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Shar Pei Personality Types

Author: Melissa A Coleman

The Shar Pei dog, native to China, is uniquely identified for its deep wrinkles and blue-black tongue. At a young age the wrinkles are more numerous than at adult age. Time Magazine and the Guinness Book of World Records once identified this dog as one of the most rare dogs in the world. Typically, the Shar Pei dog is a healthy one, but it is susceptible towards a few health hazards like painful eye conditions, allergy-prone skin disorders, fever, and kidney or liver disorders.

In China, it was bred as a fighter dog in earlier times. They are marked by their pleasant and loving personalities with true affection and a genuine loyalty towards their owners. The Shar Pei dog is somewhat sensitive towards strangers and in most of the time the dog needs time to get accustomed to outsiders. Even if you have a great social personality, a great deal of effort is always needed to make one your friend. With a strong defensive personality, however, Shar Pei can be the best guard for your family, safe from any adverse events.

The personality of the Shar Pei needs to be taken under serious consideration. If breeders do not take enough care in this aspect, the buyers may end up with great frustration by having a puppy that wrong for the family. The breeders are solely responsible for analyzing and evaluating the personality of the Shar Pei dogs during the breeding time for it must be done with enough expertise and understanding. Even the owner’s personality must be aligned with the personality of Shar Pei. Shar Pei is not a suitable dog for soft and tender people.

Dominant, submissive and independent are three types of distinctive personality types. In a few cases, these personality types may overlap in some dogs, although it is not a common occurrence. A Shar Pei with a dominant personality reveals confident and macho pet, best suitable for individual dog owner with a tough personality and avid learning aptitude for handling dogs. The dominant Shar Pei dogs may harm children and even adults while showing their dominance attitude.

The submissive Shar Pei dog may seem to obey more easily. However, they are in deed hard to train due to their lack of self-confidence and reluctant attitude to try out new things. This type of dog is a better choice for a multi-dog atmosphere. These types of dog can turn out to be violent out of fear or as a protective response, so continuous socialization is vital for them. The independent Shar Pei dog is probably the most difficult breed to handle. Although the Shar Pei with the other two personalities shows independent behavior, this type in particular never values their owner’s authorization or any human relation.

Shar Pei dogs are sometimes difficult to train because of their stubborn attitude. Their training requires more determination and commitment. Although they have a strong, deterministic personality laced with devotion and intelligence, they sometimes turn out aggressive, defensive and intensely sensitive with the presence of stranger. As psychology suggests, personality is significantly influenced by genetic predisposition and since they have a natural genetic structure of being aggressive, you must consider buying the best compatible personality matching your lifestyle, personality and expectations.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/pets-articles/shar-pei-personality-types-324270.html

About the Author
Melissa Coleman is a vet and a passionate researcher, having in-depth knowledge and expertise in raising, breeding and caring of dogs. Shar Pei dogs are featured by deep-wrinkles and blue-black tongue. Whether you are planning to buy a Shar Pei dog or already have one, this article will provide all necessary Shar Pei information in it.

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