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Acai Berry Review- As seen on TV- Look For the Best Acai Berry Product

Author: Devin Welles

CNN, Oprah, Barbara Walters, Doctor Oz and others have all touted the benefits of this exotic Amazonian rain forest delicacy known as Acai.
Derived from the Acai Palm, a native flood plain species, Acai Berries are harvested with great regard to the importance they now hold as a natural health product of worldwide interest. Acai fruit has been a prized treasure of the Amazon for thousands of years. Now after the acknowledgement of publicized health benefits, Western medicine has decided to pull up a chair and take a much closer look.

Recent studies have shown the Acai to have an anti-inflammatory action on human tissue. Scientists find this important because of the understanding that inflammation is an underlying cause of most chronic diseases associated with aging. It has been stated that even at low doses, antioxidants from the Acai enter human cells and consume dangerous free-radicals. A laboratory study also demonstrated the power of Acai extracts to inhibit the growth and reproduction of leukemia cells.

Details published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry outlined that the power of Acai is related to its polyphenol content, more precisely, its anthocyanins and cyanidins.

Polyphenols are natural compounds found in certain super-fruits and have powerful protective properties. One of the more encouraging aspects of polyphenols is their ability to cross the blood/brain barrier. By entering a brains blood flow, the polyphenol in Acai is able to protect vital brain cells against damage and preserve their ability to function properly.

By regularly consuming the nutritional powerhouses found in Acai, you can help guard your cells against the daily bombardment of oxygenated free radicals thus fortifying your body’s defenses against conditions brought on by cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction and macular degeneration. A pure Acai extract is sure to yield positive results and one can try this product at home by placing an order directly.

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