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Majamas – The Perfect Nursing And Maternity Clothes

Author: Amy Jarman

Whether you are looking for a comfortable pair of nursing pajamas or a stylish maternity dress, Majamas has some wonderful year round selections. Majamas is known for their no-nonsense, non-wrinkle nursing loungewear that can often be worn inside or outside the house. All of their styles are easy to wash and wear and super stretchy comfortably fit your changing body type.

Nixilu is Majamas recently introduced Maternity Clothes line. Nixilu is made exclusively for maternity while all of the Majamas labeled clothing are made for nursing and transistion wear (which is for early maternity and after the baby). Some of the Majamas labeled clothing can also stretch their way through most of your pregnancy, such as their Sleepy Dress or Softest Yoga Pants. In any case, it is important to understand the distinction in their two lines if you are looking specifically for a nursing top, which you will not find in the Nixilu line, or a maternity dress, which you would definitely find in the Nixilu line while you would be getting one with nursing access in the Majamas line. It is also important to read the product descriptions or call the store if you are ordering online to understand the difference as Nixilu is sometimes marketed under the Majamas Label and also some Majamas styles can double better for maternity than others.

Majamas is most popular for their incredibly comfortable and stylish nursing pajamas. Many women buy these pajamas during their pregnancy and are able to get quite a bit of use out of them before they have their baby. However, they are designed primarily for nursing and transition wear for after the baby. The Pajannaman and MJ are the most popular for year round pajamas. Both of these nursing pajamas have nursing access in the top and bottoms that fit comfortably under the belly. The Pajannaman have cropped pants which make them slightly more popular in warmer weather while the MJ is a full length pajama pant which the colder weather moms seem to prefer. Both of these styles come in pewter, black, raspberry and a funky dogwood pattern. The raspberry is a new color out this year which has been particularly popular – it is a slightly richer color (more to the fuchsia) than the usual pastel pink we usually see in maternity stores that many women who are expecting girls are already sick of seeing!

The Sleepy Dress is a year round favorite because it really can be worn day or night. This dress was first intended to be a nursing nightie, but due to the thicker material, bust support, easy nursing access and cute style many women started sporting this style outside the house. It is a wonderful style for layering or dressing up with heels, as the occasion allows. The non-wrinkle, easy to wear stretchy material makes it a breeze to throw on, grab your baby and head out the door!

The Swan Dress is a new style by Majamas Nixilu line and designed exclusively for maternity. This solid black maternity dress is as elegant as the name it is given with a deep V neck and a shape hugging design. The soft modal/lycra stretches to hug and flatter your curves throughout your pregnancy.

The Softest Top and The Reverse Cami with Sleeves is a great year round no-nonsense top to wear to just about anything. As the name implies, The Softest Top is made from super soft poly/spandex and has easy nursing access and ¾ sleeves. The Reverse Cami is made slightly thicker with a blend of soft rayon/poly/spandex. Both the Softest Top and Reverse cami are now designed with a mock-cami covering the front of the chest so you do not show cleavage when nursing or otherwise. They also double lined in the bra for added support and coverage which is designed to be worn with a nursing bra. The belly area is extra roomy for your postpartum belly.

The Majamas Lace Sleep Set is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sexy yet comfortable maternity and nursing sleep set. The Lace Sleep Set includes both a sexy sleeveless empire waist nightgown, with lace detail at the empire waist line. The matching robe has lace detail along the trim. This Sleep set is non-wrinkle, soft material of Cotton/Lycra. This beautiful set always makes an excellent gift for an expecting mom and comes in both solid black and pewter with black lace accents.

As with most women who try out Majamas Clothes, you soon find yourself hooked to their styles as all of their nursing tops and bottoms are made with their signature super comfy stretchy material and flattering cuts.

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Amy Jarman is owner of TummyStyle, a leading seller of nursing and maternity clothes. TummyStyle has many styles of Majamas including the Majamas Sleepy Nursing Dress.
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