10 days to the next decade… what do YOU have in store?

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There’s a bit of a big deal coming up in 10 days…

It’s not only a new year, but a brand new DECADE.

That’s a big word! Most of us only get to enjoy a handful of decades. 10 at best.

I know among my friends, there’s a lot of planning going on for how to party for
New Years Eve… which basically is just a handful of different versions of getting together with friends, getting dolled up and then getting liquored.

That’s the basic plot.

… I’m pretty sure NONE of my friends are giving thought to the bigger picture of
how to make the most of 2010.

Some will make new years resolutions goals, in order to have something they can
“break” in mid January and then feel guilty about for 2 days.

But not much in the way of a definite direction and a strong purpose and a committed
action step to what they REALLY want in 2010.

What are some of the things YOU want to accomplish in 2010? Given it any thought?

I have one suggestion… it’s biased, but I believe it can make an important
difference to how you approach your online business goals…

2010 suggestion:

Come take a business write-off trip to Vancouver, BC in mid May and meet me here
for my Canada Marketing Summit.

I’ll have 15 world respected experts on information marketing, internet marketing and
direct marketing … not to mention the VIPs in attendance and the hundreds of other
great “peers” with similar goals.

I’ll send over details once the new site for the Canada Marketing Summit goes live… BUT…

TODAY, I’d like to give you a $200-off coupon for 3 Killer Clickbank E-books

It’s just 1 of 2 bonuses that I’ve included with a special holiday promotion of the
newly updated, newly packaged and first time for sale (by me) ‘Future of Info Marketing’ series… my #1 success tips and trends predictions series with 72 top info-preneurs and internet marketers.

The $200-off coupon is included with this Christmas special. (Which I will close Dec 31st before I head off to my own new years celebrations!)

A 2nd bonus included for free is a rare interview series on the subject of Strategy
(my favorite topic!!) which comes bundled with Master Resale Rights giving you an info-product to sell and keep all the profits from you.  I was part of the panel lineup for that Strategy series so I have one of the few Resale Licenses.

You can grab each of those bonuses and get some big-profit trends predictions and #1 success tips here:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

P.S. I’ve posted a contest question to the blog:  What are some of your 2010 plans/goals? OR what is one of your 2010 predictions? Post a comment and let me know. It’s a contest!  You can win stuff … go check the full details!

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