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What Is A Stovetop Smoker

Author: Ann Marier

Many people love to cook out during the summer. It’s not uncommon to smell meats from a smoker or grill coming from another backyard. In America, it’s almost become an obsession.

One’s mouth runs from just the scent of another grill. If smoking meats is something an individual wants to do, then read on. All across this country people look for good tasting restaurants with slow cooked, smoke flavor infused, pork and meat.

Many people smoke on their own. Many can do this in the backyard all year long. But what about those people living above the Mason-Dixon Line? Well, if someone lives in the north part of America, smoking outside is almost impossible.

However, manufacturers have developed a new way to smoke meats inside a home. The stovetop smokers were invented. They are designed to be used inside the house right on the stove. In all twelve months, people can smoke meats from the comfort of home or in an RV.

The invention of the stovetop smoker has been a true revolution that many people all across the nation have caught on to. Even if an individual lives in the south, the stovetop smoker is so convenient. Now one can smoke inside with the air conditioner on. In inclement weather there isn’t a need to stand outside in the rain or thunderstorms.

How Does A Stovetop Smoker Work

A stovetop smoker works essentially the same way a large outdoor smoker would work. The wood used for a small indoor smoker comes in small wood chips or as sawdust. There are many types of wood that can be used. Hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite, are just a few of the woods that enhance the flavor in meat. These can be ordered from the internet or one can find them in any store that sells a stovetop smoker.

Essentially, the smoker has a base and lid. There is a drip pan placed at the bottom to catch any juices that drip down. This helps the smoker to stay clean. In the middle is a removable rack where the meat is placed in order to maximize the flavor. The smoker sits right on top of ones stove and silently smokes the meat. When smoking roasts or other large cuts, the stovetop smoker can be placed in the oven with the meat still in the smoker. After the meat has been smoked, put it in the oven to finish it.

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