Dogs Cushing’s Disease: Don’t Misdiagnose These Signs And Symptoms Of Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

What is dog’s Cushing’s disease? Dogs Cushing’s disease is a common problem that affects senior pets, and is caused by overactive adrenal glands. This condition can easily be confused with premature signs of aging in dogs. Cushing’s disease symptoms include:*

* weight gain
* hair loss
* urinating in the house
* increased consumption of water
* increased urination
* increase in appetite

Thankfully, this disease is treatable and once treated your dog can live a much longer and healthier life. This condition can be treated at home using homeopathic remedies.

In dogs, Cushing’s disease can look like the debilitating effects of aging, so some pet owners may mistakenly consider euthanasia in order to let their pets go peacefully. It is very important to understand when your dog is truly just aging or if they are suffering from Cushing’s disease. Your vet can help you determine what your pet is facing.

In dogs, Cushing’s disease is usually found in pets that are around ten years old. Cushing’s disease is more likely to strike in miniature dogs and in spayed/neutered dogs. Since it can strike just about any dog and there are very few known predispositions for the disease it is sometimes hard to diagnose. Even the physical signs of the disease can be similar to a variety of other health problems.

Because the symptoms are so much like aging it is important to note the symptoms that are more than common signs of aging. These can be extreme drinking(water) as 80-85% of Cushing’s dogs will drink 2-10 times their normal amount. Another possible sign is a change in the color of your dog’s coat, 85-100% of Cushing’s dogs have a change in the skin or coat. 90-95% of dogs will also take on a pot-bellied appearance. By recognizing these signs you can treat the disease and make your dog live longer and more comfortably. Once you suspect the problem, a simple blood test could prove that your dog is suffering from Cushing’s.

If Cushing’s disease is left to progress without treatment it can lead to even more serious problems such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, failure of the liver and kidneys, and other problems like infections in numerous places on the body. These problems combined with Cushing’s disease can prove fatal to your pet. So if you pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms for dog’s Cushing’s disease and they are over 6 years of age, it is best to take them to a vet right away for a diagnosis.

About the Author:
In dogs, Cushing’s disease can be treated at home using natural remedies that help support your pet’s adrenal function. Look for a homeopathic remedy containing dandelion, burdock, and Huang Qi to help control your dogs Cushing’s disease. Click here to find a natural remedy that relieves you dog of the discomfort of Cushing’s disease in dogs.


Frequently Asked Questions

    English bulldog with severe skin problems, help!?
    My bulldog is going crazy with skin rashes on his face and he can’t stop scratching. He is spilling drops of blood everywhere. He eats Science Diet dog food, he takes a an Omega 3 and a benadryl everyday. Vets don’t know.
    Any other advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Change vets. If the vets havent already I would recommend a skin scrape to check for parasites and mites. My dog started losing his hair about 6 months ago and they say its skin allergies. My dog is 44lbs and they said he could take 2 benadryl 3 times a day so that might help. Also we use cortisone cream on my dog to make him stop itching it usually helps. As for the bleeding… Most dogs wont let you hold a compress to make it stop. You can try to let it stop on its own but if its like my dog they continue to mess with it till there is blood everywhere. You can buy stuff from the pet store call parvex that is an ointment they use on sled dogs paws when they get chapped it works well to stop bleeding. Another safe alternative is pack the place that is bleeding with triple anti biotic ointment. It doesnt harm the dog at all and its what my vet recommends. Again try another vets opinion maybe they can run more tests. My dog was put on prednizone which helped a ton and only takes it when needed now so its not to bad.

    Skin Problems ENGLISH BULLDOG?
    I have a 3 year old English Bulldog. He has dry itching skin around the wrinkles on his face and front paws. He also has an infection/ irritation around his tail. Every morning I clean and powder him but it still doesn’t work. I take him to the vet and get cotizone shot every 4-6 weeks. The BIG PROBLEM is the SMELL from the tail infection what can I do?????

    • ANSWER:
      How long has he had a tail infection? Is it in his tail pocket or just around his tail? Has your vet recommended switching foods or a tail amputation? Have his sacs been expressed lately? Also check out medical forum
      Sorry for all the questions in response :/

    My bulldog keeps rubbing his face on the floor.?
    I have a 2 year old english bulldog. in the past he has had problems with tear stains. i changed his diet and the stains went away. within the last couple weeks he has began to rub his face on the floor and the walls. he scratched around his eyes. ive also noticed his skin has become red around his eyes. is there any home remedys for this?
    i would take him to the vet, but money is tight in my house hold right now.

    • ANSWER:
      Is he rubbing his whole face or just his eyes? It sounds like allergies (which also causes eye watering and tear stains). Depending on his weight, give them 1 or 2 benedryll and see if that makes a difference.

      My dog has them during the early spring and early fall. He’s a little different though and rubs his paws on his face since we have hardwood floors. Either way, benedryll won’t hurt the dog even if that’s not the problem, just make sure not to give him too much.

    Bulldog problems-?
    my bully boy all of a sudden came up in bumps all over his body after his daily walk.they can only be described as marbles under the skin.i took him to the vet who gave piriton and said it was an allergy to something unknown.after 3 or so hours of having the jab of piriton they vanished .that was yesterday 19/05/07 so i did not give any more of the piriton tabs i have noticed no lumps but his beautiful white face around the mouth and eyes are pink and slightly puffy.i am giving him the medication today but wondered does anyone know how i find out what the allergic reaction is from.the only thing new that i can think of is he had some fresh cream left over from my pud and also sea bass fish could this be the cause.i have had bulldogs before and never had anything like this so am bemused as my bulldogs in the past always had tit bits off my plate with no problems what so ever.i also have his litter sister here and she has no problems what so ever.

    • ANSWER:
      Go back to your vet and ask him if he can do a skin sample and see if he can determine what it is. The vet obviously hasn’t suggested this as it would cost you to do it but i’d say blood tests and skin tests as in humans would be the only way he will be able to determine this. Atleast you know the piriton will work for future ref but have you thought about changing his walk, the route you take is obviously tainted with something he is allergic to it’s maybe the best idea.

    My 6 month old bulldog has red/brown sore wrinkles, what can I do?
    Before buying my bulldog I researched a lot into the breed, I understand that bulldogs are a special kind of breed because they require a lot of looking after and I know they are prone to a lot of problems including breathing problems and skin problems. My bulldog is red and white, and where she is white on her neck you can see that the skin is quite sore as it is quite red/brown. The same applies to the wrinkle under her nose and down the sides of her face. I have already researched different ways of treating this but I wanted to make my own post to see what advice people have to give me. I’m looking for the most cheap and easy way to treat it as I’m not up for spending £10 on a bottle of treatment which will last something ridiculous like a week. Obviously if I have to, I will because I love my dog and will do anything to keep her healthy, but if there are alternatives which people can advise then I’d be very appreciative:) Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      If you researched into the breed, you know they are basically walking vet bills- Or as my vet calls them “A vet’s pet”.

      You need an official diagnosis as to why they are sore and what’s causing it. You cannot get that diagnosis online.

    American Bulldog Allergies?
    So A month or so ago we saved an american bulldog puppy from our friend who decided to randomly start “Breeding” but she isn’t doing a very great job. When we rescued the pup at eight weeks he had a broken knee, a yeast infection in his skin and very dirty infected ears. and a little underweight. is this dog abuse? Well anyways he had gotten better and he no longer had a broken knee and you couldn’t even tell now and his skin problem went away. But around a month or two ago our dog who is now eight months old and HUGE, for an american bull hes large, we named him Giant. But two months ago Giants started having bad reactions to something, we cant find out, we took him to the vet plenty of times and he was on six different antibiotics and a strict lamb diet and his face cleared up, he used to be covered in scratches, and bald spots everywhere. He was using his due Claws to scratch his face. He lost all the hair on his ears due to scratching. For around a month he had to wear a cone on his head and had socks tied to his feet and he looked like a walking zombie dog. Since the last vet trip his face had cleared a bit but his whole body is still red and agitated when we go outside. He is allergic to something i know it. Has anyone had these types of problems with there dogs?

    heres some pics of my dog Giant you cannot see any of his health problems in these pics, thats why i like them—>
    Eight weeks old, and the size of a moose

    Seven months old and at the vet

    Eight months old and relaxing at home
    Hes on taste of the wild, pure lamb, no grains or anything with egg or chicken in it. And thats the problem, the vets have done multiple skin scrapes and come up with nothing. So they treat him over and over with the same stuff, hell look better but it will only come back a little worse. Hes tested for allergys and weve changed everything, he no longer goes on grass often. the blankets he now sleeps on arent made with feathers. We changed his food bowls to metal bowls instead of plastic cause we know an american bull that was allergic to plastic. Strange. Hes been treated for mange and all types of parasites. No one can find the problem?
    Dust mites can be very possible actually, i looked up some images of other pets with the allergy and they all had the same red irritated splotchy skin my dog has. Im gunna look into that.

    • ANSWER:
      Have the vet do a skin scrape and food allergy test.

    Was going to buy a bulldog but has mange pls see the link?
    Hi, ok I was close to buying a bulldog, the guy originally wanted 700 for the dog and the price went down to 300. I found out why, he has skin problems and from the pictures he sent me, it looks pretty bad. I feel really bad for the dog but I dont want to pay 300 if the vet bills are going to be like 00 does anyone know if this is mange or what?

    Looks like he has it on his face and feet as well
    This guy says that he’s been to the vet and has been treating him
    Im not sure I believe him as his back specially and paws look infected
    Yes he can be such a pretty dog if he didnt have that condition. Ive been asking the guy but he said he forgot what its called. He said he will take the dog to the vet tomorrow and let me know exactly what it is. We’ll see. I want him but I dont want to take a dog with whatever that is and not be able to pay for vet bills. But at the same time I want him away from that guy. He also has another bulldog and its so over weight, not beefy but just pure, severly over weight.
    I can somewhat work with vet bills as my uncle is a vet. That’s why Im even considering taking this dog. I feel really bad for him. I currently have a bulldog puppy now, I was searching for another pup so he can have a play mate as I work.
    As for calling the humane society on him, I would but I dont have his address, I will work on that tomorrow when he contacts me. He asked me to come down and see the dogs but I didnt want to do that because his price for the dogs were over my budget at first, 1100. So I refused to go, he lives an hour and a half from me, it would be pointless for me to look at dogs at that distance that I can’t afford.

    • ANSWER:

    Should the English Bulldog standard be changed?
    I’m not against the bulldog, just think the standard should be changed so breeders don’t continously breed for smushed faces, flab, and huge heads.

    1) It’s extremely dangerous to allow standard bulldog bitches to naturally whelp because unlike nearly all other breeds, bulldogs have tremendous heads which require C-sections. The pup’s head gets stuck in the birth canal, trapping other pups inside Mom.
    2) Full of health problems. Skin problems, food allergies–what else? These are side effects of the smushed nose and wrinkles.
    3) Does not seem to have a purpose. I know we shouldn’t decide whether dogs should LIVE or not just whether or not they help us, but the bulldog does not really get or do anything through existence–they sit, sleep, and eat. They don’t protect, they can’t run/swim cuz of their massive heads, and they can’t move as freely as other dogs cuz their heads weigh them down, literally.

    So, should the breed standard be changed or not?

    • ANSWER:
      I would like to see that changed! Did you see the show Nature on PBS recently, it was a 2 part show about “Dogs that changed the world” and they addressed the issue of the bulldog’s changed image. It was a great show and will probably be on again this month if you missed it!

    Anyone with a French Bulldog?
    I have a 10 month old French Bulldog and his face stinks. Is this normal? And he keeps getting this re-occuring skin irritation that looks like mange but I took him to the vet who says it is NOT mange but a FORM of mange that is not contagious. He said it can come from a weak or underdeveloped immune system or my Frenchie can be simply stressed. This dog is so SPOILED I can’t imagine him being stressed. Anyone with the same problems?
    He has been treated for the skin problem.

    • ANSWER:
      How is it NOT mange, but a form of mange that is not contagious??????????? That does not make sense. It sounds like he would be referring to Demodex, which IS mange, but is not contagious. It is however treatable and SHOULD be treated.

      Get some more information from the vet, or get another vet!

      You said it is “reoccuring”. And if the dog smells, there is a problem.
      I would see another vet. Second opinion kinda thing. I had a Frenchie, and he wasn’t smelly or had any kind of skin problem.

    I don’t know what to do with my dog’s skin problem anymore! HELP?
    I have a 6 months old French Bulldog. About a week ago, I noticed some hot spots on my dog’s face (like hives). I brought him to the vet and he scraped his skin off and put the specimen into a microscope. He let me see a very tiny parasite. According to him, it’s a demodex. He gave me antibiotics, corticosteroid, and a tiny vial of Amitraz to be diluted into a 50 ml of water to be sprayed to the affected area daily. About 3 days of treatments, I noticed that my dog’s condition is worsening. More spots started to appear and upon reading in the internet that it’s dangerous for dogs to take corticosteroids, I stopped ALL of the medications for 3 days. I also self-diagnosed my dog by thinking it’s NOT mange but just an allergy, so I changed his food. Then, about 2 days of eating the new food, I see no changes.

    What should I do? Do you think it’s just allergy or mange? If it is mange, why doesn’t it get better with the Amitraz and the antibiotics?

    Please don’t answer me by telling to go to the vet because they might give me another drug and I don’t want the whole thing to be complicated.
    Also, by thinking it’s allergy, I switched his food 3 times now GRADUALLY. I am just too desperate. Is it dangerous?
    Also, by thinking it’s allergy, I switched his food 3 times now GRADUALLY. I am just too desperate. Is it dangerous?

    • ANSWER:

    PUPPY SKIN RASH PROBLEM….read on please?
    reddish….bumpy(various sizes)….some flat….all over her body except her face….started on her crotch/stomach area…..comes quickly and leaves quickly….scabs up heals falls off leaving a patch of skin….not painful or itchy….i dont think its cancer, ringworm, or mange….shes an american bulldog under a year

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like allergies possibly from grass,pollen on the ground or even food. I would have her checked by the vet. especially when she is broke out on the belly.

    My English Bulldog nose is not sunk-in? ATTN: Bulldog Owners!?
    My English bulldog is 6 months old and his nose has not sunk-in. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this feature?

    I am happy because it will help prevent with some respiratory problems, but I am also wondering if I should expect it to sink-in. I know that it is part of the genetic features too and wondering if this it could be a excellent thing or a critisism among other breeders. He is also 60lbs at six months and his vet expects him to be 80lbs as an adult. curious? Thanks for any info you can help me with. I am a new English Bulldog owner. I love this little guy!

    Here is a pic of him.

    He does have the terrible skin allergies that come along with his breed. No English bulldog owner has ever spoke against his nose..and his face is shaped just like his moms and her was sunk, but not very deep.

    He is short and stocky.. another pic.

    • ANSWER:
      he’s cute, but he doesn’t look like a purebred to me, which is why his nose isn’t “smashed” in. he’s kind of american bulldog looking to me…so perhaps a little mixture of that or boxer? he’s cute though!

    2 dogs and 1 cat got hairless black spots after neuter/spaying at the humane society?
    I’m really mad. My nice clean indoor animals got spayed and neutered at the Humane Society and now have skin problems. My little boy chihuahua type dog has an itchy rash all over his groin and anal area that results in hairless spots that turn black. My lilac siamese who got neutered has a couple of these patches on his back that are now black spots. My boyfriend’s bulldog has a red itchy rash under her chin and down her belly that is going hairless and itching her badly. Our other cat and dog remain fine as they did not set foot inside the Humane Society. My son got one of the patches on his face and he now has a dark patch the size of a quarter. This is horrible. We treated my son with staph infection cream and it cleared it up, along with bactrim. I am immunosuppressed and this is horrible. All dogs receive ivermectin monthly, flea medication monthly with baths weekly to monthly or as needed. Fortunately the siamese cat is tolerant of baths, but not riding in the car. We have tried the blue solution of benzal something sold for hot spots, which soothes but does nothing to stop it, tried bathing with tar shampoos, dandruff shampoo, flea and mange spray directly on the spots. The little chihuahua type dog is the worst affected. I called the Humane Society and the vet there said it was demodex mange and that she has a rescue dog there that is badly affected. I don’t think she knows what it is because she can’t clear it up being a vet. I believe this is a type of staph infection from unclean and unsanitary practices. Please help with comments. We are planning to take the dogs and cat in to the vet this week. Any experience with this condition is helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t take anymore animals there to be spayed if I were you. That being said if you washed the dog with Tar shampoo I think you would have seen some improvement if it were mange. Try using used motor oil. If that doesn’t help use Listerine (the old yellow stuff). If that doesn’t help try using dawn dishwashing liquid (classic). All of these will probably dry the dog’s skin but if it works you can treat the dry skin later as whatever they have is affecting people. You may even be able to use bleach (1 part bleach to 6 parts water and just wipe on and then rinse off after about 5 mins). I have heard the Listerine worked to get rid of bugs, never tried it. The dawn was something I have heard many times to get rid of fleas. Bleach works on bug bites for people but it stings. The used motor oil has worked for many but I have never tried it.

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    Why is my american bull dog so itchy ?
    I have a one year old male american bulldog – whom has become very itchy and red – causing him to bleed, become scabby and very distrssed. He seems to be worse in between his paws, creases of his legs, stomach and face – the vet hsa taken blood, skin scrapings with no findings! We are at a loose end, he was being fed james wellbeloved but we changed due to this skin problem ( as the vet thought it was the food ) he was then on purina soy food ( but was so hungry and not entertained by it at all – in terms of training ) and so now while we work out what the probelm is he is on bakers !! Does anybody have any advice/information/recomendations – would be much appreciated !! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Those symptoms fit the symptoms of MANGE, caused by infestation of microscopic mites that burrow below the skin and cause the itching-scratching-rash-scabs.
      There seems to be a LOT of cases of MANGE in the last month or so.
      Get some ADVOCATE drops from your vet.

      If your vet has taken skin scrapings and ruled out mites/mange, you could try giving your dog a OATMEAL BATH.

      BAKERS food is one of the WORST dog foods for additives & preservatives. Try ROYAL CANIN or ARDEN GRANGE with a half-tin of BUTCHERS TRIPE mixed in.

    What should I feed my dog who has allergies?
    I have a solid white bulldog mix who recently went to the vet about his allergies. They wanted me to change his food to see if that would help so I put him on the Purina Pro Plan for sensitive skin. It seems to be getting worse. He scratches his face alot to where one side looks red and is loosing fur. What other products are good for dogs with allergies. I also have a smaller dog who never had problems but switching them to this food has caused him to start scratching alot.
    I have also tried corn free products and heard grain free products work well with allergies. So i think I will try them next, just not sure which brand may be better

    • ANSWER:
      All depends on what it is that he is allergic to. Most dogs are allergic to a certain grain or meat source. Look at the ingredients on his current food. If the meat they use is say chicken, I would knock all of the birds with one stone and pick a food that is grain free and has a different meat source. Like lamb or something.

      I have one dog that gets terribly itchy dry skin when he was on dry food with lots of grains. I also have a dog that can’t handle beef. My dogs are on a Prey Model Raw diet and have absolutely no skin issues.

    another dog food question…canidae salmon grain free?
    I’ve been searching for a dry dog food to fit both dogs (1 year old american bulldog roxy and 6 month old pit dax) I am currently on nutro ultra which is no good according to vast research on dog food analasys and long hours on the floor of the surronding 25 miles of feed stores and pet specialty stores I’ve discovered the ingredients are not good and the food is over priced I want what’s best for my dogs on a budget I can afford and meeting quality requirements I desire, that being said I’ve came to canidae grain free salmon dry dog food. I was wondering what you all think if anyone feeds it and do you think protien level is too high go to the canidae website and check it out. And if they’re too high and I go ahead with it what circumstances do I face if its just energetic dogs that’s fine but I’ve heard kidney problems and that’s not ok. Also roxy has skin issues to name a few… yeast infections in her vaginal area, between pads of feet in ears on stomoch under chin, also compat anal constipation and loose stool never regular bowels. And there’s been more! These have decreased since switching to nutro ultra but I know they can be less if not gone. I have had her to plenty of vets they have mostly reccomended benedryl or some type of pill or special medicated diet, no thanks! I know that there’s a food out there that can help her I just haven’t found it. If anyone has had any real experience with this please lend your advice. I’ve never had such a ‘sensitive’ dog. Oh and no raw diet time consuming and don’t have room to store enough meat to buy bulk

    • ANSWER:
      You’re right that raw is indeed the best, but if you’re not ready for it (though it’s not as complicated as it initially seems), then yes, definitely feed a premium grain-free food.

      I fed Taste of the Wild High Prairie (buffalo) and though my dog did “fine” on it, he did TERRIFIC on raw prey model, most noticeably in his gastric system – no more flatulence, less stool, more compact, dry stool, and the stool had almost 0% smell to it – on kibble, even a high-quality kibble, he farted up a storm, it stank to high Heaven, and he constantly had semi-soft, stinky stools.

      I wouldn’t be terribly concerned about kidney disease, to be honest with you. Yes, the protein levels are higher, but a healthy dog is designed to metabolize a high-protein diet – they’re carnivores, after all.

      It’s unfortunate that veterinarians in this country are taught to TREAT conditions with drugs and whatnot, instead of practicing the appropriate preventative care and treating symptoms with natural cures and backtracking to determine the CAUSE, not just obtusely treat the EFFECT.

      I’ve not used Canidae, but their grain-free variety is supposed to be quite good. I recommend you at least try it, and I would absolutely supplement your dogs’ diets with raw food occasionally (though never fed WITH kibble, as they are digested at different rates and due to gas build-up from kibble, you don’t want to risk a bloat). Give them a chicken breast or drumsticks now and then, and a meaty cattle bone now and then for premium dental health.

      I hope this is helpful to you – good luck with your dogs! : )

    I need some help dealing with my violent drug addicted brother?
    So I wondering what to do about my brother. Let me start out by saying that 2 days ago my brother who takes steroids and weighs about 45 pounds more than me, has a very bad drug habit( almost every weekend he goes on an ecstacy and ketamine binge he doesn’t even swallow the e anymore, he just chops it and snorts it and snorts the k when he is feeling too amped up, he doesn’t have a job, he has lived with my 86 year old aunt who he talks into giving him the money he uses for the drugs. Of course she doesn’t know what’s going on, and at her old age she doesn’t realize beer doesn’t cost that much, not to mention she should not be paying for his night out anyways. Of course with him it is more like a weekend out as he typically is up for almost 3 days straight every weekend he parties. He does not always do it every weekend but he never goes
    more than 2 weeks without binging. I am guessing at this point he has spent at least 15,000 dollars of my aunts money on drugs, money she spent years scrimping and saving in order to save up and though at her old age she probably won’t be needing the money, I am worried about how it will make my family look to the rest of the family not to mention it is just wrong.

    I know for a fact that my aunt would pay for rehab, but he says he has it under
    control and doesn’t want to hear it than changes the subject to my problems and says I should worry about myself. My aunt thinks his odd sleeping hours which are caused by the drugs, are a result of depression and so she spent ,500 on a bulldog puppy for him to help cheer him up, which has not had a single change in his behavior. You’d think that after Somone does that for
    you you might at least feel bad about manipulating them but he does not.

    Anyways, to get to the point, a few days ago he was over at the house for dinner and had brought his dog with him. I have a cat and as I did not want it to run away as there was a strange dog in it’s house, so I picked him up to carry into the dining room to get used to the dog. Anyways to get to the point my brothers dog runs up to me, jumps up on my leg and starts barking, I try to wlk away from the dog and now all the sudden my whole freak family is yelling at me for bringing the cat out of my room instead of lifting a finger trying to help me get the dog away. My brother finally grabs the dog after about two minutes of this so I head back to my room but then my brother let’s the dog go and once more it runs up to me, by now the cat has has enough and so it twists around in my arms and digs it’s claws into my face and I try pulling it away but it’s claws are hooked into my skin at this point I finally let it go and it pulls itself over me using my face like a damn tree trunk to propel itself. The first thing I do is head to the bathroom to see how bad it is, and see blood pouring down my face, so I head back to the dining room to see why my brother couldn’t hold on to a puppy and before I can get a word out he starts yelling at me about taking my cat out of the room.
    At this point I’m so pissed i go ahead and punch him, but not nearly as hard as I can I even at my hardest I don’t punch very hard. He immediately responds by punching me in the neck as hard as he can and then at least 4 times in the face. I realize I must have looked pathetic flailing around like I was but since my brother is at about 4% body fat and only got his muscles by through steriod use I don’t feel too pitiful. I ended up getting a big cut on my chin whcih also got extremely swollen, a black eye, a swollen temple, and a displaced jaw. Everything but the jaw I didn’t really care about as I knew the cuts and bruises would heal and I am used to him doing worse. But the day after it happened I couldn’t even chew food the pain in my jaw was so bad every time I opened and closed it. It happened on Tuesday and now that the swelling has gone down I can see that my jaw is out of place and will need to be reset or something. However I don’t have medical insurance and I can’t really afford to go to the doctor.
    What should I do? What would you do? I don’t know how to handle this situation , part of me just wants to break a vase over my brothers head or something equally violent even though I am not a violent person normally. But this time he crossed the line. He knew I had tmj but punched me in the jaw as hard as he could with arms that are as almost as thick as my legs. How do I handle this?

    • ANSWER:
      Everything he is doing is illegal. Including defrauding an elderly at risk person, your aunt. It is a crime.
      I agree that you could report him in so many ways, but i think you should contact and talk it out with them and make a safe plan for yourself.
      Otherwise, just go in and tell the police about his drug abuse and defrauding your aunt.

      It seems somene needs to helpyour aunt,and retrieve any money they can and get him out of there.
      You can call social security and talk to them about all this , also, and your local senior services center, or social services.
      Someone has to get him away from your aunt, her bank accounts,money ,and protect you also.

      find the help you need You could all sue him for damages , and press charges.
      A womans shelter and an estate lawyer, may help also.

    Are Veterinarians ethical or are they actually co-conspirators in the purebred dog’s genetic depletion?
    Another (lengthy) article attached with some provocative assertions.

    There is a lot of interesting stuff in the link, but specifically, for this question, I’m interesting in hearing people’s opinions on what is deemed ethical treatment in genetically diseased purebred dogs and more specifically, opinions on the CVMA’s Framework for assessing Animal welfare.

    Do you agree with the Framework?
    Do you believe Veterinarians are actually working against it?
    Are Veterinarians complicit in promoting the genetic depletion of purebred dogs ?

    I’ve snipped a section of the article (below) for those that want to read more before they answer.

    The CMVA detailed 5 major standards that breed clubs, breed registries, and vets should strive to meet when breeding purebred dogs. They are called the Framework for assessing animal welfare and they are:
    I.Freedom from thirst, hunger, and malnutrition
    II.Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
    III.Freedom from fear and distress
    IV.Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
    V.Freedom to perform most normal forms of behavior

    Veterinarians also bear some responsibility for the welfare situation of purebred dogs. In fact, the veterinary profession has facilitated the evolution of purebred dogs. ‘Breeds’ that would not normally be sustainable are propagated by the compliance of veterinarians to breeder wishes. Breeds such as the bulldog cannot complete parturition without surgical intervention, and dogs with severe hip dysplasia would be euthanized if they could not have their hips surgically corrected. Dogs such as pugs, and cocker spaniels would not make practical pets without veterinary management of their skin conditions. In this fashion, the veterinary profession contributes to canine genetic depletion, and even if this were not the case, it is still the professions responsibility to partake in the solution.

    The CVMA states that it “opposes the selective breeding of dogs resulting in changes in body form, function or temperament, that are detrimental to the health and quality of life of the dog or that have a negative impact on its behaviour towards people and/or other dogs,” and it “also encourages a review of breed standards under the Canadian Kennel Club to put an emphasis on the well-being of dogs, and revise requirements that result in inherent welfare problems” (29).

    Purebred breeding methods replace nature’s role and condemn purebred dogs to live with health and/or behavioral problems. Deliberate manipulation of a dog’s genome, the essence of its life, is an extreme violation of its autonomy. The 500 genetic diseases that have been documented to date are merely a starting point, and it is irrefutable that these defects cause pain and suffering to the dogs that bear them (31). Dog breeding principles do not provide beneficence to the dogs; on the contrary, they result in many injustices to them.

    It is obvious that breeding methods resulting in genetic diseases affect the welfare of dog owners both emotionally and monetarily. It is devastating for the owner who brings home an 8-week-old shih tzu puppy only to discover 4 wk later that his or her beloved puppy has a large ventricular septal defect that has a grave prognosis. Many owners have no concept of the potential health obstacles that their newly purchased purebred dog may have to face, and they may have made very different decisions in their pet search had they anticipated the financial and emotional grief that could ensue. For dogs that require surgical intervention, continuing pharmacological management, or behavioral therapy, the stresses that are experienced by owners are numerous. Organizing and conducting multiple visits to the veterinary office for the treatment of genetic diseases imposes on the owner’s valuable time, perhaps their work, and certainly on their finances. Seeing their dog suffer physical or mental pain is emotionally taxing, even if the condition is medically manageable. Diseases that are manageable are the best-case scenario, but even then there are owners who simply cannot afford the necessary treatment(s), and end up surrendering their dog to a shelter, euthanizing it, or, alternatively, keeping it without providing treatment. Such situations are far too common, and are clearly difficult for owners to experience. These instances also depict the consequences of genetic disease on the welfare of dogs: living without treatment, undergoing the disruption of leaving home to enter an animal shelter, or being euthanized.
    If you cannot read, or cannot be bothered to read, or think it is old news, then don’t answer.
    @Lefavour: The information posted WAS WRITTEN by veterinarians (duh) – not me. And yeah, I believe your a vet. (roll eyes)

    • ANSWER:
      Old news.

    When is it time to put a dog to sleep?
    I realize every dog is different and there is no “formula” but we have a 7yr old American Bulldog that is having all sorts of health issues. His hips have always been an issue and have gotten worse with his spine rising in back. His skin is a mess. He has thyroid issues and he has MANY accidents in the house. Some days he has only one or two but others he has 10-12. He has been in and out of the vet’s office and we have tried all sorts of meds. We let him out basically ever time he stands up if we manage to catch him before he begins to pee. He sleeps in the same spot for almost the entire day. We have 2 small children that he has always been AMAZING with however his interest in playing or even being around them has diminished. We have begun to keep them away from him because we do not want to find out the hard way that he has temper problems as well. Our vet has brought up the idea of putting him to sleep but we just aren’t sure he is at that point….are we being selfish or naive? Has anyone faced a similar situation?

    • ANSWER:
      It is time to do this when the dog has no quality of life left and no longer enjoys daily things and no longer has interest in life.

    Is it time to Euthanise my pet?
    I have an English Bulldog. She is approximetly 6 years old. At the age of six months old, she needed major surgery on one of her legs. She was born with both of her back legs croocket. The vet who performed surgery had to place pins. Approximetly 3 months later, she was complaining of her leg. she had puss coming out of her wound wich would not heal completely. We took her to another vet where he performed another surgery on her leg and noticed that the pins where too long. After that surgery, she’s been ok. She does feel pain from time to time but not like before. Her other back leg has been bothering her for some time but is not something to go running to the vet for. Also, she no longer produces tears, so I have to constantly put artificial tear drops on her eyes. One of her eyes, she had surgery because it erupted. That is how we found out she wasn’t producing tears. Also, she has a skin fungus which keeps coming back. We have treated her with medications for this, but it keeps coming. And she also has a problem in one of her ears where it is swollen. One doctor said it was fungus, another said ear mites. We have tried mediations for both but none work.

    Overall, she seems like she is in pain and doesn’t even want to get up to go poop or pee. Her face exprecion seems SAD and in DISCOMFORT.
    Should I even consider Euthenising?

    • ANSWER:

    PUPPY SKIN RASH PROBLEM….read on please?
    reddish….bumpy(various sizes)….some flat….all over her body except her face….started on her crotch/stomach area…..comes quickly and leaves quickly….scabs up heals falls off leaving a patch of skin….not painful or itchy….i dont think its cancer…def not ringworm or hot spots….shes an american bulldog under a year

    • ANSWER:

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