Botox – Not Just For Wrinkles

While most people know that Botox injections can make you look younger by smoothing away those crow’s feet and wrinkle lines, most do not know that Botox has medical benefits as well. In fact, before it was approved for cosmetic purposes Botox was used to treat painful and reoccurring muscle contractions. It is still used for that purpose today and is also sometimes used to help curb excessive sweating.

Botox for muscle contractions

Everyone has muscle contractions from time to time and those of you who have had one recently know how painful they can be. Now imagine if you had a condition that made you prone to frequent muscle contractions that were not only painful but made it difficult if not impossible for you to properly use your hand, arm, leg or some other part of your body. If these spasms occurred often enough they could affect your ability to move and to function properly.

There are certain conditions that are more often than not accompanied by chronic muscle spasms, such as cerebral palsy, stroke and spinal cord injuries. People suffering these conditions need relief and Botox has been proven to provide this. Injected correctly, Botox works by blocking the neural impulses that cause the muscle spasms, allowing the affected muscles to relax and the pain to stop. Because Botox is only temporary, the treatment does need to be repeated. However, it is less invasive than surgery.

Like any medical treatment Botox does have side effects and so consultation with a medical professional before and during treatment is advised.

Botox For Excessive Sweating and Drooling

Botox has also been used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), particularly in the arm pit area, and excessive drooling. It works by blocking the nerves that causes the sweating and drooling to occur and offers a way to relieve the embarrassment and discomfort the conditions cause.

Keep in mind before using Botox for any condition either cosmetic or medical you should consult your physician as there are some conditions that increase the dangers and side effects of Botox. In cases, where Botox is used for medical conditions the treatment is usually ordered by your doctor who is familiar with your medical history. However, to be safe be sure to inform your physician as to any medication even over the counter medication that you are taking.

When used properly Botox can be a safe and an effective way to help you look and feel better. While Botox injections can help smooth away those wrinkles that add years to your look and can add to your self esteem, the medical uses of this treatment can help people live richer and fuller lives.

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