Stretch Marks: Why Do We Get Them? How Do We Get Rid Of Them?

Stretch marks are caused by several factors and not just the pregnancy. Stretch marks may be caused due to weight gain, puberty, pregnancy, medications used during pregnancy, nutritional deficiency, etc. may result into causing of stretch marks.

Medically stretch marks have several different names but the common one is striae. In the early stages of formation, stretch marks start off looking reddish or purplish in color, which fades as time passing and later these become silver and shiny in color. Stretch marks are caused due to stretching of skin due to any of the above mentioned factors.

Where all on the body will you get stretch marks?

You will get stretch marks on those parts of body where the fat is easily accumulated. Body parts like abdomen near or around the navel, upper thighs, buttocks, hips, upper arms, etc. are the places where you will find the presence of stretch marks.

Once you get stretch marks it is not very easy to get rid of them. Usage of creams, surgery and healthy diet are some of the remedies useful for the prevention of stretch marks. Though, medically not all creams have been found useful for the prevention of stretch marks, there are some creams which contain Gotu Kola( centella asiatica extracts) Vitamin E and collagen-elastin hydrolysates which might help you prevent the occurrence of stretch marks if you use it during 6-7 months of pregnancy.

You can also go in for a surgery if you want to remove stretch marks on your body. You can tell your doctor to perform surgery in any of the two ways, dermabrasion and/or chemical peel. Both of these help in removal of stretch marks. Advancement of technology has helped another method of stretch mark removal come in vogue that is the laser technology; this too helps in removal and stretch marks.

However, we all know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, there are several ways you can prevent stretch marks only it depends on the reason. Maintaining good diet is of utmost important if you want to avoid stretch marks. Fresh fruits, lot of water, nuts, fish, eggs, milk, etc. All in all foods should provide you with Vitamins A, C, D and most importantly zinc and protein. Drinking water will reduce the chances of your getting stretch marks, since water keeps the skin hydrated and soft.

You can also try exercising if you have moderate amount of stretch marks. Exercising will help your body gain good shape; as well the skin will get more of nourishment with proper blood circulation, therefore there are chances that you will be able to reduce if not altogether eliminate the stretch marks. You can remove stretch marks with patience, proper medication and regular exercises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    how long after my 1st chemical peel i need to wait to do a second 1?
    ok i just bought the tca chemical peel 50% for my stretch marks and i want to know like after the first peel im sure im gonna have to do another one again, the kit say’s i need to wait until the new skin is healed but i want to know like how long will the healing of the new skin take. also if u know where i can find pictures of before and after chemical peel in stretch marks please give me the link so i can get more motivation. and if u have had any experience with this and would like to recomend or advice something please dont hesitate i will hear u. No mean answers please. Thank you so much!!!

    • ANSWER:
      2 months or 6-8 weeks but don’t do it unless you feel that your skin has fully healed, how did your first treatment go? I’m going to buy a chemical peel to treat my stretch marks aswell. Here are some website that might help you with your stretch mark problem. < this one is an australian site though I live in australia and everytime I want to look up the australian based sites of things I have type at the end of the website e.g or I use to live in a america but I move to austraila from minnesota when I was 13 also their are a lot of different chemical peel you can purchase at if become a registered member Good luck with your treatments 🙂