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Instant Wrinkle Removers – The Myth Finally Exposed

Author: Ethan Clark

In today’s fast paced life with hectic work schedule, we all are looking out for more and more instant solutions to our problems – be it earning money, enjoying vacation, sex, relationships or anything .

Keeping this article dedicated only to skin care, let me ask you a simple question – Have you ever seen wrinkles on a 2 year old child’s face? Answer is No. That’s correct because 2 years is the age for baby fat and not for winkles. This is natural. As we grow old, our body has lesser levels of collagen. Collagen is the glue that keeps our internal tissues and skin tight and smooth. With age our body starts loosing this glue our skin develops wrinkles and sags.

So think logically, if you want to reverse the clock of nature i.e. use a cream for healing wrinkles, can this be done instantly?

Again a Big No!!!

Aging is a slow and gradual process and so is the reversing procedure for healing wrinkles.

With so much craving for instant wrinkle removers, many skin care companies are taking advantage of this instant gratification of consumers and lure them by using glossy advertisements and ad campaigns. Most companies do realize the fact that the cream that they are selling is not going to treat wrinkles but only hide them momentarily but still they are into selling the product.

As I said earlier treating wrinkles is a natural process, our body needs to compensate for the lost nutrients and proteins. This is achieved by using a natural and effective anti wrinkle cream that not only helps you safeguard your skin from polluted environment but also helps you in healing wrinkles internally.

Effective anti aging wrinkle creams are exactly opposite of instant wrinkle removers i.e. they nourish the skin internally with the help of active ingredients.

CynergyTK™. Cynergy is functional keratin that is extracted the wool of New Zealand sheep. It has natural capability to deliver collagen deep inside the skin layers and treat wrinkles from inside.

Another wonder ingredient is Phytessence wakame, it is derived from an algae found in Japanese sea. Wakame is a powerful anti oxidant and has rich anti bacterial properties.  If used constantly for a long time, Wakame is known to show spectacular anti wrinkle effects.

While shortcuts like instant wrinkle removers could be temporarily gratifying, most beauty gurus still swear by age old methods to preserve beautiful face. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, mandatory eight hours sleep and lots of water makes you skin glow and stay glowing for the longest time.

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