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Some Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Author: Adrian Hardy

As an essential oil Sandalwood has been around for thousands of years. It has been used in many cultures and is documented in many Vedic scriptures that date to before the time of Christ as being used for religious ceremonies. Not only has it been used in religious roles but it has also found uses as a perfume and as a healing agent. This article will describe how sandalwood essential oil is made and some common uses of sandalwood essential oil.

The sandalwood tree is native to many regions of south east Asia, in particular the subcontinent. In fact, most sandalwood essential oil is made in India and the most prized oil comes from the Mysore region. The sandalwood tree is the raw material from which the essential oil is created. The tree is considered to be endangered in India and parts of Asia and there are attempts to control the harvesting of the tree through government legislation. Consequently sandalwood essential oil is becoming expensive. The tree should also be at least 30 years old before it is harvested to be used to create essential oils.

There is an Australian variety of sandalwood tree that is used to create sandalwood essential oil but the affects it has on the body are different to the Asian sandalwood.

The roots and the heartwood are the best materials to create the essential oil. The oil is created using steam or water distillation. The oil that is created is distinctive for it’s sweet, woody scent. It has a pale yellow/brown color and is viscous.

Along with being used in religious ceremonies, sandalwood essential oil can be used as a perfume and fragrance. You will find sandalwood scent in aftershave lotions as it will help to ease shaving rash. It is also good for other skin conditions, such as acne and cracked or dry skin. It can ease the pain of these complaints and heal the skin. It can be directly applied to the skin that is affected by a massage or using a soap that contains sandalwood. Sandalwood essential oil is often found in other bathroom products such as shower gels and shampoos.

Ayurvedic medicine uses sandalwood oil to treat many respiratory problems. These include coughs and flu. It also can be used for a sore throat, laryngitis and bronchitis. It is commonly used as an expectorant for these types of ailments. This means breathing in the sandal wood scent that is added to hot water or by rubbing the chest with a solution of sandalwood essential oil.

Sandalwood essential oil is also used for altering the mental state of a person through scent. This is the true philosophy behind aromatherapy. It is believed that sandalwood scent can relieve many forms of stress induced illnesses such as depression, anxiety and side affects like insomnia. The oil can be burned using an oil burner or air diffuser. Aromatherapy candles that have sandalwood oil in them can also be used as can incense sticks. The principle behind this form of treatment is that the scent can change a persons mood. So if the person is depressed or down the pleasant sweet smelling scent can lift the spirits and make them happier. In terms of anxiety, the sandal wood oil is thought to help a person to calm down and relax. This helps then to get a good nights sleep and reduce an insomnia problems they might be having.

Traditional Chinese medicine also uses sandal wood essential oil for upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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