Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo – A Permanent Way To Deal With Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on the face. Everyone wants to have their eyebrows with perfect thickness and shape and mostly suits the face. They often spend a lot of time and energy in front of the mirror for perfectly styled, natural looking eyebrows. There is an alternative to this everyday routine and also a permanent way to deal with it, which is known as cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

Getting a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is very similar to getting any other tattoos. There are mainly two different methods which a tattoo artist uses to draw on the skin. One method involves the use of a tattoo gun. This tool uses non-toxic and bio-friendly ink so it is unnecessary to worry about getting poisoned. One big advantage of using this method is speed. Artists working with a gun can get things drawn a lot faster. But, unfortunately, sometimes this leads to a lack of detail in the eyebrow. So if you want a fine look to your brow, you probably want to talk to artist that draws tattoos by hand. This method involves the use of a tattoo makeup pen and tattoo makeup pigment. There is a tiny needle in the pen which can do a help for intricate details. It’s slower but is generally better.

Though cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are becoming more and more common, they are not for everyone. Also Different people get this procedure done for different reasons. There are four reasons for getting cosmetic eyebrow tattoos: (1) People who have thin eyebrows inborn or those who have over plucked their eyebrows. (2) Those who have gaps and scars in place of their eyebrows. (3) People suffering from diseases or accident which lead to loss of all hair. (4)Those who want to give a definite shape to their eyebrows. Getting permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoos can reduce these gaps and definitely beautifies the face, correct the inconsistency in between the eyebrows to give a smart look to the overall face, thicken and darken the eyebrows thus enhancing the overall look of the face and be a good way for reshaping and redefining the eyebrows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    wrinkle inbetween eyebrows?
    I am in my early twenties so I don’t want to get botox. I have tried garnier anti wrinkle serum that doesn’t work I was going to try loreals collagen filler but people are saying it doesn’t work.

    What can I use? It’s the only wrinkle I have but I really get annoyed with it, that’s what I get for not wearing sunglasses and squinting

    • ANSWER:
      UGH I feel your pain, I had it quite bad by the time I was 24. I am now 27 and it is GONE along with all the other wrinkles on my face (except my laugh lines lol). Here is what I did. I invested in Olay Regenerist (which btw was rated the best face line in some mag). I used the 3 steps religiously and did microderm abbrasion 2 times a month, started drinking tons of water and taking a multivitamin. My face changed A LOT and I looked younger then I did at 21. To make a long story short I went to Mexico in May and got THE WORST sunburn ever I paniced and did not know what to do. In a hasty move I smothered Vasline ALL OVER MY FACE, this seeminlgly illogical move changed my life. I now put Vaseline all over my face and eye lashes every night before bed and I have NO wrinkles at all, NONE. Its amazing, I have seen 60 year old ladies who have been using Vaseline for 30 years on their faces and they look amazing. Dont be scared it doesnt clog your pores or anything, really rub it into the crease between your eyes and I promise within a few weeks you will see results. Also use the Regenerist mosituriser with SPF 15 its very important to have sunscreen on at all times and stay out of the sun if you can. Switch to self tanner the sun does nothing but age you and increase your chances of cancer. Good luck and email me if you have any questions.

    What is the best cream to buy for deep wrinkles?
    i have a few frown lines right inbetween my eyebrows and want to keep is under control before it gets worse. has anyone tried any creams for this? and if so did they help? i was gong to get L’Oreal wrinkle filler but reviews were not so good

    any feedback would be greeat

    • ANSWER:
      You will certainly get some SPAM answers here saying how wonderful particular products are.

      Do an ANSWERS SEARCH and you will see that many say that products were a waste of a great deal of money and time. A nationwide survey of hundreds of users of anti aging/rejuvenation products revealed that less than 50% said they had received some result.

      Even deep frown lines can be quickly and greatly reduced by this simple, minimal cost home treatment.
      Using any oil – olive, almond or coconut are good – press side of first finger of right hand directly on right side line and massage quite vigorously up a down while continuing pressing. Try to do 20 times a few times a day, then as skin adjusts you can gradually increase that number.
      Then do the same for left frown line using left finger of left hand. You will see distinct fading in a day or too and greater fading day by day.

      This is a comment posted by “big papy” to an answer that I gave to a similar question that was asked about pronounced line removal on Answers.

      “Listen to Mukunda – his treatment is a miracle. i used it and my crows feet and laugh lines disappeared. Try it u have nothing too lose and spread this miracle around because it truly works but u have tooo do it correctly. good luck !!!”

      SOURCE(S): Consultant with 25 years extensive research into safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation.