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Face Skin Smoothening and Scar Treatment by “silicone Crystal Rotoabrader”( Sdrm ) in India

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Skin Smoothening and Scar Treatment by , “Silicone crystal rotoabrader” ( SDRM )
First time in the city of Mumbai, ‘Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery’ has introduced the Non-Surgical , Safe & Painless technique of SDRM.

Skin Smoothening and Scar Treatment by , “Silicone crystal rotoabrader” machine utilizing the principle of removing the damaged upper layer of skin and then allowing lower layers to heal giving a glow & smooth appearance to new skin. The technique can be performed without need of any injections or anaesthesia and the patient can go home immediately after the procedure. This technique gently exfoliates the skin to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, to help reduce the effects of sun damage and acne scarring and to help minimize pore size and other skin imperfections while stimulating the production of new and healthy skin cells. The result is fresher, healthier and younger looking skin with a smooth texture and a silky touch. This technique is beneficial for both young and mature skin and is safe for all skin types. The circular motion of the resurfacing tool works to stimulate blood flow, to enhance facial muscle tone and boost cell reproduction. Depending upon the type & severity of scarring the patient has to attend clinic in three or four sittings. This technique can be combined with other facial treatments to give better results for desiring patients. This method alleviates all the inconveniences due to traditional dermabrasion like pain, bleeding, hospitalization, difference in skin pigmentation and is much more safe & affordable than laser dermabrasion.
This technique is helpful to those suferring from:
· Acne scarring over face.
· Fine wrinkles over face.
· Rough skin texture.
· Pitted facial scars.
· Large blocked skin pores.
· Loss of facial tone & early facial sagging.
· Superficial pigmentory disorders.
· Facial warts & similar growths.
· ‘Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery’ has always aimed to bring in the best, safest, scientific and yet affordable latest techniques for the benefit of patients. ‘Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery’ is committed to making your beauty dream successful.
‘Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery’ is the first to launch ‘Virtual Cosmetic Laser Surgery with built in Skin –Scanner’ based on, Japanese Technology of miniaturization of Diode Lasers. The first such instrument is located at ‘Aakar Cosmetic Laser & Plastic Surgery Center’, Borivali(w). According to Dr. Anil Nirale, Director, “Aakar Cosmetic Laser & plastic Surgery Centre”, the centre also offers customized ‘total beauty and body care programs’ scientifically based on human and bio-physiology and which includes Obesity Control Program, Facial Pigmentation Control Program, Acne-Scar Removal Program ,Keloid & Scar Control Program, Essential Hair Care Program , Post-Pregnancy Body Care Program and Removal Of Wrinkles. For further details contact 00 91 22 28907583 or 9820086112.

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