How Do I Get Rid of Smile Lines?

They call them “smile lines”. But, what are they really? Here’s a look at what causes those wrinkles and what you can do about them.

Smiling, laughing, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions are often blamed for wrinkles. But, if you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. Everyone makes those expressions. But, not everyone gets wrinkles.

Some people get them at a much younger age than others. We call that premature aging of the skin. So, what we really want to know is what causes skin aging? There are actually several causes.

First, the production of elastic fibers decreases. The elastic fibers are responsible for the skin’s strength and firmness. They allow the skin to “bounce back” when you make an expression or sleep in a way that causes wrinkling.

Research has shown that it is possible to stimulate the production of new elastic fibers. Applying the right compounds to your skin on a daily basis for 18 days can improve the skin’s elasticity by over 40%. So, it can bounce back once again.

The second cause of wrinkling has to do with low levels of an important compound called hyaluronic acid. Some of the injections used by cosmetic surgeons to get rid of smile lines contain hyaluronic acid. But, young skin has plenty of it.

It is a gooey substance that basically holds the skin’s cells together. As the amount within the skin decreases, it starts to “crack”.

Many anti-aging creams contain hyaluronic acid, but applying it directly does not work. There is an enzyme (called hyaluronidaise) within the skin that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Scientists have found that extracts from a certain kind of kelp inhibit the activity of hyaluronidaise by as much as 52% after only five days of use. The kelp can be combined with other beneficial ingredients to basically erase smile lines naturally.

The third cause is said to be one of the most important. That cause is free radical damage. Increased free radical activity due to overexposure to UV rays from the sun is the usual cause of premature aging.

It is believed that some people get wrinkles while others do not, because of free radical damage. Decreased production of elastic fibers and low levels of hyaluronic acid happen to everyone. But, people are exposed to different toxins and different amounts of sunlight. So, some of them experience more free radical damage and have more wrinkles as a result.

Some antioxidants can reverse smile lines by 30% after three months of use, according to one study. The volunteers were people that suffered from sun damage, which at one time was thought to be irreversible.

Antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals. We have known that for many years. Now, it appears that they can also reverse damage the radical molecules have already done.

Some antioxidants are more potent than others. It also takes a special manufacturing process to make them small enough to penetrate the skin.

A good anti-aging cream can help you get rid of smile lines. Learn more about the ingredients that have proven effectiveness and start looking your best.

About the author: Valerie Rosenbaum has spent years searching for the best anti wrinkle skin care products available. The skin care product line she discovered uses a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients like Cynergy TK and functional keratin. To learn more visit her website


Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best skin cream for wrinkles, esp for crows feet & smile lines?
    I have just recently started to get crows feet and smile lines. What is the BEST and the cheapest face cream for this and others?

    I live in Las Vegas NV and the climate here is extremely drying for the skin.
    Las Vegans what do you use to protect and restore your skin to it former youthful state?
    Thanks for your answers.
    Thank you Spoiled!

    • ANSWER:
      Anew with Avon. They have several different products that should help and they are always having sales.

    What is the best most effective cream for wrinkles and smile/forehead lines?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the Best Product to get rid of smiles lines or wrinkles on the sides of your mouth?Does TCA Peel Ok?
    I don’t want to get injections of Restylane,my lines are not deep,I would like to take care it with some products that really work,I have tried many things and I am still looking for the best !! I heard that StriVectin-SD cream doesn’t work and makes you get acne,Does anyone had tried this new product called StriVectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum ,from Klein Becker? Does it Work ? .I would like to do a Chemical Peel TCA 12% to start, on this lines on the side of the mouth,It will work ? Have anyone had done that ? I am very depressed and I am losing my confidence > Please Help me !
    Thank you Alex – 34y.o

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried Anew Force Extra. It’s from AVON. It comes in a Day and Night Cream. It firms, lifts and tightens skin. Taking away unsightly wrinkles. As well as, helping to protect against future sun damage. I’ve seen some people use it they say, “It works wonders.” AVON has a sale going on right now, where you can get the DAY and NIGHT cream for . I will enclose the site where I go to get my stuff. This lady does ship direct, as well. So she’ll ship all over the United States. For one flat rate. Check it out.

    What’s the best anti-wrinkle moisturizer for a 24 year old?
    I’m 24 and have pale skin and freckles, that dries really easily. I’m starting to notice wrinkling under my eyes, on my forehead and smile lines. I want to prevent it from getting any worse and hopefully fix a little of the damage.

    I don’t smoke or drink, but I guess I haven’t been taking good care of my skin or watching what I eat… I sleep with my makeup on because I don’t want my boyfriend to see me without it and get turned off 🙁 (I know I need to work on that)

    What’s the best anti-wrinkle cream that doubles as a moisturizer?

    • ANSWER:
      – Sunscreen.

      – Eucerin´s Q10 Active Eye.

      – A serum with mandelic acid or Vitamin C under sunscreen.

    What’s the best medicine/cream for making wrinkles look less noticable?
    I’m only 24 years old and I’ve already noticed these litthe wrinkles around my eyes, under my eyes and those horrible smile lines. I want to start taking care of my skin now because I don’t want to look like I’m 50 by the time I’m only 30. What are some good medicines to prevent aging, or to REDUCE the sign of wrinkles right now. I feel like I don’t even want to leave the house cause I feel horrible.

    Mainly I need specific meds or creams, but also if you have any other advice on taking care of your skin and reducing CURRENT wrinkles please. help. ALSO any medications for bad dark circles under the eyes would be apperciated as well.

    Thankyou for your time

    • ANSWER:
      Kohl’s has a whole line for all of that. Triaktiline is great for reducing and preventing wrinkles. Also, they have a product called Eyeliplex. It’s a day and night cream designed to brighten eyes and make them appear younger.

    Best wrinkle treatments?
    Hi, I am not that old (27) and I look okay for my age but I have started to notice lately that I am beginning to get little lines on my cheeks from smiling a lot, also as my eyes are quite sensitive I tend to squint a lot in the sun, hence developing frown lines:-(

    So anyway my question is, what should I use on my face? I already use nivea moisturising cream daily but obviously I need something with a bit more oomph. Is there a way to reduce these wrinkles or are they here forever?

    • ANSWER:
      Nivea moisturising cream has ingredients that where found in tests conducted by Skin Deep Database to be skin harming so that is certainly contributing to your wrinkles. Do A Google “Nivea Moisturizing Cream : Skin Deep Database’ to see. I have given many answers that give totally safe and natural only skin benefiting treatments that do remove or greatly minimize wrinkles and lines. Best find by entering in search box of “What Are you looking for? SearchY! Answers” … “Mukunda M wrinkles lines face rejuvenation totally clear healthy skin and testimonials”.
      Many answers have testimonials from happy users of the treatments.

      SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant – safe natural treatments/cures – skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

    Will you please rate my poem?? PRETTY PLEASE?? With ice cream and a cherry on top?
    Its called Underneath all that makeup

    Underneath all that makeup, lies a brown girl’s skin
    Flawless and pretty, a divine beauty within
    She thinks she’s ugly so she tries to hide
    But underneath all that makeup, a Goddess resides
    Silly little girl trying to fix one of God’s creations
    Spending hours and hours at the makeup station
    I wonder what would happen if she took a little time
    To admire her features, some of God’s best designs
    Underneath all that makeup, lies a brown girl’s skin
    Flawless and pretty, a divine beauty within
    Underneath all that stuff lies a face and a smile
    One that radiates true beauty for miles and miles
    Smooth, tan skin no wrinkles, no lines
    No spots, or freckles, not one in sight
    If only she could see through someone else’s eyes
    Instead of her own biased opinion, telling her lies
    Underneath all that makeup, lies a brown girl’s skin
    Flawless and pretty, a divine beauty within
    What matters the most is what she ch0ooses to believe
    Whether she sees her true beauty or allows herself to be deceived
    Whichever way she selects, its up to her eyes to decide
    It just depends on how she’s feeling on the inside
    So you’re probably wondering who this brown girl might be
    I guess I’m a bit confused myself, ’cause that brown girl is me

    *its a bit confusing, I know. . . .this stems from a lack of self esteem and being told otherwise, I hope you can understand. . .thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I really liked it. However, i think you should take out the last two lines. i think it just kinda kills the whole poem because you’re creating this character in your poem as someone who isn’t yourself. you do this by referring to this person as “she” or “her”. So, i think you need to take out the last two lines. Also, i’d suggest changing the 3rd to last line to “It just depends how she’s feeling inside.”

    I am turning 30…?
    In just a few days I will be 30 years old! It is crazy. I have notice small wrinkles beginning around my eyes and a line from where I smile all the time around my mouth. I know it ‘s a little late, but I would like to know a really good wrinkle cream that won’t break me out. I have acne and my skin is somewhat sensitive. In your opinion, what is the best wrinkle cream I can buy for under 50?
    I meant 50 dollars…:)

    • ANSWER:
      My mum’s sister was a supermodel. No joke and my mum say that she the she always advised used egg-whites.

      Here are the steps-
      Wait for hot water in the stink, plug it up, and let it fill, put a towel over your head, and let you face pores open up. In the mean time have a cup with egg whites in it, that’s been mixed until there is foam on top. After about 5-10 minutes of holding yourself (face) under the towel, use the foam on top of the egg whites on your face….
      Let it dry. About 10-13 minutes.
      Last of all, press a damp cloth against your face (to clean yourself off)

      You’ll notice your skin will feel like it’s tightening the first time you do this.

      PS raised with 4 sisters too
      Hope it makes sense; otherwise you can e mail me at

    Best skin care line for someone in their late 20s wanting to keep youthful appearance as long as possible?
    I’ve never used any skin care line set except for a Mary Kay one that I got as a Christmas gift once. It made me break out on my checks and nose and I hardly ever break out at all, so I quit using it and wound up giving it away to my Mom since none of the Mary Kay stuff causes her any skin problems. So now I’m back to square one, only using St. Ives apricot scrub occassionaly and that’s it as far as my skin care regimen goes. If I notice that I have super dry skin, I’ll put on a little pure unscented Vaseline on my face or some Eucerin cream as these don’t cause me to break out. I’m really worried about getting deep wrinkles later on in life though. My main issues with skin are dryness and I also have pretty sensitive skin. I already have some fine lines on my cheeks, not so much around my eyes, the lines are obvious only on my cheeks but only when I smile. What skin care line do you use to keep your skin looking great? I’d like answers from women of all ages please. Thanks 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      lol!! I hear this all the time. What skin care line can I use to keep a youthful appearance? It’s funny because people will spend hundreds of dollars a year on this…well the answer is simple and it only cost about 5 US bucks………and it is….drum roll………….SUNSCREEN!!! yes my friend use your SPF daily, drink water, don’t drink alcohol , or use tobacco products or any illegal drugs. That is the only thing that is really guaranteed to work.

    What would be the best treatment for dry ageing skin?
    I have been dieting lately and have lost a stone. I have noticed since being on a diet that my skin is really dry in patches and normal moisturiser doesnt really work. I am also starting to notice lines under my eyes when I smile (although my boyfreind says it is just because i screw my face up and look for lines in the mirror). Anyway, I can see them and wat to nip it in the bud. What would be the best cream or treatment for my skin? I’m 28 so dont really want wrinkles yet!! Many thanks x

    • ANSWER:

    Please read this beginning of my story and help me… please(:?
    I’m fourteen, and ive been writing since i could even write, and I know people say this ALOT. But I really want to be an author, i’m passionate about it and its my dream. Please tell me if this is a good start/beginning to my story.
    And let me tell you more about it that you will understand after you read it:
    -My main character is going to meet a guy who has psychic powers and can get in touch with her grandma
    -her and the guy will fall in love
    -he had a vision about them “being meant to be together”
    -he’s not allowed to tell anyone about his abilities…
    -he’s been having dreams about the girl he’s supposed to end up with, which is her.
    -when he moves to her new school and sees her the first time, he knows.
    okay so please read the beginning, and then the stuff i just told you and tell me if it’s good! Is this a good way to start it?

    I knew I was dreaming when I saw my Grandmother. For the last year, I’ve had almost the same dream, at least once every two weeks. Sometimes twice. It started off where i’m in a large building and it’s very dark. I walk up the flight of stairs and open the only door I see up there. When it’s opened I see my grandma talking to a young boy about something. My grandma looks up at me and smiles.
    Then, it happens. The buliding begins to shake and the door flies open and hits the young boy on his bottom and lip and blood gushes out. I begin to scream and my grandma jumps from her chair and pushes me out carefully.
    And I fall down, because the stairs had collapsed. That’s when I almost jump out of my bed, and catch myself before I really fall. Tonight, was one of the nights where I had the dream.
    I sat up on my bed and looked at the clock next to me on my drewer. It was only five forty. I didn’t have to officially wake up until six thirty, but I figuired I wouldn’t fall back asleep anyways, so I got up.
    I looked at the picture of my grandma that was next to my clock. She was my best friend. In the picture she was wearing the light blue sweater I got her for her birthday. Her long light brown hair was in a bun and she was smiling very happily. The picture was taken outside her house on the porch. She was one of the ladies, that would never let her hair go white or gray, so she dyed it everytime a gray came up. She was also one of the grandma’s that actually used a certain type of cream,for no wrinkles. Which, used very well, becuase the only thing she had were two laughing lines.
    My grandma Marie was the only person I could ever really talk to, the only person who made me feel blessed, and she made me realize, that no matter what i’m going through, someone else out there is going through something way worse and eventually in time, things change and get better. She was and still will be forever, the strongest person i’ve ever met in my life.
    She died a year and a half ago, in a car accident.
    My aunt Lisa and my dad were here only children and I was her only granddaughter.
    I smiled at the picture one last time before walking out of my room to begin getting ready for the second semester of my junior year.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! I’m a fourteen-year-old writer, too. I’ve got some tips for you.
      Not bad. I’d suggest a little more showing instead of telling. Instead of saying, “For the last year, I’ve had the same dream, at least once every two weeks,” you should say something that shows its repetitiveness without just telling the readers straight out. Some sentences are a little awkward, like, “I begin to scream and my grandma jumps from her chair and pushes me out carefully.” I think you should divide that into a few sentences, and “pushes me out carefully” feels a little weird. Pushing and carefulness don’t seem to belong together.
      Also: keep in one tense. You switch between them a few times. Perhaps you meant to, because of the dream, but I still recommend staying in either past or present. Also, grammar. Sometimes you don’t capitalize I, or make a comma mistake.
      But all in all? Nice progress. Just keep going.
      Hope I helped, honey!

    Honest feedback on this short story please? Am i any good?




    To jump or not to jump; that was her dilemma. Molly Kassel had never liked heights, and she had never planned to start any time soon. As a thirteen year old it wasn’t that big a deal. But she wanted to be a diver, so hating high up places was out of the question.

    She had discovered her dream during gym class. At first she thought it was stupid and a waist of time. But after the coach explained the art of it – and had one of the high school’s best divers show her and her classmates how it was done – she was hooked. And not only on diving.

    His name was Taylor Collins. As the coach explained how he would be doing a simple straight nose dive, Molly noticed how in shape he was for a fifteen year old. He took his place on one of the smaller diving boards, his focus unbreakable it seemed. One bend of the knees, then two, then three. His body curved to make a loose ‘U’ shape as he pushed himself off the board. His arms stretched out to make a perfect point as he dove towards the water. There was barely any splash.

    All the kids clapped, looking eager to have their turn. Molly felt nervous and it showed. She couldn’t help but pick at the ends of her long, wavy brown hair. “He’s cute, right?” Her friend Amy smiled widely, elbowing her in the side playfully. Molly wrinkled her small, freckle spotted nose, trying to act as if she hadn’t noticed. “I guess.” Molly shrugged, still picking at her hair.

    “Alright, kids! Line up by the diving board and we’ll see what level you’re at!” The coach shouted, his chubby face shiny from the humidity. Molly stood with the rest of her class, not looking forward to her turn. She was horrible in gym and having herclassmates watch was bad enough, but now Taylor Collins was going to see it. Her stomach did a flip, putting her nerves on edge. “Try doing what Mr. Collins did to the best of your abilities.” The coach instructed, motioning for Berry -one of her more annoying classmates -to step up to the board. He grinned, giving his friends a thumbs up, and then belly flopped. Most everyone laughed as he came back up, his chest and stomach red, a scowl on his face.

    Molly gulped, her heart racing now. What if she did that? What if everyone laughed at her? She hated it. Junior high was hard enough when you didn’t look like a dough-head, let alone when you did. Her turn was coming up fast. Most of the students so far did ok and only a few were bad, but they hadn’t belly flopped. Molly smiled nervously as Amy’s turn came up, she turned to give Molly a little wink befor getting onto the board. Why couldn’t she be good at everything like Amy? It just wasn’t fair. And of course she did great; better than most.

    Molly froze when the coach called for thenext person in line. Kids complained and told her to get a move on, but she couldn’t. Sure, this board wasn’t that high up, but she just knew she’d look silly if she tried. “Hey,” She jumped, realizing it was Taylor Collins speaking to her. “Its not as hard as it looks, trust me. Besides, there’s no right or wrong way to dive, just go with your gut.” He smiled, Molly blushed. She thought she might scream but bit her lip quickly. If Taylor said it was easy, what did she have to worry about? Showing everyone I cant even do something easy, that’s what!, she thought in a slight panic.

    Its not as if she had a choice, though. So, taking a very deep breath, she stepped out onto the board. She felt awkward walking to the end, the board bouncing with every step she took. She couldn’t let herself stop, though, or else she might freeze up again. She bent her knees like Taylor had, pushed herself from the board, closed her eyes and bent her body as much as she could, keeping her arms as straight as a pencil. Cold water rush past her, some getting up her nose. It felt great! Like passing a hard test and eating chocolate ice cream all at once! She kicked her way to the surface, forgetting about gym class completely.

    There was clapping when she came up, loud and echoing all around her. She wiped water from her eyes, her brain not yet processing that they were clapping for her. She swam to the edge of the pool, smiling. Taylor was there to help her out, his brown eyes looking pleased. “See? You did great! You might want to join the team.” He commented, his smile making her stomach do flips again, but in a good way. “Cant.” Molly sighed, looking at the high dive. “Well why not, you’re good at it?” Taylor asked, frowning his brow. Molly rocked back on her heels nervously, looking at the floor. “I’m…” She paused, hating to say it. It was so embarrassing! “I’m afraid of heights.” She mumbled, fidgeting. “That’s no big, you’ll just have to work past it. Try jumping off the high dive, its not so bad.” Taylor shrugged, not seeming too put off by it.

    Now here she was, standing at the bottom of the high dive. School was out for the day, but she wanted
    Thanks so much for the honest feedback, i’ll work on fixing the mistakes mentioned. If you would like the read the rest of the story, its posted at this link:

    • ANSWER:
      It’s very good so far. You should definitely continue writing it.

      But she wanted to be a diver, so hating high up places was out of the question. <- Okay, at first I thought you meant scuba diver, then sky diver, and last I thought of the high school swim team diver you were talking about. Maybe make this clearer earlier? At first she thought it was stupid and a waist of time. <- Waste, not waist. She was horrible in gym and having herclassmates watch was bad enough. . . <- Should be her classmates. Most everyone laughed as he came back up, his chest and stomach red, a scowl on his face. <- 'Almost everyone' laughed would sound better. . . . she turned to give Molly a little wink befor getting onto the board. <- You left off the 'e' at the end of before. Molly froze when the coach called for thenext person in line. <- You forgot to put a pace between 'the' and 'next'. “Cant.” <- Should be can't. "Well why not, you’re good at it?” <- Would sound and look better like this: 'Well why not? Your good at it!' “That’s no big, . . ." <- Should be that's no biggie. Taylor shrugged, not seeming too put off by it. <- You are missing the word be, it should be between 'too' and 'put'.

    Does this hold you interest, if you were reading a novel? Please offer feedback!?
    As if he had read my mind, he continued. “The thing about war is that you become a different person for it. You’ll do whatever you can to stay alive. From seventeen to eighteen, I did things I didn’t think myself capable of doing…”

    So this was why he didn’t like to talk about the war. But I had to know. “Why?” I cajoled him gently, masking my curiosity under a thin veil of calm.

    “Guys get blown up, poison gas gets released. You run. Sometimes, your commander makes you charge straight into a shower of bullets even though its complete suicide. So, you do what you can.”

    Still, I wondered why it was a happy memory, the way he smiled and all.

    “And then, after the war, I met your mother. It was in 1919, and she was on the picket line for ‘Votes For Women.’ It was a cold day in D.C, so when she was warming up in a coffee shop, I bought her a cup of hot, steaming, coffee. Freshly brewed and capped with foam and cocoa, we shared it.”

    “And the rest was history?” I guessed.

    “Not quite. I was living in the streets in the winter twenty one. Worst time of my life. I’d sleep on park benches, in the backs of alleys, under bushes…nearly froze to death. Then I met Mr. Yamamoto, who offered me a job. Took pity on me. I imagine what he wondered when he fist laid eyes on me, all covered in dirt. And he of and he’s helped me stay afloat financially. I know he may not seem very friendly to you, Alice, but he’s a life saver. When other companies laid off their workers, he held on to me tight and kept doling out the cash, even though times were hard. That’s why we live in such a nice country house and have maids.”

    Oh. Even though I didn’t care for him, he still did a lot for my family.“What should I do to thank him?”

    He seemed to be thinking. “Be kind to him. Be agreeable. Hold open the door for him. Serve him food when he’s at our place. If he needs anything, give it to him, whether its a favor, secret, or errand. He’s,” he took a deep breath in and scratched his scraggly cheek, “incredibly busy with his job. Little things will mean a lot.”

    Favor. Secret. Errand. What an odd choice of words. And he’d accentuated them, so did they mean something? Then, “You’ve never told me this before, about the war and all, Father,” I said.

    He turned to face me, a solemn look on his face. “I figured it’s time you learn what keeps your family financially secure.” He wrinkled his nose, a long, sturdy structure, as if trying to remember something. “But weren’t we talking about birthdays?” He asked.

    “Yeah. Yeah we were. So, did you have a cake?”

    He seemed to be relishing the memory. “I had a tower of a cake. My parents didn’t bake it for me, but the teacher, Ms. Malley, made it. I was the best student. It was a chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream frosting. It was so firm you could chew on it . And it was tooth achingly sweet too. And there were layers of raspberry jam in the middle. Mmm. And it was this tall.” He lifted his hand to the top of his head, to illustrate the cake’s height.

    “It was not!” I laughed. This was what family was supposed to be like: laughing about memories, sharing stories, as time passed by in a butter yellow blur. If everyday was like this, my father and I would be the closest there ever was.

    • ANSWER:
      I really like it but it was a little hard to keep my attention up towards the end. The dialogue is really good and I loved reading the dad’s story, but the main problem in this passage is I can’t SEE the dad talking. I don’t know if he’s sitting or standing or cooking dinner or what. I can’t place the girl either. Is her dad over 6 feet tall, towering over her? or are they sitting across from each other in the living room? How does the dad’s expression change as he’s telling the story.

      Example: “I was living in the streets in the winter ’21.” He paused, his eyes staring ahead as he relished in the memories. Then his lips tightened in a slight grimace as he added, “Worst time of my life.”

      See? now i know what’s going on as he’s talking. Also, add more action while they’re talking. The girl could be knitting a scarf, the dad could be stacking firewood. If they’re doing something during the conversation, it adds more life and juice to it. Thus, it’ll definitely hook readers in much better. Otherwise it’s basically two talking heads, which is unbearably dull.

      You are a great writer. I loved this piece!!