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Non Surgical Eye Lift

Author: Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar

Old age gives way to signs of ageing. The upper eyelid skin becomes redundant and can hang over the eyelashes. The creases on the upper eyelid disappear and may cause vision impairment. Some people have puffiness and bags under the eyes causing a person to look much older than their real age. Blepharoplasty or eyelid rejuvenation is the procedure that can solve these types of problems.

Men and women are affected with eyelid ptosis, or drooping of the upper eyelid. Eye Magic is the non-surgical eye lift product that has been specifically designed to quickly and easily restore droopy eyelids to a good shape. This is an alternative to surgery or blepharoplasty. Eye Magic contains an invisible restorative strip that holds the eye tissue together in a natural position.

Nothing indicates advancing age like the eyes. Sagging of the eyelid skin always give a tired or heavy look. Until now, the only effective solution for this problem has been cosmetic eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty), which is expensive, has the potential for complications and requires an extended period of time for recovery. The 15-Minute Non Surgical eyelift involves the placement of small amounts of a filler substance in the lower eyelids skin to rejuvenate the lower eyelids.

Conditions that require treatment are:

• Excessive, sagging or wrinkled upper or lower eyelid skin.

• Excess upper eyelid skin that impair vision

• Diminishing upper eyelid crease

• Puffy pouches of fat in the upper or lower lids that create a tired or aged appearance

Results that can be expected after a non surgical eye lift are:

• A more youthful and beautiful eye posture

• Widening of visual fields so that the patient can see properly

• Softening of the wrinkle lines and

• The skin elasticity is maintained as before

The procedure involved in a non surgical eye lift include:

• Operation, on an outpatient basis under sedation and local anesthesia.

• Removal of excess fat and skin.

• If no excess skin and only excess fat needs to be removed from the lower lids, the surgeon may remove the fat through an incision inside the lower lids to avoid making an external incision or scar (transconjunctival blepharoplasty).

• This may be combined with laser tightening of the lower lid skin.

The healing process includes:

• Removal of sutures after seven days.

• Proper medications will be given to the patient to ensure minimal discomfort.

• Bruising and sensitivity to light may last for at least a week or two.

• Swelling progressively disappears over several weeks.

• Eye makeup should be avoided, can be used only after suture removal under the guidance of the surgeon .

• Contact lenses can be worn when the patient is comfortable and preferably only after 10 days of surgery.

These type of procedures are done by experienced surgeons who assess whether the patient is suitable for such type of surgery. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual in such type of surgery.

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Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar is one of New York’s leading cosmetic dermatologic surgeons and performs non surgical eye lift, nose job etc.

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