Womens Health:The Negative Effects Of Tobacco On Women.

Since the 60s, smoking women has continued to grow: the proportion of smokers rose from 10 to 22% in 40 years on the 15 million smokers in USA. The women smoke more and more and earlier. The first cigarette is usually taken between 14 and 16 years. Cigarette smoke passes from the lungs to the brain within 10 seconds, carrying so much faster than would intravenous injection of illicit drugs. Smoking cigarette send some 4 000 chemicals to the body.

Tobacco and gynecological disorders

Smoking decreases the secretion of estrogen. It may therefore be responsible for menstrual disorders with irregularities and pain. There is also often a change of tone of voice, which becomes hoarse, and an increase of hairs. Menopause occurs 1 to 2 years earlier than average among smokers. Hot flashes are more intense and the risk of osteoporosis is increased. Tobacco also promotes the development of precancerous lesions of the cervix.

Tobacco and skin

Due to a lack of oxygenation of the skin, smokers are more often dull complexion and “clouded”. The cellular exchanges have slowed and the waste is not eliminated. The skin loose his radiance and elasticity. Wrinkles appear prematurely, with 10 to 20 years ahead, especially at the lips. Smoking stimulates the production of free radicals that damage the elastin and collagen.

Tobacco and pill

35% of women aged 20 to 44 years who take contraceptive smoke, increasing from 4 to 10 times the risk of cardiovascular problems. Combining a contraceptive with cigarettes is a major health hazard, especially past 35 years. Indeed, nicotine promotes deposition of fat in the blood vessels and damages arteries. The blood thickens and the risk of thrombosis, stroke and cerebral vascular accident (stroke) is accentuated. These evils are aggravated by contraceptives.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Cigarette smoking decreases by 50% female fertility: thickens the cervical mucus, preventing sperm progression, lack of estrogen reduces the quality of the uterine wall and restricts blood flow necessary for the implantation of the egg. Smoking increases by 3 the risk of miscarriage, and by 2 ectopic pregnancies and premature births. There is also stunted fetus that is not well oxygenated. Its weight is generally lower than 200 g at birth. In addition, smokers lactating produce 25% less milk than non-smokers.

Tobacco and weight

Smoking reduce the taste and smell. In addition, nicotine stimulates the nervous system that causes a cut-hunger, slows the storage of fat in adipocytes and artificially increases energy expenditure to 200 calories per day compared to non-smoker. The smokers have a weight lower than they would if they do not smoke (around 4 kg). So when you stop smoking, you just go back to your normal weight. No need to worry! However physical activity is still recommended to stabilize the weight. If you start to gain to much weight, try to eat better by cutting in the fat and salt.

It may be a good idea to consult a dietetist to help stabilize your weight while you stop smoking. Consulting a dietetist is a sure way to establish a healthy and balanced diet. Using dangerous product like laxative and purgative are dangerous and not the solution to long lasting weight loss!

Good luck!

About the author: Florida Abortions Clinic. Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women’s Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including Medical Abortions, physical examinations, family planning, counseling, laboratory services. Orlando Women’s Center.Second, And Late Term Abortions Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Anybody have any information about the electronic cigarettes?
    At the moment I am an occasional cigar smoker (one cigar about every other day). I am not looking to quit smoking all together because I actually started for health reasons, I know sounds stupid but I have done a lot of research on the matter and the nicotine has some positive side effects for me. The problem is that I am a health conscious person and it concerns me that I’m going to be a smoker for the rest of my life. I chose cigars over cigarettes because I don’t want to inhale anything and destroy my lungs because I am a runner. I have started doing research to see if there are any alternatives to smoking and most of what came up are e-cigarettes. It seems that these are designed for the purpose of quitting and since that’s not my intent are they worth it? Are they honestly healthier than smoking and would they be harder on my lungs than cigars since I would have to actually inhale? I understand the basic idea of how they work but not enough to know if they would work for what I would be using them for. Are they designed to be smoked every few days for years and years? My other concern with this is I can buy a months worth of cheap cigars for under and would rather not quadruple this expense by buying electronic cigarettes or electronic cartridges. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If it’s just nicotine you’re after then you might be better off with something like Sweedish snus, they’re the lowest harm tobacco product. More info on nicotine alternatives here: http://www.tobaccoharmreduction.org/

      Ecigs have been widely available since 2004 and have not been linked with any serious adverse effects. The market is swimming with scams and agressive marketing though so it would be worth having a quick read of this page before going shopping: http://vapersnetwork.org/consumerprotection

    I have another issue. I’m doing a visual analysis essay on smoking and drinking.?
    I need to know a correct place in my paragraph to incorporate my visual. Here is my paragraph:

    “If one does not drink alcohol moderately, dire consequences will result. People who have a tendency to drink heavily will have bad health and possibly a shorter life (Hanson, Alcohol and Health). Like cigarettes, alcoholic beverages carry health warnings, so people must take careful consideration as to how much alcohol they consume. Heavy drinkers may experience serious health effects such as damage to the liver and vital organs. On the positive side, moderately drinking alcohol can prevent some health problems such as diabetes, stress, depression, and many more (Hanson, Alcohol and Health).”

    The visual is showing a black man and woman. The man is holding a Miller Lite beer beverage. The little slogan is “life is good. I have a couple of new things in my life.” The woman is just there, making the man look good.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m confused. Wouldn’t you want your visual to illustrate what you are saying? The visual you describe doesn’t do that at all. Maybe if you showed a wino passed out on the ground in front of a bar it would. And I’d probably put it after the second sentence.

    Will I test positive for ‘Kryp2nite’?
    Earlier today, my friend offered me a hit off of a joint. He had recently been experimenting with a bunch of legal herbs, and claimed that this was just an herb called mullein. I had heard of it before as ‘the herb to help quit smoking cigarettes’. I was being cautious at first, but I realized it smelt and tasted nothing like marijuana. I gave in a took a good sized drag. However, within about 5 minutes, I was starting to feel side effects similar to what a marijuana high feels like. I knew I had been tricked. I got on to him about it, and he ended up confessing that it was something called ‘Kryp2nite’. About an hour later, I was perfectly sober again. I wouldn’t have gotten upset, but I have a job interview this Thursday. Will K2 (I’m assuming that Kryp2nite is a form of K2) show up on a drug test if I end up having to take one for the job? I have been sober from any type of drug for years, and I only took one (good sized) drag. However, I live in Oklahoma where K2 is illegal. Will this show up on a drug test in anyway, shape, or form?

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot test positive for THC compounds when using K2. This herb does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, but you can test positive for JWH-018 and JWH-073, two primary receptors found to produce marijuana-like effects. There are test that can measure these levels and if you live in a state where they compounds are illegal then your drug test could be effected. Although I will say. K2 and many of the other synthetic drugs made to mimic marijuana are not widely known about or considered in drug testing for workplaces. They would have to buy special test for these and I don’t believe employers are going this far. I think you are safe, but for the future if you are sober.. then stay sober..period. This will probably only make you want to get high again, just stay away from it! Your doing a good job not using drugs so don’t put yourself in situations that can allow you to fall back into your old habits!

    Trying to quit smoking? Need Facial Skin Care help?
    Has anyone ever tried Chantix? I have tried several times to quit on my own. I’ve tried picking a date, cold turkey, replacing cigarettes with gum, the patch, and nictotine gum..every single thing I could think of..but nothing has worked so far. I have insurance and with this new job I would be able to afford to go to the doctor and be able to afford the medication. I have a 3 month old and I don’t want her to get older and think that smoking is okay. And I’m not going to lie I have been smoking for about 5 years now..I don’t look as radiant or beautiful as I used to but I know if you quit your skin starts to improve given you take care of yourself and the extra money in my pocket would be SO nice..Now I’m thinking about trying Chantix..If anyone has ever tried it I need to know did it work for you? What were the emotional side effects? Are the dreams really as horrific as I have heard? Is there anything other than Chantix that you have tried other than what I have tried?

    Are there any kinds of face wash,moisturizer, or wrinkle creams I could try that won’t harm my facial skin down the road? Brands, name of product and cost would be greatly appreciated! I have heard that using harsh wrinkle creams can actually make you look much worse in the long run because of all of the chemicals. Was the person who told me this correct? Are there any supplements I can take to improve my facial skin? I’m trying so hard to start living healthier and I am trying desperately to get my self esteem back to where it used to be..after having this baby I have felt a lot older than I really am(I’m in my early to mid 20’s) and my body and and confidence have taken a really beating from the pregnancy, new baby stress, and 5 years of smoking..

    Any positive advice and answers are welcome.
    Thank you in advance:)

    • ANSWER:
      for facial cleansers I like & use Clean & Clear sensitive.
      for anti aging lotion: Preve by Isabella Pelle. Highly concentrated anti aging lotion.
      I apply Preve twice daily in the morning after washing my face, and then at night after I shower. Hope this helps.

    I think Zyprexa is starting to save my life?
    could this just so happen to be a life saver for me? the fact it may just turn my unhappy scared delusion mind to a peaceful happy alive feeling!?!

    i hav been very delusional in the past 2-3 years with no confidence and i had always thought it was schitzophrenia and was on seroquals that didn’t make me any better, until i had a whole week stuck in a hole of scary delusions, and every time i take a zyprexa the next day and night i get a alive feeling similiar to how i felt back when i was in school.. i kno it makes me sleepy and sleep heaps, though i slept enough last night so it hasn’t knocked me out… i jus thought i might put it out there that i can definately feel positive side effects so far.. is there anything i should look out for besides weight gain for long term usage???
    im not worried about weight gain because i work out every day and eat healthy
    not to mention i was a drug addict for 2 years a while back and think marijuana smoking caused me delusions, because everytime i smoked weed i would get those no-good delusions, though even after stopping the weed, alcohol would make the delusions come back, and on a hangover after drinking it would even make me get those bad thoughts, with bad anxiety/social anxiety…
    i quit smoking cigarettes too

    so overal i think zyprexa might be my light to life, though i do not want to take it long term, i just want my life back to how i felt back when i was in school with heaps of confidence, not a worry in the world, and no anxiety what so ever!

    • ANSWER:

    An anti smoking medication for men please Chantix?
    My husband was just prescribed a new medication called Chantix monthly pks. Sometimes he smokes a pack or close to a pack a day. He wants to quit so bad. He smoked most of his life, he is 54 years old. Has anyone tried this medication and did anyone try other medications like welbutrin and how did Chantix work for you? he did not take welbutrin because the side efrfects was scary and other folks said they had a bad expierience witrh it so Chantix, one person who smoked gave a very positive opinion on this. What is yours? Please help with your answer. Please don’t say self control, the withdrawls are more than a non smoker can runderstand. I read it is simular to herion withdrawl. ( Not that we would know what that would bw like except for reading about it.) yes, a cigarette, it is that way for those that don’t understand so those of you that do or did, how did this medication perform and was there any negativive side effects??? Chantix??? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I quit 12/26/06 using Chantix. It really helped me in dealing with the cravings. If I were to rate cravings on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst. Chantix turned the 10’s into a 2. I did have some gas and stomach aches while taking it but they were not a big deal. I only took it for 30 days total and thought it worked great.
      I still had to deal with little cravings but I could function fairly normal for those first two weeks after quiting, which are the hardest to get through.

    Should marijuana be legal or not? What are your thoughts on the essay here?
    I took my first hit. The smoke filled my lungs and I coughed it out almost immediately. To be honest, I didn’t feel any kind of “high” the first time I smoked marijuana. This is the case for most people trying the drug for the first time. The brain becomes more reactive to THC with repetitive exposure. Why did I do it again if the first time did nothing but make my lungs hurt? I wanted to experience it. Curiosity always kills the cat.
    I am not a cat and my curiosity has yet to kill me. Marijuana is illegal, placed on the same controlled substance list as drugs like cocaine. Marijuana, however, is no more harmful than a cigarette and is reasonably less dangerous than alcohol. For example, it is practically impossible for someone to overdose on THC since a user would likely pass out before reaching dangerous limits. No deaths have ever been linked to a THC overdose. On the other hand it is very possible for someone to overdose on alcohol. People have died from alcohol poisoning. Cigarettes’ drug nicotine is known to be very addictive. Marijuana has no habit forming chemicals. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana may have four times the potential carcinogens compared with smoking a cigarette. However, this study fails to acknowledge the many other negative side effects of smoking tobacco. It is unrealistic to think of marijuana as a truly dangerous drug, or at least no more dangerous than legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. Even a much more potent drug, salvia divinorum, is legal within the U.S. Salvia is a plant native to South America and is the strongest naturally occurring mind altering drug known. The drug can literally render a person incapable of responding to the physical world around them despite the user appearing conscious. Salvia’s legality has been in question and has been placed on the controlled substances list in some sates, but the drug has managed to remain legal in most cases. It just isn’t logical for Marijuana to be illegal, but the fight for it’s legality must come one step at a time.
    Some of the penalties for having and/or using marijuana are just as astonishing as the fact that it is an illegal drug. One specific example is the penalty on college students convicted of having even small amounts in their possession. Aside from possible jail time and fines, a student on financial aid becomes ineligible to receive financial aid if convicted of possession. This seems hindering to our society in my opinion. A college student who is paying for school with financial aid probably can’t attend school without the monetary help. What if the next Einstein just so happens to be caught with marijuana? The Government refuses him schooling and a brilliant mind is wasted all because future Einstein had a plant in his pocket! There is simply no rationality behind this, yet the issue goes unquestioned (at least here in the state of Ohio).
    Consider the harm in loosening the tight shackles on marijuana use and possession. Perhaps some people would be more likely to use the drug because their fear of the consequences would ease. Is this such a bad thing? We see people everyday walking down the street smoking a cigarette or drinking a beer at the bar. Merely dropping some of the harsh penalties would not mean seeing people walking around downtown with a joint or finding a group of people at the back of a bar passing a bowl. Getting rid of harsh marijuana related penalties is not a step towards chaos within society. Even if marijuana were to become legal we would not see America fall apart around us. In fact, it could even ease the tension on the horrible economy. The legalization of marijuana would lead to the creation of new corporations and put a positive boost of the economic crisis. Marijuana is really only dangerous because of the consequences its use entails, maybe it’s time we make marijuana a little less dangerous.

    • ANSWER:
      Marijuana should be taxed and regulated just like alcohol and tobacco. Despite what people say it can be done. In the Netherlands it’s legal for an adult to possess up to 5 grams for personal use. HOWEVER there are very stiff penalties against the private sales and cultivation of cannabis. In other words the government is in total control of it.

      Pot used to be legal in most states up until 1937. The federal government banned it largely because of political pressure from the paper and cotton industries because they didn’t want to compete with hemp industry.

      Prior to that California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Utah outlawed cannabis to make it easier to deport Mexican migrant farm laborers during lean economic times.

      OK marijuana is a mind altering substance, it’s not for everybody. Same can be said for alcohol. Remember at one time it was said alcohol was responsible for so much damage to society the U.S. government tried to ban it.

      Prohibition was a disaster remember?

    Why should marijuana stay illegal?
    Here’s why I think it should be legal!

    Many people in the U.S. were raised to believe that marijuana is a harmful drug. They mainly believe this because the government made it illegal, giving it a bad reputation. If they did their research, they would find that marijuana has many benefits for health and the economy. Every myth about marijuana can be disproved. It is not harmful and should be legalized for recreational use in America.

    It is true that smoking a substance damages lungs and increases chances of bronchitis and lung diseases. However, studies show that there is a less than 1% chance anyone will develop lung disease or cancer from marijuana intake. In fact, while cigarettes kill tens of thousands of people every single year, there has never even been one death throughout history caused by marijuana. Other ways of marijuana intake is also available and even less harmful. Some methods include eating it, cooking it with food, using a bong, or vaporization.

    Marijuana also makes people slow and lazy, or even stupid. Not! A U.S. study from the Bureau of Health stated that nothing about marijuana shows that those characteristics resulted from the intake of the drug. It has actually been proven that more intelligent people who are college educated condone marijuana use. This “drug” actually has positive effects on intelligence – it brings out the creativity in people.

    While many people do not believe it, marijuana has many health benefits. It is actually more effective than pills when treating pain, emotional problems, Tourettes, glaucoma, and many more illnesses. Since it is one of the most non-toxic substances, it does not give you any harmful side effects either. In one study, marijuana was able to replace various other pills in treating patients with chronic body pain or mental problems. In addition, smoking it allows you to choose your own dosage according to how much you smoke, whereas a pill may be too strong or too weak. If marijuana was legalized, our entire country would improve. Less stress, less pain, less overweight people, and less anorexic people, all due to marijuana.

    Economically, legalizing marijuana would be a definite bonus. Drug dealers would be out of business because marijuana licenses would be given to stores averaging 30 cents per marijuana cigarette. That would take marijuana off the streets. Drug dealers also would not be in jail anymore, spending a day of the government’s money to reside in the prison. In California, legalizing marijuana could make billion dollars every year, bringing them out of debt.

    As you see, marijuana is not as harmful as most tend to think it is. It’s quite the opposite. With economical, emotional, and health benefits, I am personally amazed marijuana is still illegal in the year 2010! It is my belief that the government does not want to admit they were wrong and legalization would result in loss of drug enforcement jobs. Regardless, the government needs to wake up and legalize marijuana.
    Can anyone put up a better argument?
    People are awesome at making assumptions, but they suck at providing evidence. Like actual stats and research.
    @SusieQ I agree. It costs about /day to keep all of those prisoners in jail. Because they smoked a joint. They’ll get 5 years, and I think it’s strange as hell when a rapist or a murderer also gets 5 years. Makes me go, “What the fuck?”

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, little red, and I guess you must get all your news from the dea site using massively biased studies to prove their points, huh?

      You know, its pretty easy to show long term effects of marijuana causing brain damage when you are feeding lab animals 100% smoke with no oxygen, so long that they go into asphyxiation.

      You know its pretty easy to show how much stronger marijuana is today than in the 60s when your study doesnt explain the horticulture technique of not pollenating plants, a technique that has been around as long as the sun.

      Its pretty easy to show marijuana as a gateway drug when you break all the rules of the scientific method and call a correlation a cause and effect relationship.

      @ High-strung
      1. I actually was raised to belive marijuana was bad. My parents were against it, they put it in the same realm as hard core sin. Then the schools taught me it was wrong. Yes, that DOES happen, whether you have met them or not.

      2. Well, you may not care what cigs do or dont do, but YES, it DOES matter. You cannot call marijuana too dangerous to be legal while protecting other industries that are FAR MORE dangerous than mj. Just cannot do it. If YOU personally support banning tobacco, it would add a level of respect to your opinion. But yeah, if the gov is going to protect tobacco, tobacco HAS to be talked about with marijuana criminalization.

      3. Yes, and I cant talk to drunk people either. Thats not a reason to support keing it criminal.

      4. Well, the people who have absolutely no alternative is small. There are TONS of people who could benefit medically from amrijuana, over and above the alternative they are already on.

      For example, I didnt medically NEED marijuana because I had the alternative of morphine, oxy, xanax, compazine and a few others. However, having marijuana as an alternative, allowed me to find a BETTER medication that treated my pain while also at the same time leaving me coherrent enough to have a day. So, did I absolutely require marijuana for health? No. But being able to use it IMPROVED my condition.

      You really are that much against improving condition simply because there are more dangerous alternatives to marijuana available??

    how safe is birth control? and what are the chances of getting pregnant while on it?
    1)My girlfriend is thinking about going on birth control but she is the type of person who doesn’t even like to take asprin when she has a headache. My question is, how common are the side effects of birth control and how bad can they be? If it helps i believe shes is looking into taking Yazmen i think its called

    2)Also i heard a women can get pregnant while still on the pill. What are the circumstances behind this and how often does that happen?

    3)One last thing is that i know it complictes things if a women smokes while on the pill. My girlfriend does not smoke cigarettes but is a daily marijuana user. Are the effects the same?

    I Love this girl and really think i’m going to marry her and have a family with her someday, but neither of us are in a position to have a child yet, so i just want us to be as safe and HEALTHY as possible together but still be able to have sex occasionally. Thank you for any positive help you can give
    the women who says sex before marriage is a sin got so many thumbs down from me personally because ppl come here looking for information which they hope are FACTS….not her personal BELIEFS which they can take 2 a religious blog. (in my eyes god would consider it more of a sin to impose one’s personal beliefs where they are not warranted)

    • ANSWER:
      1. The list of potential side effects from birth control is pretty long, but most women have only minor side effects, or none at all. (And many of the side effects are positive — lighter periods, less acne, fewer cramps, reduced risk of certain types of cancer.) Serious or life threatening side effects would be extremely rare in a healthy, young, non-smoking woman.

      2. No birth control is 100% effective. When used correctly the risk of pregnancy is less than 1% (fewer than one pregnancy per hundred women per year), but skipping a pill, or taking certain other medications, can increase the risk. You will, of course, continue to use condoms, so the two methods together would reduce the risk of pregnancy to a negligible level.

      3. Any smoking increases her risk. She will need to be honest with the clincian when she goes for her check-up. The doctor or nurse may recommend that she avoid birth control pills, or recommend a brand less likely to cause cardio-vascular problems. (Yazmin is high risk in this regard.)

      FWIW, if you expect to only have sex ‘occassionally’ then the pill may not be a great choice. Taking something every day just to have sex once every few weeks isn’t very sensible. Condoms + foam may be a safer and better choice. But again, this would all be something for her to discuss with the doctor or nurse.

    I am TTC and need some advice?
    Please do not be rude. Just give me good, simple advice as this is a very touchy subject.

    We have been TTC for a year. Last December (or early January) I took a pregnancy test and had a very faint positive. A few days later I believe I suffered a miscarriage. Ever since, we have been trying by using absolutely no protection. Still nothing. I am 20, he is 28.

    From what I know, his side of the family has a lot of success with reproduction. His grandmother had 5 children, his mother had 2 (him and his brother) but decided she only wanted 2 children so she got a hysterectomy very early on in her life.

    My side – Great grandmother had 4 children, there was a 5th who was a twin but she lost that baby during birth. My grandmother had 3 children, my mother has 3 children. Everyone in my family seems to be very fertile. My mother calls herself a “fertile mertile.”

    Things about us –
    Him: Drinks beer very often, very stressful job. Smokes pot very often, this does not have an effect on his attitude, etc. It simply makes him happy and he enjoys it. (Always has.)
    Me: Drug free. I don’t drink very often however I do smoke cigarettes. I am often stressed.

    What could be wrong? Considering I did have that one positive pregnancy, I am still holding hope that one day I will too be able to have a family of my own but after months and months of trying, I am starting to feel very depressed. Please help me out. Any success stories? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      well first off, if you are TTC you need to stop smoking…i also am TTC and a smoker and trying really hard to quit. alcohol and pot will both lower sperm count and cause unfertility. im not saying its impossible to get pregnant if he does those things but he really should stop smoking. ESPECIALLY if you are wanting a baby. stress can make you less fertile also. not to be rude,i know your not, but it sounds like your trying to be less fertile! cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol all have an effect on fertility. if you cut out these things your chances will be much greater! i wish you both the best of luck and sending baby dust your way!!

    Alcohol during early pregnancy? Abnormal pap too?
    Alright- please no nasty posts.

    I just found out that I am 6-8 weeks pregnant. I had two “periods” in May and not exactly sure when I conceived. The last one could have been implantation bleeding. My dates got all messed up because I just went off the pill due to some horrible side effects.

    In June I did some heavy partying that included getting drunk a couple of times and smoking a couple of cigarettes. I have also had a couple of drinks here and there, but I do not smoke regularly. I would have never drank or smoked if I knew I was pregnant or if I even thought it was a possibility. How risky is this for my baby? Are there any tests to find out if I caused any damage? I feel horrible about it all….

    I had a pap smear in the middle of june (already pregnant). Doctor obviously didn’t know I was pregnant either. It came back abnormal and positive for a high-risk cervical cancer type of HPV. Could have this been from the pregnancy? What are the risks associated with getting a biopsy right now?

    I am calling the doctor’s office tomorrow to schedule an appointment. The whole thing has me freaked out and I just want some answers before I go in.

    • ANSWER:
      HPV doesn’t have anything to do with you getting pregnant. it’s just one of those things that some women have, and your doctor can treat you for it accordingly. partying like you did and smoking like you did, won’t cause any harm to your baby as long as you don’t continue to do it. as long as you know that you are pregnant, don’t do anything that you wish you would not of had done. take care of yourself and don’t worry.. everything will be fine.

    Can a blood test find nicotine?
    First of all, I don’t want to hear shit from anybody about my age, what I do, why I should or shouldn’t do stuff, or anything. Kay? Kay.

    I’m 14. I know the law is 18 and older, but yeah. I smoke and dip. Dip more than cigarettes because my mom keeps an eye out to make sure I’m not smoking. Not like she’s caught me 384753298467 times with cigarettes. But, yeah. I am currently dipping. Marlboro Snus pouches. At 2:00, my mom’s taking me to blood tests to make sure I don’t have too much of my mood stabalizers in me. I guess it’s a side effect or just normal with pills. I don’t know. But, yeah. My doctor wants my mom to take me for a blood test so that we can monitor how high of a dose I have in me so that the pills don’t keep building up causing the dose in my blood stream to get higher and higher. My mom and I always jokes about me doing drugs. Whenever I have a crabby attitude and am really tired, she’s like, “What’s wrong? Been doing drugs? Maybe I should take you to get you tested.” And she said this blood test finds everything in my blood stream and she, jokingly, said that I better not be doing drugs or it’ll come back as positive. But, I don’t know if that goes for nicotine, too. I’m fucking terrified that it could come back that I have nicotine in me and could even say when it got there. So, basically, if it does, the nicotine from the pouch I have in, now, could come back and say that it was today or, even worse, a little over an hour before the blood test. Please answer. Does nicotine show up? Does the time of how long ago it got put in show up? If so, is there any way to get rid of it in an hour?
    Tammy, I hope you come back to this and read this. My question is; Wouldn’t hospitals have those tests and include them in the blood tests? I mean, surely, with me being underage, they’d let my mom know EVERYTHING I have in my system.

    • ANSWER:
      I am 40 and don’t care what you do. There are 2 answers to your question, and then because you made me read so much you get an opinion, too. First answer, yes. A blood test can most definitely pick up tobacco. Second answer is better: they have to order a very very specific test to do it in the lab, and it most likely would not be done. Now you get advice: whatever med you are being monitored for WILL be affected by nicotine alcohol or drugs. It will. Your doctor should know even if your mom doesn’t.

    Is it really so wrong?
    Something that’s been on my mind lately, what is so wrong with doing drugs in the privacy of your own home, now just hear me out, I work two full time jobs and go to school full time, what is really so wrong with wanting to maybe hit the bong or tripp on some triple c’s during the weekend for some R&R. I’m well aware of what each drug does to your body and it’s a personal choice just like its anyone’s choice to smoke or get wasted partying during the weekend, plus there are products out there that cause just as much damage to the body, as a tripp on triple c’s does and more. So my question is how is it wrong to want to feel good about yourself for a little while or just to escape from reality for a short time? I cant think of a reason, I mean you think about it if drugs were legal, we would not need drug dealers, or cartel, etc. I mean in the end we could probably SAVE money, from fighting a losing war on drugs and use it for something more wisely, and we could just have laws with them just like cigarettes and alcohol, and the government would be able to tax them and pull us outta this recession, so I just don’t really see how the pros don’t out weigh the cons; and just to get this out there, I grew up in a home, with no dad and a high alcoholic mother sprung out on the couch so yes I have see the negative effects of ONE persons actions with drugs, and I did hate drugs for a long time before I saw the positive side of them, and I think its very selfish when parents do that, but once again the government can make laws and regulations for those situations. My main point is here, is that why do hard working Americans that sometime work over 40 hours a week, have to worry about breaking the law to to just enjoy life in the way they want to enjoy it?
    I don’t even do drugs btw, when did I ever say I did; i said I see the positive side of them, but threw friends when I babysit them while they get high, and I also said in the privacy of your own home, if people are going to come to work high or get in a car drunk or high then nothing is going to stop them, weather drugs are legal or not, I’m just pointing out the pro’s and and con’s and to me the pro’s out weigh the con’s simply became people are already doing all that stuff you guys mentioned, I’m just saying why can’t our government make money to help our nation instead of fight a battle thats been going on since the early 1900’s and shows no signs of letting up, plus if you look at the facts, back when the drug war first started, recreational use did start raising by ten fold UNTIL the government started telling people they could not do them, its like one big childish rebellion over the generations, but when you tell someone no what do you think their going to do anyways?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m with you on that one. I think everyone should follow their own moral compass as long as they are not hurting others.

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