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Causes of Eyebrow Loss

Author: Elijiah Rampart

Maybe you are in a situation where you have thinning or missing eyebrows. You might now suspect this but there are millions of Americans who suffer from this ever year, and it is more common than you would ever realize. What makes it even more bothersome is that it is quite noticeable as you may see people staring at your eyebrows when you talk with them. Fortunately, there are some common reasons why your eyebrows are not growing the way you want them too, and there are some common solutions. Let us take a look at some of the most common reasons why people have eyebrow growth problems, and some simple ways you can remedy the situation. Probably the most common reason of missing eyebrows is due lack of nutrients in your daily diet. Your eyebrow follicles need a certain amount of nutrients, the right kinds in the right amounts, to say healthy and grow thick and full. Mainly, your brow hairs need protein and sulphur to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need. It is easy to supplement your diet to make sure you are getting the protein you need, along with other vitamins and minerals. Eating a portion of lean meats every day like fish and chicken can give you eyebrows the needed protein they crave. You can also eat proten supplements like soy curd or tufo and this will also do the job as well. You can get enough sulphur by eating green leafy vegetables, eggs, or take a sulphur supplement. Doing so regularly will enable you to see a difference in about a month or so. Another common cause for thinned or patchy brows is due to overly plucking them. If you pluck your brows every day don’t expect them to grow back any time soon. The hair follicles take time to regenerate themselves, and if you pull the eyebrow out by the roots too quickly you will begin to noticeably thin them out. Take it easy on how many brows you remove as you do your daily tweezing. Only pull out the hairs that you need to, and do not over do it. As you age, your body will not regrow you eyebrows as quickly, so you should also reduce the amount of tweezing that you do as you get older. Loss of eyebrows hair can also be caused by a medical condition. You may have an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata that will cause you to lose brow hairs. With this condition your body is tricked in to thinking the hair follicles are an intruder, and your system inadvertently kills off the hair follicles. As it does this you begin to lose eyebrow hairs. If you suspect you have this condition you need to see your physician for treatment. It is possible to find a solution for this condition, but it is not guaranteed. The good news is that the hair stem cells are not affected, and will eventually recover with new growth of eyebrow hair. If you are looking for ways to renew aged or thinned eyebrows then you should consider purchasing eyebrow growth products. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for eyebrow growth products by visiting

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