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My father used to say ‘It’s all in the genes!’ Looking at the latest research on anti aging relating to facial skin care, I think he was right. Cosmetic companies doing some research have found that there is a definite link between the appearance of our skin and our genes. This has perhaps been underplayed in the past. Now, there are facial care treatment plans being developed which aim to revitalize the youthful genes in our skin, thus producing a radiant and wrinkle free complexion.

Stem cell research

Stem cell technology is no stranger to us in the medical world. An off shoot of this is botanical stem cell research which has actually produced an ingredient from apple stem cells. This unique ingredient will protect our DNA skin structure and also prevent early aging.

What are sirtuins?

Have you ever heard of sirtuins? Well, they are proteins or enzymes which seem to play a role in helping to repair DNA damage and extend the lifespan of cells. Cells lasting longer are going to defy the anti aging process and that is why this research is so exciting. Naturally nutraceutical companies are fighting to get this into their facial skin care products. We should keep in mind though that sirtuins are just one piece of the whole aging mosaic so I am not dashing out to buy some facial skin care treatment laden with them!

Global facial skin care products

The recent launch of a new product by a well know pharmacy chain in the UK had people queuing on the streets to buy it. The fact that this product was for all skin types and for all ages has caused a stir in the nutraceuticals world. These are now known as ‘global’ facial care products.

The role of epigenetics in nutraceuticals

The sins of the fathers will be visited on the new generation. A strange biblical reference in a skin care article, but that is what epigenetics is all about. Basically, if a pregnant mother is overweight, that can affect the genetic weight control mechanisms in her baby. He or she may well suffer from diabetes or have weight problems later in life. The same thing happens with our skin so the coloring and eating habits will be carried from one generation to the next.

Discover cutting edge developments

There are many exciting developments in the field of facial skin care and there is a company in New Zealand which has been quietly revolutionizing facial care and body care for a number of years. Did you know that they have actually discovered an ingredient that can regenerate collagen and elastin which keeps our skin firm and supple? Why not click through to see what other cutting edge innovations they have successfully developed. You will never look back if you do

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