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Commonly Known Facts about Smoking

Author: Carole Parker

It is well known that smoking is a health hazard. Smokers know common facts about smoking but it does not bring them stop. Let’s systemize the knowledge about smoking. Smoking can cause: stained teeth, fingers, and hair; emphysema; high blood pressure; heart disease; insomnia; arthritis; nervousness; wrinkles and senilism; decreased sexual activity; mental depression; tobacco angina, pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer; arteriosclerosis; cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx, larynx, and bladder.

Have you already known all these facts about smoking? Have you ever thought you wouldn’t choose any one disease, but run chances to get some of them, even most of them? To be able to afford yourself to treat these facts with indignity you should know the score.

The most troubling fact about smoking is that nicotine effects human nervous system. This affection begins with somatic and psychological dependence symptoms and ends with the nerve-muscle junctions disorders. The nerve-muscle junctions’ disorders usually cause tremors and shaking.

Nicotine causes narrowing and constriction of the arteries – one of the reasons for the heart failure and heart disease. Nicotine may cause excitement, anxiety, depression, morbid fears and aggravates nervous breakdowns, because of its ability to stimulate. Nicotine makes the blood more viscous and decreases the available oxygen. It also has an adverse effect on the breathing, sweating, intestinal, and heart actions of our vegetative nervous system.

It is also well known that if the mother smokes during pregnancy, the baby’s pulse is one third faster than a non-smoker mother’s baby is, and there can be heart trouble symptoms in the baby after birth. Premature birth is very often related to the mother’s smoking. There is also a confirmed relationship between parents’ smoking and children’s respiratory disease.

Some more facts about smoking… Do you know a smoker needs much more food and sleep because of the fact that nicotine makes his body work harder and less efficiently? The facts about smoking are that the smoker’s heart beats faster; his organism needs more fuel and energy, because it is permanently affected by the toxic agent. So, this is the explanation why smokers have less trouble keeping their weight down. By the way, the other disadvantage about the smoking is that foods taste much better to non-smokers.

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