The Science of Anti-Wrinkle Cream For Men

Recent developments in the science of anti wrinkle cream for men are astounding. Take these advancements for example: ingredients to inhibit prostaglandin production, plant based glycerin to replace petroleum products that dry out the skin and new biochemical discoveries that promote elastin and collagen renewal. Wow. What’s not to like about those fabulous innovations?

For men skin care is not the same as for women. Men’s skin is more prone to inflammation and redness. This is a chicken and the egg sort of problem as it makes no difference whether the red comes because of exposure to harsh conditions or improper skin maintenance.

The need for men’s wrinkle cream has become more apparent as boomers age and atmospheric forces take their toll on all exposed skin. Stressors like extreme weather, dry air and gravity, compounded by lifestyle choices such as smoking or exposure to polluted city air and water will wreck even youthful skin without protection.

And protection from damage is not sufficient; cell renewal must be a primary objective in any man’s skin care regime. Identifying an anti wrinkle cream for men that addresses these particular issues is crucial to the health of your skin. You do want to look and feel vital and young? Then take the necessary steps to accomplish your goal in this regard.

You will need skin care products that work by targeting the three main causes of aging skin. These causes are loss of collagen and elastin, lower levels of hyaluronic acid and oxidation through the action of free radicals. The results of these biochemical processes are sagging jowls, baggy eyes and dull, dreary skin tones. Not very appealing, you must admit.

So your anti wrinkle cream for men must stimulate collagen and elastin production, boost hyaluronic acid, a protein building block used to form the skin’s fibers, and destroy free radicals. When these issues are dealt with promptly and regularly, you will see a visible improvement in the texture, firmness and yes, the radiance of healthy skin.

Men should glow with good health as well as women. Old dead cells cause the dull, gray tint to dominate so new cells will look different and so will you.

Remember this, men’s skin care products are available to deal with every issue you face. Smoking? Harsh weather, drying interior air, pollution? Not a problem with the specialty skin care that scientific research, not giant advertising budgets, has made available to all men regardless of location. You will look and feel so much better once you begin to take care of your skin regularly.

Take advantage of the improvements in men’s wrinkle cream research and you will be one of the more attractive people who are reported to make more money and get better service. This has been proven in recent studies by social scientists and economists published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Who knew that effective anti-aging products could influence your bottom line? What a great discovery. And now that you know about caring for your face to reduce or remove wrinkles and lines in a timely manner, the future is brighter. Not just your skin tone.

About the author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in natural skin care products using only clinically proven ingredients like Cynergy TK. At her website she recommends the best anti wrinkle cream for men. For more information visit her website


Frequently Asked Questions

    do men use anti wrinkle cream? T?
    Was wondering if men use anti wrinkle cream on their faces at night like a woman would doo?
    I found an empty jar of the stuff in my fellas bin!

    Not going to ask him as this a new relationship.

    Thanks for answering

    • ANSWER:

    Can men use the same face cream as women?
    Recently had to move to a sunnier and hotter part of the country for work. I am pretty pale guy and get quite badly burnt, since I’ve moved I’ve noticed the sun has made the areas around my eyes quite dry and itchy, they look pretty red too. My gf uses this stuff:

    It’s the only Nivea eye cream that I can find with UVA/UVB protection on the label – is it bad for you skin to use products that aren’t specifically defined as ‘for Men’. Or is it okay to use this cream for UVA/UVB protection around the eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      Um yeah, I don’t see why not.

    What is the best antiwrinkle affordable cream a man can use to make u look younger?
    A cream for the face cuz their is thousands out there at the drug stores and I believe none work. So what is the best anti wrinkling make ur face look younger cream out there for a guy at age 44?

    • ANSWER:
      Stri Vectin available for purchase at GNC vitamin stores. With the gold card it is 20% off the first week of the month. It lasts for a long time and it really works!

    bust up breast cream on the face?
    my ex left 2 jars of the breast enlargement cream that she used to put on her breast, one new in the box and another half full, i didn’t need them and didn’t have a receipt to return the new one and don’t know how to sell it so i used it as a moisturiser on my face. the problem is that it smoothed the wrinkles on my face and i am running out of it, if i stop using it, will the wrinkles come back? my friend said that it may get worse than before, any idea? if this is the case, i am not keen at buying a breast cream, what is a good anti wrinkle moisturiser for men that is reasonably priced, say less than £10 ?
    hi D, i used the two jars
    hi steve, sorry that you are hearing load of crap, i suggest that you clean your ears and try again 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      Ever tried Nivea moisturizer plus with vitamin A?

    When will pale skin be IN?
    I love my skin. I began appreciating it because people kept complimented me a lot about my face being so clear and acne free. I’ve done simple things to take care of it for years now. I use moisturizer everyday about 3 times per day. I try not to be on the sun unless I need to. I wear 50 SPF sun block everyday on summers. I use the L’Oreal anti wrinkle cream for men for 2 years already. I use the Nivea cream for men for puffiness under the eyes. I think it shows because no one believes I’m 25.
    Because I avoid the sun, I have a very pale color, which to me it’s healthy because I know my skin is well taken care of. I see people who tan, and I see damaged skin. Why is tanned supposed to be healthy? It’s actually damaged by sun.

    When is taking care of your skin going to be the new fad?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a friend who has used moisturizers and such for years. When he started, he had to use whatever was in the medicine cabinet because there were no such products aimed at men. He started in his late teens and is now in his late 40’s. He looks about 30. Keep up the good work. It will show in time and you’ll look younger than everyone else your age.
      I also have extremely pale skin. “Pasty white chick” is what I call myself but the truth is I think it is better to be what you are than to try to use chemicals to cover it up. I am 36 and I never used foundation or face powder and very little other cosmetics. I look pretty darn good, even if I do say so myself. Everyone thinks my 10 year old son is my little brother. It’s great. He loves the look on his friends faces when he says, “No, that’s my mom.”
      Natural is in right now (hurray for those of us who have persevered) Look how pale Scarlett Johansen is, for example.
      Enjoy it while it lasts. Another week and something else will be in style.

    what are the best anti aging creams?
    i am 56 ,no real wrinkles, a line here and there, but face looks tired and starting to sag a little..My skin is sensitive, i have an occasional rosacea flareup. for the most part my “beauty” routine consists of rinsing face morning/night with cool water and sunblock. no makeup, nothing else. at night I use a moisturizer, no specific brand. I am a very busy, tired nurse who frequently works 60 hrs a week. Divorced for 5 years, and haven’t had as much as a door held open for me by a man, I would really like to try to improve my appearance. I realized I don’t even look into a mirror and want to look nice, for me. maybe have a life again! so, I want to know what I should be doing, I do eat a healthy diet and take vitamins, but what about skin care? also, make up? I am fair skinned, auburn hair (colored, as my hair is very dark). hazel eyes. I don’t think I even own any make up or even lip stick!! HELP..bring me up to date , please!! I’m not cheap..but don’t want to spend a horrendous amount on products. Thank you to all in advance for your help!!

    • ANSWER:
      try to look for the foundations that say ageless on them i was watching an ellen show and she used one for covergirl make sure you get the one with the swril good luck !

    What have you done in regards to anti-aging when you were young? Was it worth it?
    Im 20 and have become interested in anti-aging since I was 18. I am currently using coconut/jojoba (and sometimes castor) oil for moisturizing. And for Christmas (although I will prob be in japan studying abroad…but afterwards then) I am asking for a pillow that prevents wrinkles, and an inversion table (a large thing that hangs you upside down to reverse the effect of gravitational pull :D).
    I also wear sunscreen everyday, wash my face twice per day, and use Retin-A cream at night time.
    I just want to look young when I am older…Like I hope to marry a man who is around 10+ years older than me, and then I also hope to become super rich off starting my own chain company (so I can afford whatever antiaging surgeries are available in around 30 years from now).

    If anyone here could share their experiences etc. that would be great. Thank you so much in advance!!! I really really appreciate it! 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      Staying out of the sun is the best thing you can do. Some people think it is OK to tan if they use spf. It isn’t.

      The other important thing is to keep moisturized. And unless you have oily skin, don’t wash your face with soap too often (I do it once per day and after I exercise only). Because this dries your skin out and rids it of things it needs.

      Don’t use too many products/creams. This can cause problems with skin. Pick one or two from the same brand (so the different creams on your face will work together and not react to create problems) and use nothing else.

      Finally, eat healthy food.

      At 20, if you’re using expensive creams and pillows, inversion tables, etc, that is not necessary and you are wasting your money. Stay out of the sun (most important), moisturize, and eat a healthy diet. Good luck.

    hi, i’m a 17-year-old boy, and i think i’m dying or going insane. i have a very intense fear of ageing and losing my looks. i’m nearly 18 and i feel as though the day i turn 18, my entire life is over. i’m thinking about comiting suicide the day before. i feel as though i’ll be a man, and therefore i’ll be old and ugly. i have nothing against elderly people, i just don’t want to be one of them. a lot of people say i am very paranoid and delusional about my fear of ageing, but i’m 17 and i alreayd have a wrinkle in my face and i have wrinkles on my hands. when i leave my house and am in public, i feel useless, ugly, and i just want to leave. i have missed so much school and the school actually told me if i didn’t stop, i would be expelled for skipping so much, but when i step in the school and see the younger kids, i just want to kill myself. this is very serious and really severe and taking over my entire life. i cry about 2 hours a day because i’ll be 18 soon. i use anti-ageing creams and moisturizer and i do everything to capture my youth, but when i look in the mirror, i see a 40-year-old man. my entire life is being destroyed by this awful fear and i need to find a way to get rid of it, or i’ll kill myself. what should i do? and DO NOT tell me ageing is beautiful and you get more wise and such, because i seriously don’t give a f~ about being wise, all i want is for my skin to be tight and youthful. i keep thinking one day i’ll be 49, about to be 50… how will i react if i’m thinking about suicide because i’m about to turn 18?

    • ANSWER:
      You aren’t depressed or insane or anything like that. The hormones that affected you throughout the past 5 or 6 years are wearing off and causing you to feel different about your life and responsibilities. In short, Yes you are aging, and yes, you are worried but you seriously shouldn’t be.

      Another thing could be that you have a small amount of a natural chemical in your body called dopamine. That’s the chemical that creates happiness in your mind and lack of it often causes depression. Everyone in their life has thought about the effects of suicide, some more seriously than others. A psychiatrist may be more expensive than needed. I think you should just see a doctor about getting something for a moderate deppresion.

    why are us black women targeted? its simple?

    In the past couple of years, the ego of Black women in this country has taken a very defined hit. Every other week, a story about the low marriage rates amongst black women emerges, painting us in a very negative light as women who are lonely, doomed and undesired by all men, including our own.
    And let me tell you something, the abundance of articles and books pointing out our dubious plight is not only based on marriage statistics, it’s rooted in something more deeply psychological that many refuse to acknowledge.
    I’m not going to go on a whole long Isis-Papers –inspired soliloquy on why black people are so hated and so loved at the same time, but let me just share with you what the primary, subconscious reason is for all this hate: Black don’t crack. That’s right, the fact that black women do not age as rapidly or get attacked by wrinkles at a relatively young age is a source of jealousy of our melanin-challenged counterparts. And as we all know, jealousy breeds contempt.
    Laugh if you’d like. It’s the truth. This subconscious envy of a people, who have a relationship with the source of energy that doesn’t wrinkle them to death, who can spawn and influence world culture by their very natural existence, is real. But let’s take this discussion down a notch and allow me to explain how Black women are being attacked because of this subconscious contempt of our melanin.
    I’ve been around Black women all my life so it came as a surprise to me when I discovered that many of my non-White college classmates and, later, my twenty-something co-workers were investing in expensive Estee Lauder anti-aging creams. This panic of aging and the idea that beauty had a fast-coming expiration date was an overshadowing theme in many of their lives. In contrast, any discussions about beauty at my Sunday brunch outings involved sharing hair care tips and recommending moisturizing conditioners.
    Although he was joking, there seemed some truth to it. By the time many white women hit age 30, they look their age. A 30+ Black woman, on the other hand, will most likely look like she’s still in her 20s. Age is just a number but for many ladies, how you look at your age feeds into how you feel about yourself, your level of confidence, and not feeling insecure if you’re still at the club past your ideal marrying age.
    Black women certainly don’t remember to be grateful for the fact they’ll look good for many years past their 21st birthday and their 40th for that matter, but many on the outside are resentful of it. I don’t blame ‘em. When I gaze at white celebrities like Rachel Zoe sometimes, who at 38, looks ten years older than 45-year-old Halle Berry and 44-year-old Kimberly Elise, it makes me grateful. When I’m 45, I’ll probably look as youthful in the face as Berry, who although looks good for her age, is not an anomaly in the Black community

    im 23 and i look 15

    • ANSWER:
      My girlfriend is black. She’s great in every aspect.

      Also I can use the “niigggggaaa what are we going to do tooonight?” or better when I have conversations with her dad he’s always using racial slurs for asian people and he finds it totally fine and encourages me to call him nigggaa. In the end we all have a big laugh and everyone is happy.

      Black women are like asian women. They are young for so long. Except the difference in asian women is that over night they just become _______……………… But with black girls they stay young looking for a long time then go through a gradual change so that you adjust. Also I love the way my girl sings.

    This one is for all the atheists can u all defy death?can ul defy old age?
    And the answer is No.then why dont uall face the fact that there is a creator who creatd u And he will cause u to die.I understand man has progressd and the advnt of technology is a great step for mankind,say for eg electricity ,but how does electricity nullify the existence of creator?electricity isnt such big feat,there was light in the creation from the begining!eg moon,stars,firefly.same goes for airplane,our creator had already creatd flying birds and
    Copied his idea and reinventd stuff,so atheist if there isnt a creator ,give me some original inventions inventd by mankind which wasnt in the nature frm the begining.(oh btw,those wrinkle lift creams n surgery dont make u anti old age)

    • ANSWER:
      Why does the existence of death indicate a creator? You seem to assume that but make no effort to explain why.

    I feel like I’m too good-looking to age?
    I am an 18-year-old gay man and when I was younger and used to go on trips with my parents, I was very exited the few days before we left, but when we did leave, the minute we stepped out of the house, I would start crying because although we weren’t even in the car yet, I felt like the trip was so close to being over that it practically already was. During the whole trip, instead of enjoying myself, I would cry and say that we were soon to leave and that it was over.

    Now, I’m 18 and extremely handsome and I strip naked in front of the mirror every day and stare at my nude self for 20 minutes. I look at my body, so firm and nice, and say to myself, ”this is too good to leave.”

    I cannot believe that my beautiful, perky behind will soon completely melt and I’ll look at my nude profile and see a flat, flat butt, and remember the time where it was a beautiful bubble butt that everybody wanted to look at. My thick hair will start falling out, my nice, bushy eyebrows will thin and fall out as well. My plump, healthy face will shrink and my cheeks will sink in. I will look like a corpse.

    People will say I still have years before I have to start worrying about that, but I saw a picture of that skater Evan when he was 19 and a picture of him at age 22 and the difference was alarming. People start getting wrinkles at around 20 and at 19, I’ll probably be able to grow a full beard and I’ll lose my boyish charms.

    I do care for myself, you see, and groom myself a lot and never sunbathed in my life and moisturize a lot and use various products and anti-ageing creams and mind you, they did work, because I’m so perfect now, but I only have a few moments of youth left. Before I know it, I’ll be 20 and I’ll have a job and live in a suburb and go out with friends that are my age and we’ll smile and laugh to hide our sadness. All 20-year-old people look extremly sad because they’re old and know it, but try to mask it. I can see right through it though.

    How can I deal with this?

    • ANSWER:
      you cant age if your dead…

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