really absorb the cream, but it just lays there on top of my skin thus making my skin pretty oily- which I really do not like.
    I tried some Dove- which made my skin oily. I heard Olay makes the skin oily too. I tried the Neutrogena sunblock with the helioplex that came out a few years ago- and my skin just didn’t absorb that well. I heard great things about Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15 – but I’m afraid that I’ll get the same results I did with the previous Neutrogena cream. – Do all products from the same brand have the same effect on you, like one product will give you oily skin and break out, but the other will be just fine- or no? That’s the concern I have with the Neutrogena.
    I currently just use Cetaphil moisturizer in general just to keep my skin smooth- how are their spf creams? I have been reading that CeraVe is a lot better than Cetaphil though. I need someone who has the experience and knows their stuff.
    I don’t know if this is relevant, but I’m of an ethnic background, so I have an olive complexion, and I tan very easily too (even with spf sunblock)- I rarely burn really.
    That said, I just want something that will protect my skin when absorbing the sun- to protect and block out the bad stuff. (I already have a bit of an uneven skin tone around my mouth.) I just don’t want any harsh, deep lines, or crazy wrinkles; just to age gracefully- which is possible when you take care of yourself! Maybe possibly something for under my eyes as well- or that will too tend to their needs. They’re already pretty dark, I even have a dark purple vein underneath it. Sorry for flipping out, I get nervous with these things. I just don’t want to get botox in two years…..
    Please help out :/
    Only nice, well educated answers, from nice people please. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Rama, I am 27 and can tell you that I’ve tried literally hundreds of products in the search for the best ones that work for me. This is what has worked for me in keeping my face baby butt smooth. First off use a mild facial cleanser, I like Clean & Clear sensitive, or Dove bar), harsh soaps simply will wrinkle the skin. Second for anti aging, I’ve been using for the last 4 yrs now Preve by Isabella Pelle. it’s a highly concentrated anti aging facial lotion. I apply Preve twice daily in the morning after washing my face and then at night after I shower.
      For SPF, I stay away from those “all in one” products since no product is good at everything. It’s been my personal experience those “all in one” products tend to be snake oil. A simple sunblock works just fine. I like Neutrogena ultra sheer 85 spf sunblock. I simply apply it over my anti aging lotion ( allow several mins to air dry) when I am going out in the sun for an extended period. It works great. Hope this helps.

    please help!?
    i have noticed that i am pretty handsome but theirs somethings that are really keeping me from looking my best can anybody help me? first of all i have some deep wrinkles at the sides of my mouth what can i do to make them go away also when i wash my face in the morning why does my face feel so dry? second i have crows feet under my eyes what can i do to make that go away? and third acne what is a good product for acne? and one more thing do wrinkles go away after a long time if you dont do anything to create them? please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Your concern is not uncommon. Don’t listen to people that tell you to get a face lift or that anti aging products are a scam. There are natural products out there to help you. It’s unnecessary to spend thousands of dollars on something that you can prevent and work on at home.

      What many people aren’t aware of is most products on the market contain mineral oil, the molecular structure of which is too large to penetrate into the pores of our skin so it sits on the top layer like saran wrap. This causes dirt and debris to collect on our face, causing irritations, dryness, and other skin related problems (blemishes, etc). They also contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, etc which strip your skins acid mantel (its protective layer) and causes irritation, dryness, and more skin problems.

      You want a pure, botanical and water based product with natural ingredients to help with your fine lines and wrinkles. Water based products will penetrate the dermis and deeply condition and hydrate your skin. Arbonne has great anti aging products for both men and women that are formulated to meet their specific needs. If you’re open to learning more or trying a free sample, I’ll be happy to help you.

    I’m only 19 and I’m getting wrinkles!? Someone help!?
    I’ve always had a very expressive face and I constantly raise and lower my eyebrows when I talk. Lately I’ve noticed that where creases form in my forehead when I raise my eyebrows, I now have fine lines starting to form when I am completely relaxed. When I run my fingers over them I can even slightly feel them and I know they’re too deep to be “normal.” My question is, what do I do now? Obviously the first thing that popped into my head was “I NEED BOTOX, NOW!” but I’m only 19 and I just feel like I’m way too young to be starting that. Besides, I don’t want to completely freeze my forehead because the expressions I have are such a part of me when I talk, I don’t want it to change. Should I try some anti-aging stuff to see what it does for me? If so, what products are best? Will they reduce the visibility of these icky lines or will they only “freeze” them so they don’t continue to get worse? Or should I go to a dermatologist and see what they have to say? Ahh, help!
    I’ve always had a very expressive face and I constantly raise and lower my eyebrows when I talk. Lately I’ve noticed that where creases form in my forehead when I raise my eyebrows, I now have fine lines starting to form when I am totally relaxed. When I run my fingers over them I can slightly feel them and I know they’re too deep to be “normal.” My question is, what do I do now? The first thing that popped into my head was “I NEED BOTOX, NOW!” but I’m only 19 and I feel I’m way too young to be starting that. Besides, I don’t want to completely freeze my forehead because the expressions I have are such a part of me when I talk, I don’t want it to change. Should I try some anti-aging stuff to see what it does for me? If so, what products are best? Will they reduce the visibility of the lines or will they only “freeze” them so they don’t continue to get worse? Or should I go to a dermatologist and see what they have to say? I do moisturize daily and spend minimal time in the sun. Help!!

    • ANSWER:
      girl, i feel you. i’m right there with you. i’m gunna star this question so i can see what people say cuz i need to know too!

    Best non-surgical treatment for smile lines?
    I’m only 27 but have developed deep “smile lines” around my mouth in the past year. They look worse on me than on most people because I have a “baby face” – I look like a seventeen year old with wrinkles! Talk about cognitive dissonance. When I first noticed them I started using regular moisturizer on them, but after seeing that they’d continued to get more noticeable, I switched to Eucerin Q-10, which works well as a moisturizer but so far hasn’t had any visible effects on the lines themselves.

    Is there any affordable product that works on these lines? I don’t smoke and I don’t tan, and my mother looks about twenty years younger than her age, so it’s frustrating to have to deal with this already! I’ve considered LifeCell, but for that price it doesn’t seem worth it unless it works incredibly well.

    • ANSWER:
      A big cause of skin aging and wrinkles is cleansers, so called moisturizers and countless other toxic laden cosmetic, skin care and skin medicating products. Visit this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and enter in Search box first “cleansers”, then “moisturizers” and you will be horrified at how toxic and skin harming MOST of them are. Eucerin Q -10 was also found to be skin harming. It is rated as 6 on a hazard score(10 is the most hazardous). You can search the Database for safer and non or only minimally harming brands. Most wrinkle/line removing products also are rated as severely skin harming.

      Below is the most effective and fastest working safe natural treatment for getting rid of them. And here is a glowing testimonial from a user. I can send others.
      From “big papy”::
      “Thank you Mukunda so much.- I am greatly touched for your concern about my skin. I want you to know that I did continue the massage with tightening the skin around my mouth area and the lines are all most gone. thank you so much, you have changed my life. Also my crows feet are all most gone too! I finally look my age!”

      METHOD: To avoid skin pulling/stretching first tighten face by opening mouth 3/4″ and pulling lips firmly back against the teeth
      Lines from nose to side of mouth (nasolabial lines) can be greatly reduced by applying some pressure and massaging vigorously forward and back directly on and along lines with front and tips of index or second finger. Do both sides at same time. And do an up and down vigorous massage with front of four fingers held together(Again using both hands) from jaw bone to near nose.(it tightens and firms skin there and also helps lessens the lines) The rubbing friction does the work. In 6 to 12 days depending on how vigorously/how often you do, you will see definite fading and greater fading each day. Massage with extra virgin olive oil.

      My other answers give treatments that greatly minimize other wrinkles and largely prevent/inhibit others forming. Some include precise instructions on how to massage to tighten, firm skin and rejuvenate face. Learn the massages that exercise/condition lower face muscles. It’s the aging/weakening of muscles that results in loss of skin tightness, then sagging and that leads to wrinkling and lines.
      Best find with an Answers Advanced Search. Search with “(Mukunda M answers only) wrinkles lines sagging clear flawless skin rejuvenate face muscles”

      The treatments make you more aware of the facial expressions that you are constantly holding and repeating. Then you can attempt to stop them. Nasolabial lines are not only a result of smiling and laughing but other constantly repeated facial expressions.

      SOURCE(S): Skin consultant with many years research into safe, natural cures/treatments – skin conditions, skin enhancement, anti aging and rejuvenation treatments.

    Please read this and tell me what you think?
    I have to write a story for my Creative Writing class to go along with the painting “American Gothic.” Here’s what I have so far..

    It was the drought that devastated the town’s folk of Seward, Nebraska in the summer of 1886. No longer were smiles seen by walking down the dusty, dirt road. The lack of precipitation affected everybody. Farmers could no longer adequately grow their crops. Shop owners couldn’t keep businesses running when nobody had any money to spare. Children went by on growling stomachs much of the time due to the scant amount of food that most families could just barely afford.

    It was no wonder why the town’s people were so angry. Violent brawls began to happen frequently in the once-pleasant community. Family members and friends were turning on each other for as little as a slice of bread or a half-a-cup of water. It even took a strain on the marriage of Langston and Charlotte Webber, the town’s most beloved and oldest couple.

    The Webber’s had the largest and most lucrative farm in the area. They grew just about everything, from wheat and corn, to onions and collard greens. They even supplied the majority of the meat and dairy products sold to many of the stores within the state. The couple had immigrated from Ireland several years ago and were now living the American dream. They were thought of highly within their community, but little did the citizens of Seward, Nebraska know, the Webbers were not always what they seemed.


    On one especially warm morning in July, Langston confronted Charlotte as she was hanging up clothes to dry on the line.
    “Another one of the cows died last night.” He said somberly.
    His wife frowned. This hadn’t surprised her.
    “Nearly half of our cattle are gone now and quite a few of the swine too.” Langston continued. “If this drought doesn’t end soon, we’ll be ruined.”
    The lack of rain had caused the death of grass and crops. There wasn’t much food to go around for the people, much less barn animals. They were so starved that the elders had resorted to eating their young. It was survival of the fittest at its best.
    “It will be okay.” Charlotte murmured, more to herself than to her husband. But even as she spoke those words, she knew they held no truth.

    Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and there was still no progression to be made on the farm. Langston was moodier than ever and Charlotte worked so hard in an attempt to manage the crops that her skin was worn with blisters and deep wrinkles began to appear on upon her fair-skinned face. Smiles became more rare as time passed and the couple’s eyes no longer held the sparkle of life that they had once had.

    The Webber’s still tried to look their best though. They had so much pride that they did just about anything they could to make the citizens of Seward believe they were still as successful as they had been a year ago. They prepared for days for the visit of Mrs. Woodsen, the widow of a wealthy congressman. She had moved here a few years after the death of her husband, looking to find a small, quiet community to raise her 3 Siamese kittens.

    Basically I’m going to write the rest about the Webbers killing Mrs. Woodsen for her valuable jewelry. (This is wear the lady in the painting gets the cameo on her neck) The husband will kill her with the pitchfork that he’s holding in the painting. They’ll bury her body under their dead crops and discover that the decaying human matter actually makes the crops grow nicely. So they start killing other people in the town because of their own greed. I’m not sure what the ending will be, so if you have any ideas on that or constructive criticism, I’d be glad to hear it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Yeah, I know it’s morbid.

    • ANSWER:
      Well written. I only have a grammatical comment to make really.

      Paragraphs introduce, or expand, a fresh idea. The first two paragraphs should really be one, and then the third becomes the second and expands on the Webber family. You really need to focus on your use of commas “,”, because they are a separator of ideas, and need to be used as such. Occasionally you can use them as stylistic “flow interruptors(my term)” but these days I’ve noticed most people read more quickly and, as such, commas don’t tend to slow people down the way they should. There’s a scene in the movie “The English Patient” which explains this perfectly. Also with the words you sometimes use big words which have no place in the body of what is predominantly a simple text. It’s only stylistic but, generally, if you want to go big then go big, if you want to go small then go small but, whatever you do, don’t go choppy.

      Also, lastly, and it’s only a tiny point but it ALWAYS bugs me, “Due” as in “Due to” is a monetary consideration, not an alternative to “because of”. Think “I have due to me”.

    What should i do for my eyes?( I am only a teenager)?
    Well I have noticed that i have these very deep lines underneath my eyes (i am only a teenager), and idk if they are wrinkles or what, but i need to know how i could get rid of them? So please explain what they are, what i can do, and if do you have any products you can recommend to help me?

    Danke shon and best wishes:)♥

    • ANSWER:
      idk get some more sleep i guess?
      anwser mine ?;_ylt=Atfa.jOn4K0Egn5Xfig7d3nsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090319201218AAYHS96

    Best everyday cleanser?
    My skin is fairly normal and I’m looking for a good cleanser to give my skin a smooth look. I use the Neutrogena deep Clean Shine Control, it feels clean alright and smooth but I want a cleanser that will make my skin look smooth. When ever I apply makeup, you can see every boxy wrinkle line that I’m developing under my eyes, its annoying, makes it look like I caked my whole face with makeup. Any good cleanser or anything to smooth my skin out? And nothing with anti aging products would be awesome


    • ANSWER:
      If you want to make your face look smoother, I would suggest a good exfoliator and moisturizer rather than a cleanser. Of course, cleansers can help to prevent acne and refresh you, but exfoliators (such as face scrubs) paired with a good moisturizer will be the key, seeing as exfoliating your skin will actually remove the dead skin cells for a smoother look. The moisturizer will help you with wrinkles.

      The best exfoliator I have ever used is St. Ive’s Blackhead and Blemish Control Scrub. I know it says it specifically for preventing blemishes, but you can actually feel the scrub removing your dead skin cells and refreshing your face. It will definitely help to make your skin look smoother if you use it on a regular basis (once or twice a day). As for a moisturizer, you can never go wrong with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

    what does this tell you?

    Silicon has been viewed as a nemesis over the years, despite the ever-growing popularity of fillers for soft-tissue augmentation- liquid injectable silicone is still largely shunned, with its status as “permanent”, generating fear that any resultant problems will also be permanent.

    Two indications have been demonstrated for which liquid silicone has receptive niches- HIV facial lipoatrophy and acne scars — permanent problems that indeed lend themselves to permanent solutions.

    Many practitioners strictly use silicone for acne scarring because this is a lifelong disfiguring problem that silicone can easily correct permanently with just one or two injections, while the patient doesn’t have to keep coming in for injections every six or eight months, if its use if for treatment of some disfigurement, the feeling of being comfortable using it off label is relatively harmless but not for anything else, such as wrinkling or age-related issues.

    It is considered long-lasting and cosmetically elegant for many- it is not only considered to be the best filler for disfiguring scars, but for HIV specific facial lipoatrophy, nothing works better.

    For either indication, one of the keys to the safe and effective use of silicone is to use the purest product available, and the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved product acceptable for injectable soft tissue augmentation is Silikon-1000, made by Alcon Labs. The highly purified liquid injectable form of silicone received approval in 1997 specifically for intraocular injection for tamponade of retinal detachment, but can be used off label, according to FDA guidelines regarding off-label use of medical devices.

    Use of the microdroplet serial puncture injection technique is also been deemed critical for safe silicone use. Reports of silicone migration received extensive coverage in the media, this migration was largely due to the injection of large amounts of silicone at once, but the microdroplet injection technique can prevent that problem.

    The technique is defined as 0.01 cc or less of the product injected into the immediate subdermal plane or deeper, at 2 mm to 5 mm intervals, through an aluminum hub 27 gauge needle (Kendall Monoject).

    No second passes should be taken in the same plane, and the plunger of the needle should not be depressed until the needle is completely in the subdermal area of the skin. The needle should not be withdrawn before the microdroplet is completely deposited, to avoid tracking of liquid silicone in the dermis.

    Only the most experienced doctor should be sought out to attempt intradermal injections due to the risk of persistent dermal nodules that may result with less than expert technique. Optimal correction of the area proceeds slowly as fibroplasia develops around the microdroplets. Small volumes should be injected at monthly intervals, and for facial lipoatrophy, an average of 2 cc should be used.

    Other considerations

    Another big consideration is liability coverage —liability carriers have varied policies regarding off-label use of this.

    Likewise, informing and the obtaining of appropriate consent from patients is one of the most important aspects, and patients should be informed that liquid silicone is permanent. They must understand that optimal correction is not immediate and that adverse events could develop months to years in the future.

    Adverse events that can occur include lumps, bumps and nodules, but most doctors who use silicone report that such events occur at an estimated rate of less than 1 percent.

    This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician

    • ANSWER:
      that silicone could be used as a filler, however special precaution needs to be taken when using it as a filler, and it is not necessarily approved by the FDA for this use.

    Best under eye cream for 22 yr old?
    Best under eye cream for 22 yr old?
    I am 22 years old and due to many factors.. including my deep set eyes and tan skin I have dark circles under my eyes. I am looking for some inexpensive product that could possibly help me out. I know I wont really be able to get rid of the dark circles but i atleast wanna do something about the wrinkles. Any suggestions on what products I should buy?

    Also right now I am using i think its covergirl trueblend powder foundation. i think maybe I should step up. Any suggestions for a really good powder foundation?


    • ANSWER:
      I use benefit “ooh la lift” because it really brightens my eyes and supposedly has rasperry extract to prevent puffiness – my skins tan too and it works really well x x

    Best under eye cream for 22 yr old?
    I am 22 years old and due to many factors.. including my deep set eyes and tan skin I have dark circles under my eyes. I am looking for some inexpensive product that could possibly help me out. I know I wont really be able to get rid of the dark circles but i atleast wanna do something about the wrinkles. Any suggestions on what products I should buy?

    Also right now I am using i think its covergirl trueblend powder foundation. i think maybe I should step up. Any suggestions for a really good powder foundation?


    • ANSWER:

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