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The Stop Smoking Effects You Need To Know

Author: Juan C Ruiz

If you have been smoking for a while, you probably have it written all over your face.   The deep wrinkles that form around your lips, the sallow color of your skin, the teeth that are stained slightly brown.  You can’t hide these signs of smoking no matter how hard you try.  The good news is that stop smoking effects will help reverse some of those signs.  You can’t get your teeth back to their pearly white color without bleaching, but when you stop smoking your skin will begin to improve.  Very quickly after quitting, your circulation will improve.  With the increase in blood flow, you skin will start to regain color and elasticity, making your smoking induced wrinkles appear less prominent

Stop smoking effects will appear in places you don’t see as well.  These effects happen very quickly, too.  Your pulse and blood pressure will drop just twenty minutes after finishing your last cigarette and the benefits of quitting keep getting better from there.  In just a few weeks your lungs will be functioning normally.  You will able to get rid of the mucus that settles in your lungs, helping you to breathe easier and giving you the ability to fight off respiratory infections.

The long term stop smoking effects are the most encouraging of all.  After several years of not smoking, you will reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, and the list goes on.  If those effects aren’t enough to get you to stop smoking, think of your family.  When you stop smoking, you also can improve the health of those around you.  Did you know that young children who are exposed to secondhand smoke on a regular basis have higher rates of middle ear problems, bronchitis, and pneumonia?

Once you know some of the real stop smoking effects, it is time to take action.  Make the decision today to stop your dangerous smoking addiction.  You don’t have to take your last cigarette right now, but set an end date to get you prepared for this journey.  You don’t have to quit cold turkey all on your own.  Find a program that will help you to reach your goal.  A good support program can keep you on the right track and help you avoid the common pitfalls that make many people stumble.  For one such plan that will get you free from cigarettes, take a look at the well designed program from Stop Smoking Formula, http://www.stopsmokingformula.com.

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