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Author: Andy King

Youngsters struggle to get rid of Acne; it affects girls and boys. Acne occurs even in older adults, when they’re in their 30s’.  Acne with its’ blackheads, whiteheads, may be accompanied by pimples [as in Rosacea], occurring not just on the face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, but sometimes legs, too.  Acne can leave scars.  In moderate doses, application of Differin gel, consisting of Adapalene, a third-generation topical retinoid, related to Vitamin A, is a good answer to this tormenting problem.

Generic Adapalene 0.1% is the magic component of Differin gel that helps to clear clogged pores in the skin.  Acne is not caused by the chocolates one eats, neither is it caused by dust particles, but it is considered to be the handiwork of the body’s sebaceous glands which go into an over-manufacturing mode to produce excess oil, stimulating the bacteria residing in the skin to fortify themselves and cause inflammation in the surrounding tissues.  Though this happens mostly during puberty, when the “male” hormone – androgen – becomes active in boys and girls, it affects adults who are in their 30s’ as well.  So nobody really knows the exact cause of Acne.

In its’ milder form, Acne is visible as whiteheads, or blackheads that break out just about anywhere.  It’s there on the face, which you just can’t hide, and sometimes on the neck, arms, chest, stomach, and legs as well.  At times there’s an outbreak of pimples [a skin condition called Rosacea] that occur along with the Acne, which can be very painful, having papules, pustules, or cysts.  In some people, Acne may not be cured, only treated, but for most people it does go away.  So what do you do, besides hoping the acne will vanish soon?

Adapalene is a third-generation topical retinoid, distantly related to Vitamin A, the good vitamin for keeping our skin healthy, and is available as Differin gel; if applied in small amounts, it bears good results.   Adapalene has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties, and is a moderator in keratinization and cellular differentiation.

Hair contains water, melanin, traces of minerals, and keratin – a protein – which is its’ chief constituent.  Keratanization begins when the food intake is broken down into amino acids, and the chemical components travel through the bloodstream to the base of the follicles where cells are formed to create hair.  Cellular differentiation signifies specialization of cells, which involves transition from one cell type to another, that are regulated by one pattern of genes or the other. Epithelial cells may become excessively horny due to a deficiency of Vitamin A, which can cause Acne.

When the hormone – androgen, becomes active, the result is a more oily skin, because of which skin cells that are shed from hair follicles lining the skin get glued to each other, and clog the pores of the skin.  When the hair follicle becomes weak, it ruptures, and the contents splurge onto the surrounding tissue.  Lo and behold!  A pimple is born.  When you add white[heads], black[heads], and red[ness] of the skin, it becomes quite a riot of colors.

But it’s no laughing matter for school or college-going adolescents, who are plagued by enough ‘growing-up’ concerns.  Acne adds to their woes, causing deep distress in youngsters – studies suffer; examination marks plunge; dates can get postponed; relationships can sour.  Grown-ups who face this problem, wonder when they’re going to get over with it – Acne is one part of their youth they would like to have left behind.  Life can become quite bleak for these teenagers and adults – all because of Acne.

When you visit a dermatologist, let the doctor know about all the ailments you’ve suffered from, the medications [prescription, OTC], nutritional supplements and herbal products you’re taking, mentioning any allergies you have to any medicine/food/dye/preservative, so that your doctor can prescribe the correct dose regimen for you.  If you have used Adapalene before and are sensitive to it, or have suffered from eczema, then inform the doctor.  There are quite a few drugs that can cause acne or blemishes to occur in some patients that include anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, medicines for thyroid, and medicines like Disulfram or Antabuse.

The commonest side-effects which result from using Differin gel include:  itching, burning, or redness, which can escalate initially, but normally lessen after the therapy has been taken for 2-4 weeks.  If these become worse, or persist even after 4 weeks of use, or some other unusual symptoms appear, then you must consult your physician immediately.  Pregnant and lactating women should use this gel, only if their doctor permits.  Use by children below 12 is not recommended.

Store the gel at a room temperature between 20oC-25oC, away from moisture, heat or light; and out of reach of children and pets.  You have to protect your skin, too, from sunlight, excessive heat, wind or cold.  If you have to be out in the sun, or face strong lights, then wear a hat, sunglasses, other protective clothing, using sunscreens when required.   Over-washing the face or over-use of the gel should be avoided, as both can irritate the skin and the medical condition.  Before applying the gel, gently apply a cleaning lotion to your face, and remove it with a wet pad of cotton or soft tissue.  Wash your face afterwards, patting it dry with a soft towel, then apply Differin gel on the affected parts, avoiding the eyes, mouth, nostrils, and any cuts.  Should you have sunburned or eczematous skin, do not apply this gel.

Cosmetics should be carefully used.  Girls can take the advice of their dermatologist regarding the kind of foundation/eye-shadow/blush-on/lipstick/powder to be used for them, while boys can ask the doctor about the kind of razor/shaving blade to use.  Cosmetic products [including soaps and shampoos], which are medicated or abrasive, that may contain alcohol, peel of lime, or spices, should best be avoided.  If you apply low amounts of sulfur or benzoyl peroxide to the affected areas, it will help in extracting the excess oil from the skin.  Avoid touching your pimples also.  Squeezing them will not help them to disappear; when a pimple bursts, its contents spread onto the skin, and cause more pimples to form.  It can also cause inflammation.  It would help if you include a proper intake of Vitamin A in your diet [but not a high dose].  A good sleep every night will help your body to relax, and reduction of stress, though not a causative factor of Acne, but can aggravate it, will also improve your skin condition.

Acne can leave scars of 4 kinds, as described by dermatologists, the most common of which are the deep ones.  Besides the scars that show on the face, there are the ones that lurk inside which make you lose interest in studies, flunk in exams, or lose out on a date, and when you don’t feel good about life.  But take heart, take the right treatment – Acne does go away.

Perhaps we should say ‘cheers’ to Acne.  Here’s why – Statistics claim that over 90% adolescents get it, nearly half the women do, while a quarter of the adult population all over the world does.  If statistics could unite, then Acne has the potential to be one great binding factor!

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