The Two Faces Of Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz considers himself (surgeon) an “expert” on diet, nutrition, health and disease who never gives complete information. Instead he gives tidbits, which in essence are worthless and harmful, as it most often dissuades his audience, patients from further investigation, education on the subject of diet, nutrition and disease. You cannot cure bad habit with partial information, superfoods, drugs, surgery, promises (the cure is around the corner), etc.

Have you evr seen his show?

It is divided into ten-minute segments, and during which time he tries to cover various topics: diet, nutrition, disease, diagnosis, personal testimony, etc. often giving less than complete information. It is impossible to give complete information on diet, nutrition, etc. in 10 minutes or less but then again he’s a doctor, and every time he finishes, he asks his audience, “Do you get it.?” He doesn’t wait for a response. He moves onto another topic. He’s a typical doctor, who gives very little time to his patients until they get sick, then performs surgery, and or belittles them (he loves making women cry. He does it quite often with his truth tube).

On 2/24/10, his topic was foods that prevent and or cure cancer. guest: DR. Katz

He neglects to tell you that the number one cause of cancer is high protein, high fat diets, which means that the number one cure, prevention is low protein, low fat, vegetarian diets. Does he mention this at all, or does he leave you hanging, saying check with your doctor, take drugs, etc?

You can eat vegetables and fruits all day long but if you do not severely decrease and or eliminate animal food, especially red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, fried foods, etc. You will never stop cancer from growing.

Instead, he gives you his fighting five:

five serving’s fruits and vegetables: tomatoes (lycopene), carrots, strawberries, onions and oranges.
1. 1C leafy greens
2. 1C broccoli
3. 1C tomatoes
4. 1C oranges
5. 1C strawberries (commercial strawberries highly toxic)

in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines and my book, I advise 3-5 vegetables and 1 fruit per meal, at least two times per day.

What about all the other vegetables?

When he describes greens, does he point out the difference between kale, collards, lettuce, etc?

What about hard squashes, rutabaga, turnips, cauliflower?

Cooked or raw? There is a big difference, especially if you are suffering from loose stools, indigestion, gas, edema, cellulite, autoimmune illnesses, etc. as raw vegetables, especially salads will worsen these conditions?

What about organic versus commercially produced vegetables (high in pesticides, herbicides, nitrogen fertilizers, wax, preservatives, etc. Organically grown vegetables are far superior nutritionally and in some cases costs les, especially if you buy in bulk- 3- 5# bags. Has he ever talked about organic foods?

What about fish, which he so highly recommends? Did he talk about mercury contamination, which he did, in a previous show? No, he failed to mention it.

Did he he talk about the nutritional superiority of hormone and antibiotic free, free range chickens, turkey and beef. The answer is once again no, because he is not an expert. he is a surgeon, who ,like most doctors think the are an expert in nutrition because they have a license as an M.D.

Did he talk about coffee, caffeine, a well know breast irritant, often suspect in breast cancer? No. As a matter of, in a previous show, he said it was all right to drink 3-4 C a day unlike traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, which tell everyone top avoid coffee, and wouldn’t even recommend 3-4 cups per month.

He and Dr. Katz, were promoting the idea that certain foods turn or turn off genes that cause cancer. This is a preposterous, because it takes a lifestyle, years of poor, cumulative diet to cause cancer. No one food causes cancer nor does any one food cure.

2. Tumors prevention: whole grains: rice, noodles, bread, etc. that have a high fiber content. This might prevent colon cancer but only if you severely reduce animal protein and only if you eat whole or cracked grains, not processed as flours (bread, cookies, pretzels, etc, paste the intestines, contributing to constipation.

3. Herbs and spices- garlic, ginger, spices- anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, etc.

Good advice. Every dog has its day.

The worst part of his show was a guest, Karen, who had ovarian cancer and was used as an example of someone who cured her cancer with dietary changes, which were made after her surgery, removal of the tumor and eight weeks of chemotherapy. Is this a joke or just another misleading advertisement?

His truth tube constantly embarrasses overweight women, makes them cry. He once brought up on stage a nine-year-old Puerto Rican girl, sat her on his lap, started putting instruments in her mouth, and had her do the same to him. But then again, Dr. Oz is Oprah’s boy. There is massive unemploymnet in the U.S. and Oprah is still running a tabloid show discussing the latest scandal, John Edwards.

Have you ever noticed that when Dr. Oz goes on Oprah, he wears his surgical fatigues, explaining that these are his work clothes, except for the fact that he is not working, performing surgery on Oprah;;s show yet he wears a tie and a suit when he is on Larry King. He is a chauvinist through, through, and a bit of a racist.

Equally two-faced is his audience who thinks that all they have to do is swallow a magic pill, pharmaceutical drug and or eat a few superfoods to become healthy instead of a massive overhall of their diet and brains, so they become complacent and just keep on doing what they have been doing their whole lives until they end up on Dr. Oz’s operating table.

The health care crisis is not caused by a lack of insurance or dictors but instead disease and ignorance, which keeps doctors, including Dr. Oz wealthy, powerful and always in business,while everyone else stays sick, poor and ignorant. Stupid is as stupid does, There is no Dr. Oz without his partners in crime, i.e i his patients and audience.

Dr. Oz constntly says stupid things on his show, in my opinion. FOr example he stated on one show that all vitamin supplements were the same. This is not true. Natural Vitamin E (source wheat germ oil, sesame seed oil, etc.) is more potent, powerful than synthethic E, just as organic produce is healthier, more nutritious than commercial. Only an self-serving idiot would say anything different or if they were a doctor would say “where’s the scientific proof” effectively tabling the discussion. Unfortunately for some, most doctors, common sense is not a science, otherwise they wouyld not rely so heavily on drugs, surgery and radiation and as their main modalities.

Is Dr. Oz just ignorant (has no real knowledge of diet and nutrition) or just a plain demon (someone who uses his title, prestige, etc. to purposely mislead, confuse and harm)?

About the Author:
Richard Heft, Acupuncture Physician, FL (1992- 2002); author Hot and Cold, the Complete Guide to Health, Disease, Happiness and Sadness (317 pages), available Amazon; Web: