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How To Find Genuine Natural Wrinkle Remedies That Are Better Than Homemade

Author: Tasha Sanders

Finding great natural wrinkle remedies can be tricky if you prefer to get your natural anti wrinkle cream pre-packaged in a handy container. While you certainly can prepare your own natural skin care at home, there can be drawbacks to that approach.

There is plenty of information about homemade anti wrinkle creams available today and many of them are an effective and inexpensive way to improve your complexion.

But the drawbacks include some messy preparation, having to keep perishable ingredients on hand and, sometimes, even allergic reactions to common ingredients.

For example, honey face masks are a popular natural wrinkle cure and they can smooth the skin beautifully. Unfortunately, some people have reported severe allergic reactions resulting in reddened, inflamed skin, even though they normally have no trouble eating honey.

Fortunately, there are commercial manufacturers who have turned their backs on the chemical-laden skin care of the past and have looked instead to nature to inspire a range of natural wrinkle remedies.

You’ll find some of the ingredients used in homemade remedies in these products but they will be in scientifically determined proportions and will be matched with other natural ingredients not available to the general public.

For example, to return to our honey example, you can buy products that use a substance called active manuka honey. This is a special honey from New Zealand that comes from the manuka bush. It can heal blemishes such as acne and has powerful antibacterial properties to prevent bacteria entering the skin.

Active manuka honey can also help the skin to repair and renew its own cells and form stronger collagen. You will usually find it as a natural wrinkle cure in night creams because it is particularly effective when allowed to work on the skin while you sleep.

Another superb natural ingredient that you are unlikely to find yourself is phytessence wakame. This is an extract from Japanese sea kelp. It is rich is B vitamins, is a powerful antioxidant (which means it can fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles) and it helps to keep collagen and elastin fibers together to reduce lines and sagging.

Buying ready-made natural wrinkle remedies can provide great value for money as well as a sure scientific basis for the claimed anti wrinkle benefits.

This is the easiest way to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin, with reduced lines and sagging. You can find more information about my research into natural wrinkle remedies, the secrets to a better complexion and about the products I use every day at my website.

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