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Wrinkle Reduction Tip – Wrinkle Mask Doesn’t Mean Green Goop

Author: Kathryn Lane

If you think a wrinkle mask means a face full of goop, probably in a nasty green color, here’s a wrinkle reduction tip:

A wrinkle mask can be invisible.

At worst, it can be a natural skin tone.

And it’s good for a man’s skincare as much as a woman’s.

Why not? Who says that good skincare has to make you embarrassed to look at yourself in the mirror?

A wrinkle mask can be a fine supplement to a regular skincare plan. In fact, here’s the best simple wrinkle reduction tip:

You need good skincare 24 hours a day. Your daily skincare products must halt and reverse the causes of wrinkles.

A quality wrinkle mask is only needed for half an hour or so every couple of weeks, but used that often, it’s a great bonus for your skin.

The job of a wrinkle mask is simply to complement wrinkle reduction in one of two ways:

— deep moisturizing; — or deep cleaning.

A wrinkle mask must do at least one of those skincare jobs very well, or it’s useless.

A final wrinkle reduction tip: the best wrinkle mask will also contain many of the same ingredients as the best daily skincare products. Some such highly effective ingredients:

— Natural Vitamin E — Avocado and macademia oils, both fine natural emollients — A trademarked ingredient called Rigin, a peptide which makes the skin firmer, smoother and more supple by controlling the secretion of cytokines. Overproduction of cytokines is responsible for the inflammation behind many signs of aging.

For details and recommendations on wrinkle masks, you can check my website for wrinkle reduction tips.

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