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What You Need to Know About Anti-aging Hand Creams2

Author: Judith Emardel

Now more than any other time in history, there are more anti aging hand creams available for people to use to help them turn back the hands of time. Virtually all of the new anti aging skin therapy products that are now available on the market come as the result of broad new understandings of the skins actual aging processes that have only been gained in recent years.

New Understandings of the Causes of Skin Wrinkles

In the past, ant aging hand creams and virtually all other topical anti aging skin treatment products only dealt with the surface symptoms of the aging process. However; bold new clinical studies led dermatologists and visionary medical researchers to determine that surface issues, such as wrinkles, were actually the result of biological malfunctions that were transpiring beneath the skins surface, in the living tissues.

New Substances Function on a Cellular Level

This in turn, led to the discovery of effective substances that are able to address skin problems beneath the surface, in the skins dermal region. New anti aging hand creams now contain these very same substances in synthesized form, that are chemically engineered to effectively bypass the skins outer protective layer. This in turn, allows these substances to migrate to the skins lower substrate, where they then are able to affect positive change by functioning on a cellular level with living skin tissues.

Mice kept in a germ-free room with intensive nursing care at Harvard Medical School are hopefully the key to this side effect. A mouse gym holds a miniature exercise machine that tests the rodents’ ability to balance on a bar, while in a nearby water maze, mice must recall visual cues from their “training” to swim to safety on a hidden platform – thereby testing memory powers. (Don’t worry: the that forget their lessons are rescued as they start to submerge.)

The new drugs being tested are called Sirtuin activators, and are based on a theory that most species have an ancient strategy for riding out famines: switch resources from reproduction to tissue maintenance. These activators appear to be triggered in mice when fed a healthy diet with 30 % fewer calories. The mice seem to live longer because they are somehow protected from the usual diseases that kill them

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