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Aromatic Bath and Spa Products for Healthy Skin

Author: sara Stewart

Healthy skin is one of the primary foundations of beauty. Soap and water may be fine when you’re young, but as you get older, your skin needs more pampering and care. Here are nine products that can help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin for life.

Makeup Removing Balm

Nighttime skin care is important. One of the first lessons every woman learns is that you can’t just fall into bed wearing your makeup along with all of the dirt and grime from the day. A good makeup remover and cleanser is a skin care essential. Look for a make up removing balm that is a water-free and dissolves makeup and dirt, allowing you to whisk it away with a swipe of a cleansing pad. Products that contain olive butter and orange oil help moisturize and firm skin overnight.

Basic Foaming Cleanser

A good skin cleanser is elemental for healthy skin. Everybody needs a go-to cleanser to take of make up before bed, wake up in the morning, or just provide refreshment after a long day of work. The ideal cleanser has no added moisturizers, enzymes or wrinkle plumpers. Cleanser should eliminate makeup and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Eye Makeup Remover

Makeup can make your face look beautiful during the day, but removing it can be a major chore. A cleanser that’s made especially to remove eye makeup is a great help for removing stubborn mascara and eye liner. Look for eye makeup remover that’s made with aloe vera and amino acids to help dissolve eye makeup and lift off dead skin cells. A touch of chamomile can help to sooth sensitive eyes too

Spa Soap

The skin is your largest organ, so it’s important to keep it clean, nourished and moisturized with top of the line products. Body wash and soaps for your body are important to your overall skin care. If you shower or bathe in the morning, look for soap with caffeine in it to wake up and firm the skin. Nighttime bathers will benefit from soaps with lavender or chamomile extract. Since scent plays a big part in relaxation, it’s a good idea to use one soap while getting ready for work or school, and another to wind down.

Skin Toner

Toner helps gently exfoliate your skin and tighten the pores for a younger, tighter appearance. The right toner will gently remove oil, dirt and impurities that are blocking skin pores and hydrate with provitamin B5. Green tea extract can offer protection from free radicals, while hibiscus flower extract tones and refreshes. Remember to look for a toner that isn’t too harsh and contains as many natural ingredients as possible.

Body Scrub

Body scrub is another skin care essential that can leave your skin feeling smooth and luxurious. The body scrub trend started with high end spas that used sugar or salt with luxurious olive oils to exfoliate the skin and stimulate skin cells. Some of the most decadent body scrubs contain grains of jojoba, mastic oil, wine, green tea and horse chestnut to deep clean your skin while removing dead skin cells. Body scrubs will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and completely refreshed.

Body Wash

Body wash is a gentle cleansing gel designed to wash away dirt and pollutants and leave your skin feeling energized and invigorated. Body washes that contain a blend of aloe vera and citrus can effectively soothe and refresh at the same time. Added amino acids and antioxidants help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and everyday damage. Whether your skin is dry or normal, you need a high quality body wash for every day use.

Moisturizing Serums

Mature skin needs intense moisturizing that only a serum can provide. Serums contain high levels of amino acids, anti-oxidants and other ingredients designed to stimulate the skin’s own moisturizing defenses. Look for a serum that’s designed for daytime and evening use, along with a special serum designed especially for delicate skin around the eyes. With regular use, your skin will feel suppler and well nourished.

Anti Aging Products

Damaged or mature skin requires special treatment to help boost its own rejuvenating systems and keep skin looking young and fresh. Your anti-aging arsenal should include a lotion to stimulate skin cells, a facial skin prep to open pores and prepare skin for further treatments, an eye treatment to nourish and moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes and Vitamin C lotion to stimulate collagen production in your skin.

By stocking up on a few basic essentials, you can keep your skin looking healthy, clean and vibrant for years to come.

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