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Skin Sun Damage Can Be Reversed – How To Repair Sun Damage Skin

Author: Sharon McCarthy

Skin sun damage can be reversed should you be able to get your hands on the right type of skin care product. The problem is that the majority of the anti aging skin care formulas on the market just don’t give you what is necessary for healing the damage done by UV produced free radicals. They typically don’t offer anything effective for repairing the sun related damage that causes “age spots” either.

You need antioxidants to repair much of the wrinkle producing oxidative damage done through free radical activity,and synthetic versions of natural compounds are not going to give you what you need. You must seek out the few all natural formulas that are available if you want to have enough antioxidants to effectively reverse the damage that’s been done.

Skin sun damage can be reversed by a formula containing ingredients such as grape seed oil,Babassu palm wax, Maracuja passion fruit extract, natural vitamin E, and Nano-Lipobelle H- EQ10. This last ingredient is a version of Coenzyme Q10 made more effective by having its molecules reduced to microscopic size. This allows greater penetration, so that more of the skin cells receive a positive effect.

Two excellent natural ingredients for providing antioxidants to the skin are the protein complex and enzyme fusion Cynergy TK, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. These compounds also help make skin look younger by boosting the production of collagen and elastin proteins, and shielding your hyaluronic acid polymer from being degraded by destructive enzymes.

Skin sun damage can be reversed by compounds that help to reduce the melanin hyperpigmentation that occurs when skin cells become severely damaged by exposure to the sun. You just have to be sure that the formulas you use to treat the age spots you’ve developed do not contain cancer causing agents like hydroquinone,or toxic elements such as mercury (II) chloride and ammoniated mercury.

The type of melanin inhibitor that you want in your product is an all natural, plant based compound like Extrapone nutgrass root extract. What this component does is safely reduce the formation of melanin, which lightens the darkened areas of your skin and helps to balance out the tones in your skin. Extrapone nutgrass root extract will leave your complexion far more even than before.

Skin sun damage can be reversed with the right blend of healthy,natural components,and the formulas featuring Extrapone extract are the most effective products available to you.

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Sharon McCarthy is a health enthusiast and a dedicated researcher of natural skin care products. Visit her website now and discover proven cutting edge skin care products that protect your skin and slow down the aging process.

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