Fight Wrinkles And Aging Skin With Essential Oils

When we hear about essential oils many of us think alternative, or new age. This is however misleading because essential oils have been used for centuries for their various benefits. Many manufacturers are using and advertising the fact that they have added various botanical or natural ingredients to either products as a selling point. This is because we are becoming familiar once again of the powerful effects and benefits that natural essential oils have to offer.

There are several essential oils that stand out for there anti aging properties. As an added bonus these particular essential oils are also efficient at diminishing scars and stretch marks. Although there is a vast number of oils to choose from the following are highly regarded for there effectiveness and easy application:

1. Often admired for its beauty Rosewood is also the source for rosewood essential oil. This essential oil is highly revered for its healing properties more specifically, tissue regeneration. For this reason it is highly effective in the fight against aging skin. To use add three drops of rosewood oil to your favorite fragrance free face or skin lotion (lanolin is often recommended) and massage into affected area.

2. Myrrh essential oil can also be used to rejuvenate aging skin, it works by giving your completion a fresh new glow while at the same time works to smooth out wrinkles. Again your can use this essential oil by adding to your favorite fragrance free lotion or by adding it to a carrier oil, and in both cases massaging the mixture into your skin.

3. Neroli essential oil is extracted from the flower petals of the orange tree. This oil is also praised for its ability to regenerate skin cells with the added benefit of also being able to improve skin elasticity. The application is again the same as above, add two or three drops to a fragrance free face cream or carrier and apply to skin.

4. Frankincese known from the biblical story is a widely used essential oil which is very effective in the battle against aging and wrinkles. For this essential oil it is suggested that you mix two or three drops with a carrier like almond oil and massage into skin.

There are many anti aging solutions for your skin that do not have to time consuming or expensive. Essential oils come in small bottles that may appear to be pricey however they often last months or years depending on how often you use them. With using essential oils is you will know exactly what you are putting on your skin and you also have the added bonus of using them for their many other health benefits. Each essential oil has many different uses and applications to benefit your body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils can be mixed together and used in combination to provide multiply benefits. The fun of essential oils is learning about their properties and experimenting to see which are right for you. Although there are precautions and they must be implemented properly they are easy and safe to use.

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