Natural Face Cream With Avocado Oil and Nano-Lipobelle HeQ10

If you want to keep your skin’s youthful appearance, start using a natural face cream containing avocado oil. If you already have a few wrinkles of other signs of aging, make sure that it contains HEQ10, too.

Some of the better night creams contain both of those ingredients, as well as other active compounds to reduce wrinkles, improve firmness and restore the skin’s moisture balance. The use of a night cream is recommended, because that’s when the skin’s reparative processes are in full swing.

Of course, you should apply a moisturizer after every bath or shower. Cleansers and plain tap water strip the skin’s natural oils causing excessive dryness. Dryness can lead to wrinkles and generally makes the skin look older.

You may have heard that getting a good night’s sleep is important for supporting your skin’s health and appearance, as well as for the rest of your body. I have written about the importance of a good night’s sleep in other articles.

The basic benefits have to do with the growth hormones produced at night. They contribute to increased collagen production.

There is no point in buying a natural face cream containing collagen, even though the skin’s content decreases with age. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate through the skin’s outer layers. Scientists have yet to learn how to reduce the size of those molecules.

They can reduce the size of coenzyme Q10 molecules. That’s what you will find in HEQ10. The benefits associated with use include reduced wrinkles, reversed sun damage and reduced roughness.

The benefits associated with the use of avocado oil include increased collagen content. There are several substances that have been shown to stimulate collagen production. Ideally, a natural face cream will contain at least a couple of them.

As the skin’s collagen content goes down, it starts to sag. It becomes thinner and more transparent. The sagging can lead to bags under the eyes or loose skin around the neck. The thinness and increased transparency make the skin’s tone look uneven and dark circles become more visible.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best remedy for dark circles under the eyes during your youth. As the years go by though, we need a little more help than that. We need to nourish the skin.

Avocado oil is very nourishing. It contains the vitamins A, D and E, as well as the mineral potassium. You will sometimes see a natural face cream that contains those nutrients specifically. It is believed that the combination of nutrients is more beneficial.

Avocado oil is also a good source of the essential fatty acids that make up the skin’s sebum. Sebum holds moisture in and provides protection against the elements. We wash it away during every shower. If we don’t, it starts to smell bad. Avocado oil can replace it and always smells nice.

HEQ10 also contains vitamin E. When it comes to a natural face cream, you really can’t get enough vitamins and E is especially important. You might want to learn more about the vitamins that are important to the skin’s health and appearance.

About the author: Valerie Rosenbaum has spent years searching for the best natural skin care products. The products she discovered use a proprietary blend of natural ingredients like Functional Keratin root to even out skin pigmentation. To learn more visit her anti wrinkle creams site.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Does any of the NIVEA NIGHT CREAMS give depression?

    A couple of days ago my girlfriend started using this Q10 Night Cream from Nivea. She said it has been a year and a half that she used it. She remembers having some minor depression back then but she never thought it would be caused by a cream like this. Now, that she bought it again she is suffering from mild depression and headaches but she is not sure if the cream is actually doing this.

    Anyone has had this problem or has heard of something like this?

    Please let us know!!

    Take care

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing in it that can cause depression, its coincidence;

    what cream do i use any ideas? X?
    hey guys im 20 and i want a really good face cream that i can use to prevent as many wrinkles when im older that will really benifit me, any ideas? i know u cant prevent aging totally but i believe u can make it better. at the mo im using nivea regenerate night anti-wrinkle cream Q10 (wotever that means) is that too strong? will it ruin my skin? cheers x

    • ANSWER:

    is the nivea anti wrinkle Q10 plus any good?
    i’m currently using it right now. the day cream and the night cream. is anybody else using it? or can you tell me if this is any good at all..

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure abou that one but Artistry has a line called “Time Defiance”. I use the daily skin care system and my skin has never looked better! They also have other products like eye cream and a botox-substitute called “Derma Erase”.
      Their products have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by anywhere from 40% to 80% (depending on the product). They aren’t available in stores but I get mine at

    How to stop ageing, look younger, be healthier..?
    I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day, and too tired to exercise. I smoke. I don’t eat properly. Today, I had cereal and a banana for breakast, a twirl chocolate bar for lunch and some rolo chocolates for dinner. I am too tired to cook or eat or source proper food. But I do often find I feel dizzy/faint and my blood pressure is very low.
    What can I eat to prevent ageing as much as possible? What should I exercise, and do etc.
    I use a face scrub every day, with liz earle cleanse and polish, followed by a toner, followed by an yves saint laurent serum, followed by an olay moisturiser with spf, followed by spf 25. At night I cleanse, tone and use ysl serum and an olay night cream. I use nivea Q10 eye cream and Lancome renergie eye cream.
    Can someone tell me what I should be doing to try to look younger…..make up tips, skin care advice, diet advice and exercise etc.

    Thank you! 🙂
    I use primer, foundation, countour powder, highlighter powder, liquid highlighter, touche eclat, bronzer, blusher, lid primer, 3 different eyeshadows, eyebrow powder and pencil, lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, liquid eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and false eyelashes plus loose powder to set every day. Is this too much,….will it make me look older/harm my skin? I’ve tried wearing less but I don’t feel right without it.

    • ANSWER:
      The #1 best thing you could do for yourself is quit smoking. Smokers skin ages a lot faster due to the chemicals in cigarettes. No matter what cream or face wash you use, they will never work as long as you are smoking. As for exercise, doing a cardio workout is best for long term heart health, and lifting is good for your muscles and bones long term. Try to do a mix of both to stay healthy. If you do only one thing to change your eating habits, look at sodium content. People ingest WAY too much of this on a daily bases and that can lead to a heart attack. Heart disease is the number one killer in America and could be easily preventable. Hope this helps!

    What new products or even old ones are you in love with?
    Ok, I am in love with the Nivea M. Multiple purposes made with creatine eye cream. LOVE IT. I use it every day.
    Moisturizers I am using Nivea Q10 every other night and Aveeno Facial Moisturizer with SPF every other morning. Oh and new postively radiant Aveeno facial and body scrubs are awesome.
    I am looking for some good lip creams… i hate chappy lips and thought i’d share my faves and see if anyone has ideas on lip creams.

    • ANSWER:
      I am in love and only use all natural products. I LOVE ALL origins products. My face has never been so clean and not so oily since discovering their line of makeup and skin care.

      I also love Aveda shampoo. They have this really awesome Conditioner in “Black Malva”, which helps me keep my roots in check. I dye my hair dark brown and with naturally blonde hair, it can look awful. This conditioner has particles in it (all plant based) that soak into my roots, creating a “all over” colored effect without the mess of hair dye’s every 6 weeks.

      Origins has some wonderful products for lips. They have liptints that are all organic, and feel so good on the lips. If your lips are always chapped, they also have this “lip remedy”, which helps bring back all of your natural moisture. I love it.. =)

    I’m 25 and have fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead! Help!?

    I’m 24, just about to turn 25. I have recently noticed fine lines under my eyes, on my forehead and just the other day I noticed that when I smile largely my skin bunches up at the corner of my right eye a little bit. I have neglected my skin as of late, not eating well, not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep and not using any eye creams or moisturiser very often.

    I have started to use Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle eye under my eyes twice daily, will this help? Is the product well reviewed? I also started moisturising twice daily with Nivea daily essentials night cream.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. (Is 25 old??)

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! I was horrible taking care of my skin in my teens and up to about a year ago. I tanned way too much, I never took my make up off at night, and I have never had a really good diet not to mention I’m a recovering addict, which means I did a number to my body. I didn’t really start getting noticeable lines on my forehead, crowfeet area, or around my mouth until about 3 years ago and I’m going to be 29 in July. What seems to be noticeable lines to you, are not so noticeable to everyone else, trust me. You are your number one critic. However, you need to realize that everyone’s skin is different, and even if you did take care of your skin from the get-go you would probably still be having this same problem.
      My best suggestion to you, be sure to clean your face thoroughly every night. I suggest you buy something like a Neutrogena Wave Sonic Spinning Power Cleaner. Once you thoroughly clean your face, put on an oil free night moisturizer. I feel like anti-wrinkle cream isn’t as effective as they claim. If you insist on wearing an anti-wrinkle cream, then get an oil free anti-wrinkle night moisturizer. I suggest Olay age defying night cream because it doesn’t smell like an old lady.
      After showering in the morning and thoroughly cleaning your face, put on an all day facial moisturizer cream with SPF before you put on your make-up.
      When it comes to make-up, don’t get the really thick stuff because even though it looks great when you put it on, it ends up enhancing the looks of your wrinkles.
      I hear the average age to start botox is 23 years old. These fine lines give you character, they don’t make you look old. It’s when you hit my age that some of these lines aren’t so fine anymore. Drink water and take care of your skin. If you smoke, then all of this is pointless because you are prohibiting oxygen from reaching your skin cells. Hope this helped!

    What skin care products/line do you like the best? Why? i.e., face wash, eye makeup remover, etc,?
    Face wash, face wipes, eye makeup remover, toner,eye/undereye creams, face/day/night creams, blemish/acne treatment,….and anything else you use.
    I mostly use the Nivea Visage Line, but there are some others.

    Face Wipes-Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing towelettes(these take everything off!) and I use Olay daily facials express wet(I love the texture!)
    Eye Makeup remover-Oil free eye makeup remover by Neutrogena(gets Everything off!)
    Toner-Nivea Visage Moisturizing toner(it smells great, skin feels refreshed)
    Eye Creme-Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle reducer(love the smell/texture, not too greasy)
    Day Creme-Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle reducer(love for the same reasons as above)
    Night Creme-Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle reducer(same as above)
    Blemish/acne treatment-Clean & Clear maximum strength Invisible Blemish treatment(really reduces size/redness. usually after the 1st use)

    Face Wash-I want to try the Nivea Visage gentle cleansing and eye makeup remover

    • ANSWER:
      i use neutrogena to remove makeup bc it is slick and justs wipes it right off, clean and clear for face wash as well as st.ives apricot scrub to exfoliate skin, and attitude product from the dead sea as a face cleanser (can be bought at the mall from those people from isreal!) and i use clinique products for moistirizers and preventon of wrinkles but i hear este lauder is great for the face in terms of preventing it from aging and dark spots, it is just expensive.

    Can you moisturise too much?
    This is my new face care routine. I’m 24, have dry skin, uneven skintone, uneven texture, never had a problem with spots or blackheads.

    1) Wash with Clinque’s face wash
    2) Apply Clinque’s clarifying lotion
    3) Massage Clinque’s dramatically different mouisturizing lotion into my face.
    4) Pat nivea q10 anti wrinkle eye cream under and around my eyes.
    5) (After a few minutes) Massage anti aging serum by Lacura into my skin.
    6) Massage an over-all anti wrinle cream into my skin. I’m currently using Time Zone by Estee Lauder but only until it runs out then I’m switching back to my Lacura one.


    Steps 1-3 are same.
    4) Pat advanced night repair eye cream by Estee Lauder under and around my eyes.
    5) Apply Advanced night repair by Estee Lauder to my most obvious lines
    6) Apply Lacura’s anti aging serum
    7) Apply over-all anti wrinkle cream.

    I also am drinking 2 litres of water per day
    1 tablespoon of manuka honey per day
    1 skin, hair and nails vitamen per day

    I’ve only been following this full regime for about 3 days but my skin already feels and looks great. Any lines I did have are fading and my skin looks smoother, more even. It feels softer too. But what I want to know is, can you apply to much cream to your skin…? Will all these creams have an adverse affect somehow?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      YES THEY WILL! Sorry to tell you that most of those you that you are using have been found to seriously harm and sicken skin. SO THEY ARE PREMATURELY SKIN AGING (and so are prematurely wrinkling) when used over and over.
      Many girls in teens/ twenties use 20 or more products daily and an alarming number of products contain skin(and health) harming toxins. See this site “Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. A Feelgood Resource”. The Database tested many thousands of products and identifies which ones are the most harming and those which are non or only minimally harming. So first thing to do is select the none or least harming products See ##

      It’s always best to use totally safe, natural treatments rather than toxic products. See my many answers that give detailed natural treatments that have helped many on Answers to quickly and permanently cure dry skin, uneven skin, uneven texture and give you a totally clear, totally healthy skin. Many have testimonials from those who had reported how they had tried countless products that had not helped, and in many cases, only worsened their conditions and their skins.

      ## On “The Skin Deep Database” enter in the search box each one of the products you use. E.G. Enter Estee Lauder in the search box then look under “eye”. You will see that the repair creme has a hazard rating of 7. That means it was found to have ingredients that are rated as severely skin harming. Then search with Clinique – again those products have a very high hazard rating.

      SOURCE(S): Consultant with many years research into safe, natural cures/treatments – skin conditions, skin enhancement, anti aging and rejuvenation treatments